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I had a great athletic experience at Marion Military. The town is small but a lot of good people and Tuscaloosa is only 30 minutes away for entertainment.
I spent two years at MMI and graduated with an Associates Degree. It is in a rural area, but the school places focus on academics and preparing for the military. I am not entering the military but met a lot of good people there. I can honestly say I am "MarionMade!"
I attended Marion Military Institute under their Service Academy Preparatory program. The professors challenged us and prepared us well to move on the West Point.
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The school which is set to simulate service academies is represented by almost every state in the country. Unlike most universities in the nation, Marion Military Institute instills in every student an importance in timeliness, and the core values which are Truth, Honor, and Service. The leadership in the corp works hard to encourage every cadet to practice the core values by stressing the importance of keeping your 'battle buddies' in check. The corp also has many opportunities to learn and grow as a leader which is why it is known as the "Leadership college of Alabama." Between clubs like White Knights, Honor Guard, Scuba Tigers, and Flying Tigers, (just to name a few) students have an enriching experience that they will always keep with them through their adult lives. The school offers a variety of programs to prepare students for their futures such as the Early Commissioning Program and the Service Academy Program that rocket students ahead of their peers.
Some of the greatest professors in the nation are at MMI. The admissions staff is very helpful, and just about any professional adult on campus would go out of their way to help you. Unfortunately, the cadet leadership is corrupted and those in higher ranking cadet positions do not deserve to be there. During my year at MMI, I saw a trend of those freshmen and sophomore cadets who kissed up to the higher cadet leadership, to be in the best shape when it came time to receive promotions. Bullying and some hazing by cadets are in the norm of some of the corp of cadet activities. Before choosing MMI, I would ask the admissions department about how many cadets leave after their freshman year, and why.
The town of Marion has nothing, fortunately for cadets, you are not allowed to leave campus very often, so what is in the town is irrelevant. Campus facilities are poor, even though renovations seem to be currently in the works.
Marion was a good influence on me. I was able to stop my habit of being lazy and I was able to receive an education that I can use to continue onto a 4 year institution. Although there are many things that I could point out that was wrong with the school, being at Marion helped me make a lot of friends and helped me understand the importance of time management.
The teachers really care about your education and how you choose what you'll be doing after two years
It's a great school to start at and transfer to a better one like the Naval Academy or West Point
Here at SHAPE America High School our teachers are one of a kind they will skip there lunches to make sure everyone understands the topic at hand. each student strive to be better and that is the goal our principle puts forth he even help kids on topics in which he is good at during the school day. we are a family and we give each other the tools necessary to be succeed.
My classes/curriculum was frustrated at the beginning, now it ok
Only thing some course and test I can not sign on and take without teacher signing me on, so when they are busy I have to wait, which sometimes make me late for another class or take at a later day.
First year don't have nothing to really say
This is my first year and I don't know much about the alumni network. Just trying to get involved with college life and classes alone with military work out.
The professors do care and will teach and help you if you want to be help. A lot of test are taken on line, if you miss test you are able to retake. A lot of teaching is for the military life and citizen life
First year so I don't have much to say. I do know teachers gives me one on one traing
The school is great and the teachers give you one on one attention and help you understand. The class rooms are not over crowed. I have a choice to go into the military, transfer to another school. The school gave me a chance to study and get higher scores on ACT and SAT
It is sometimes difficult to move classes around due to limited class times and class size.
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Advisors are usually willing to assist in the transfer process but it is difficult
It's difficult to find a wide range of schools that will accept transfer credits.
The teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. The courses are pretty decent as well.
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