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I really love it here the instructors really take the time to work with each student in helping us learn the material. They actually strive for us to succeed!
Everyone is very nice and patient with you. They are extremely hands-on, and will give you the one on one time you need. I would upgrade the building and put the room numbers in order so it would be easier to find certain classes.
I love the hands on experience given for almost every subject taught. The LPN program at Marion County Community Technical and Adult Education Center is a very affordable program, however, I was denied Financial Aid and is struggling to pay for school. I am half- way through the program and fear I may not be able to finish due to financial issues. I hope something works out for the best. This program is worth every single penny.
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Although the tuition and fee for the LPN course I'm signed up for in March 2014 seem reasonable compared to other schools, I unfortunately did not qualify for Financial Aid and this school does not offer any type of student loans, therefore I'm considered a "self pay" student. This is why I'm seeking other possible methods to assist me with the course cost which is a total of $6,500 for the entire course.
No complaints, all computers, printers, and equipment needed is provided for use in campus on days required to use.
There are various students that attend CTAE, what determines the course acceptance are the course requirements and the passing of course entrance exams.
Great experience got along well with teaching faculty and class mates, enjoyed learning as the teachers made the course interesting to learn and adaptable to the work involved.
Definitely the faculty very friendly and helpful, which makes everything that's a little more challenging, exciting to complete. Also the teaching method seems much more organized and well set up than other schools.
CTAE prepares you to go out and work in the field. They consistently send students to do their internships and to learn at other medical facilities, which helps tremendously with the "hands on" experience and acquiring the required knowledge to start working. My goal is to complete the LPN course and then to bridge into the RN program.
CTAE, currently offers a range of different Allied Health courses, including: Medical Assistant, Billing and Coding, Transcriptionist, Pharmacy Tech, Phlebotomy Tech, CNA, Massage Therapist and recently added LPN.
From my experience of previously attending, teachers cover most of the information to prepare you for the final exams, the workload provided suffices the chapters taught, and don't seem to be extremely overwhelming. Once I graduated in 2010 becoming a Certified Professional Coder in the Medical field, I was immediately able to find employment due to the previous internships offered by the school.
Marion County Community Technical Adult Education Center in 2010, prepared me to graduate and pass my state exam to obtain my Certified Professional Coder Licensure. I feel this school is well equipped with having knowledgeable teaching faculty that is willing to work and guide students not only to understanding the courses taught but ensuring top preparation for students to graduate. All that is needed to successfully complete the course is provided in campus, making it easy for the student. This is why I have now enrolled to attend the LPN (License Practical Nursing) program this coming March 2014, and look forward in accomplishing this new and exciting journey.
Social Scene and Unique Opportunities – The social scene was pretty much only between classes although there is time for breaks while during class. NO campus life and pretty large medical and massage in class facilities.
Not Many Facilities – The facilities aren't the hugest . There is nurses facility and massage therapy facility room for class room learning. No students live on campus but there is enough room in the sudent to enjoy yourself while on campus.
Network Reliablity – The wireless network is just as good as any other it remains on. There is not a day I can't use their online network. Theres never a day where a student docent use the wireless access for a personal computer, cell phone, or a computer on campus. So there is no question if you can get online or not.
The school's culinary class provides breakfast and lunch. They food is outstanding that they serve. The only downside of the cafeteria is that its only open certain days of the week and month.
Computer Labs – The computer labs in CTAE are readily available to use. They are all over the campus and provide great network service. For those who do not have a computer can rely on the computer labs and get all their academic work finished.
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The Warmness – My school has the best faculty. Everyone is so nice and very helpful. When it comes to the most difficult thing to learn in a certain section, they are there and willing to help and work with you. They give their time to everything because the want everyone to pass and graduate. That makes this school unique and special than other schools.
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