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I choose this school because it is very close to home. Its a fifteen minute drive. Also my clases are scheduled at a very good time for me. I have all morning classes, which is great because I go to work in the afternoons. The only downfall is that this school is so small so it feels more like highschool than a college. This can be good though because everyone get to know one another and it helps when you need help.
The Academic experience at Marian Court College is really good. The classes are small therefore you have a intimate connection with your professors and students. The workload in some classes is decent. 1-3 hours of homework i should say depending on what subject your talking about. Overall, the experience here is good. Professor/Staff do not see you as a number, they see you as family and that is the reason why i enrolled to Marian Court because of that reason.
The Career Services at Marian Court College is great.
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This year i am a senior and i was currently looking to transfer to go to Boston University. After hearing from my advisory about the Bachelors Program for Business Administration, i soon realize that this is exactly what i want. I want the best education possible. The academic experience at Marian Court College is probably one of the long-lasting experience you will have. You will cry emotionally, physically, and mentally. But look at it in at the end. You walking at Graduation Day, receiving that Recognition it will be all worth it. All in all, I rate this college an A+ because it truly deserves it.
I really enjoy the small class size and professionalism of the professors. The school is very small and intimate, which I really enjoy. All of the professors are professionals in the area they teach
It has just become an option to go for your bachelors in Criminal Justice as well. There are always postings on the job board for experience in the field. The classes are all interesting in there own way, and somehow, on different levels, pertain to having a job in the Criminal Justice Field
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