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I love the campus and most of the professors are very good instructors. Other than cost, Marietta is an amazing school all around.
The food choices in Gilman and the other cafeterias is not good. In all honestly, has gotten worse over the years, its at the state of "so bad, you can't take a second bite." And to me, I feel thats a great offense to us students, it shows that they don't care for us. We all work hard for our degrees and such, yet the food we are given is beyond unsatisfactory. It's not just me who says so, but many say so too.
Great college that has provided me with a great college experience so far, and I'm looking forward to the next few years here.
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I like the atmosphere put forward by current students here at Marietta College. Everyone has a positive outlook on everything from academics to athletics. The professors and staff are always willing to take the extra step to get to know each and every student on not only a first name basis but even some strong relationships as well. The professors work hard to help each and every student and even offer help outside of class and sometimes even office hours. The coaching staff at Marietta try their best to help each athlete achieve their greatest potential in not only their sport but their academics as well. Marietta College puts academics at the top of their priorities and has many resources available to students to help them stay on task and achieve their goals.
"The second I visited the campus I felt like I was home away from home." This is what the majority of people say when you ask what they love about Marietta. I like that the faculty/staff, and community are so welcoming and strive for all students attending marietta to have the greatest success and reach full potential. Academics could not be any better. As typical the food is not so great with only 3 campus options that are not always open.
Marietta College fosters a strong academic community that really challenges and encourages students to always question, pursue, and strive for knowledge. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone in many ways that have allowed me to grow closer to the person I want to become. The food, however, is not the best at Marietta as compared to other campus cafeterias.
My experience was very nice and enjoyable! I cannot wait to attend Marietta in the fall. The students I stayed with were very easy to talk to and made everything not so awkward.
Marietta College always has a lot of events both on campus and in the community to get students involved. Everybody on campus is friendly and willing to help out their fellow classmates and people in town.
I enjoy Marietta College very much. My professors have been very helpful, wanting us to get the best education possible, motivating us in the classroom. The campus is beautiful, and walking at night is a great experience. The small campus helps make walks between classes less difficult. The food on campus is good, but the staff is even better, happy to serve students on campus. The student life is great in that there is always some event happening on campus. Overall, my experience at Marietta College has been great, and I look forward to attending for the next few years.
It has been nice to be here! Coming from a very small town, Marietta has been a nice stepping stone for me to get used to larger populations. The teachers work very hard to help you, I have not come across any faculty member that would not greet you with a smile after some recognition! They are very flexible for office hours and for if you just want to talk! Some are the dorms are nice sized, but in freshman housing, prepare to burn alive in the summer and winter. The classes are intense, I have thankfully been getting by, but I had no idea how hard some of them would be. The food is okay, and Greek life is present but not pushy. A nice small college with a close knit community.
I love the at home feeling I get when I walk down the christy mall. Anywhere you walk into you are always greeted with a smile by the staff or professor. Marietta College student,staff, and alumni feels like one big happy family. One thing that could be improved is the dining. The food is great sometimes other times it's not the best and sometimes you stay completely away from it.
Marietta College is very focused on the academic success of the student but balances that with the care and concern of the student themselves. Class size are awesome and does not allow a student to get lost in the crowds. The family feel on the campus is very comforting and the support from the community is reassuring.
I was recruited there for football and when I came for an overnight visit I absolutely loved it. I had a great time everyone was very friendly and helpful and I just had an overall great experience.
If you're looking for a small, academically-inclined college, this is the best place to go! It's easy to find your way around campus and there are so many resources available to students. It doesn't end after four years! Alumni can come back to receive help with finding a job or using any of the resources available.
I love Marietta College, but there are a few things I would change. The dining hall could use some changes, with more healthy food options. Also, freshman housing is older and needs improvement.
College is what you make of it so if you're looking to stay in your dorm all day and night, you won't like it anywhere. Marietta has many more opportunities than most other schools because of its small class sizes and residency requirement. You can easily find ways to get deeply connected to studies, friends, organizations, and the community.
I’m really happy with my choice to come to MC. The teachers are great and the students are very nice.
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I took undergrad business classes for my MBA at OU. My wife and daughter are graduates in art and theater. Very nice small college and town. Great teachers who are here to teach and not primarily to publish.
When I attended MC, it was nearly perfect. The student body was incredibly involved and respectful of one another—from athletes to Greeks to independents—and you would likely find yourself actively involved in several different clubs and hanging with a variety of friend groups (it's small, so it can't be cliquey). Professors truly go above and beyond—increasing your intellectual curiosity is not the only thing that drives them. They want you to succeed in life, no matter your political philosophy or outside interests, in fact, they take the time to get to know you as an individual, and will not hesitate to call you out on your crap (which you need sometimes when you are 18-22). The administration has changed A LOT over the last couple of years (killing some of the soul that made Marietta awesome), but they have responded by turning the reigns over to a leadership team that has their sights set on making Marietta the place it should and ALWAYS should have been.
So far its been great! I'm a part of the petroleum engineering program which is amazing! The professors are all open and helpful. The classes are small and you really feel at home here. The athletics aren't bad but all the programs are improving such as soccer. The campus is really nice and clean. Everyone is friendly and open and willing to help you in any way necessary.