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Marian opened a lot of doors for me. Being a student here has helped me grow in many ways. The professors will go out of their way to assist you. Marian overall is a great community based campus.
I like the smaller college. The class sizes are great. I wish a few more resources were available for learning disabled students.
My experience with the staff and students at Marian University has been very good. There were some rotten eggs, but that didn't stop me from living my best life at Marian.
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Marian is a great school with a personal atmosphere where you feel the professors really know you and care about your success. Unfortunately, the tuition is too high.
Marian university has many good simulation experiences available for nursing students. They have cadavers and other helpful tools to use. The food there is extremely horrible. None of the fruit is ripe, the lettuce is dry, the choices aren't very abundant. Other than the food, the campus is usually pretty clean and organized. The professors are amazing. Very friendly, down-to-earth and helpful. The only other thing I would have to add would be that the timeliness and organization of the university are very poor. Everything seems like it is last minute and that is very stressful.
I really do love it here. The staff are very approachable and the professors honestly want to see you succeed.
What I liked most about Marian University is how friendly everyone there is. There is always someone around to help you when help is needed. No one is rude towards you when you have a question about something. I also really enjoy the small campus feel, very easy to make friends and get to meet others with similar interests.
When thinking about something I would like to see change in, it would have to be the amount of activities and events that take place on campus. A lot of times the campus is quiet and not much goes on there. I would like if there was more games going on outside or more involvement with all the students and staff to help interact with people you might not have interacted with before.
When I got accepted, I was so excited to go to Marian University. I was a Social work major and absolutely loved their program, but the school is seriously lacking. I was paying 36,000 dollars a year and I had two roommates.. (Housing was 10,000 dollars), Marian's dorms are not worth the price at all. When I found myself unable to afford my education, I was treated as if I didn't deserve to be at Marian anymore. I was in my first semester of my Freshman year, scared of the idea of college, and essentially told "we don't care about you, pay us or leave". I made the Dean's list, yet Marian refused to offer me any scholarship beyond what I was offered to begin with. I think this year, they bit off more than they could chew and didn't want to admit it.
My experience at Marian University in Fond du Lac has been very positive. My professors have been helpful in making sure I succeed. People are friendly and there are a lot of groups on campus to join. I would encourage others to look into going to Marian.
Marian is a good school academically and athletically all the coaches have a good plan to better there team and keep the players good academically and athletically. The campus is very nice and is becoming bigger and bigger. I think marian is a very good school and they want the best thing for each and every person.
The staff are so friendly and eager to help out anyway they can! When I first thought about going back, I had a lot of questions before I wanted to make a choice about where to go. The staff were quick to answer all my questions, and if they couldn't, they provided contact info for someone who could. Even after school started, staff would periodically reach out to make sure that I was doing ok with everything.
The school is fantastic! The campus is beautiful and they are redoing the whole technology department! I can't wait to attend.
Marian is a smaller school. This is nice because students are able to develop a relationship with professors, staff, and most of the students, all of which help to create a more successful student.
One thing that I really enjoy about Marian University is the academic atmosphere. The class sizes are relatively small and the teachers really care about their students. One thing that I would change is the cafe food because there are not always healthy food options for student athletes like myself.
Poor fnp program no guidance, lack of teaching and structure! Still they expect you to learn by yourself but arrange in class exam when you have received hardly any lecture! Absolute waist of money for the education you hope to receive at a higher academic level! Teacher expect you should know and figure it out! How I wish I have gone somewhere else at least to a school that the teachers would TEACH!!!!
Marian is a great school if you are looking for a smaller campus. The professors REALLY care about their students, for the most part. I do wish there were more activities and ways to get involved.
The professors are very intelligent and eager to assist their students, classes feel like they are preparing me for the career that I am aiming for, easy to find quiet places to study, food is all right and there are places in the surrounding area to get food as well
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Marian University was welcoming and excited about me registering. They have. Lot to offer and looking forward to attending!
I love the atmosphere. I love having small classes where the teachers can help more and give more one on one time. The students are very nice and the staff is amazing. The one thing I would change is the food. It is not the best.
The instuctors are quick to answering any questions. The classes move at a steady pace and are easy to keep up with.
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