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Despite windy,painfully cold,below freezing conditions,women had to walk to and from campus in skirts and were not permitted to wear leggings or pants under them even if the skirts were floor length.When it was windy,many women struggled to keep their skirts down.A stair case was grated/see through.

Only men can wear jeans.

Women,but not men,need permission to drive longer distances from campus

Attending an unapproved church typically results in harsh disciplined or expulsion.

Women must walk before their dorm supervisor in every outfit they own to have their butts,chests,and legs inspected.

Dorm supes arrange outings to Brewers games where obvious alcohol and intoxication are pervasive.However,you risk expulsion by proximity to alcohol elsewhere.

I received a phone call from a dear friend of mine.She was suicidal.I tried to stay on the phone with her,but was badgered and threatened by a dorm supervisor until I told my sobbing friend that I had to hang up to go to church.
The faculty and staff at Maranatha Baptist University care about the students. They want their students to succeed and be prepared for a future career. I feel that I am getting an excellent education and will be prepared for my future career when I graduate.
On campus students are pushed into a "leadership" mentality that is often limited to embarrassing and humiliating those who don't conform to their ridiculous rule sets. I was told that I personally would never be a leader, and have gone on to be a successful manager and leader in my occupational role. Gossip is rampant. The students put "in charge" typically have little leadership acumen and are hypocritical. The academic systems are average, but the professors are excellent. The teachers are truely outstanding. Students will be ahead of their peers upon fulfilling the acedemic programs. For church goers, there are excellent opportunities for local church involvement. The campus is attractive, and the surrounding areas have things to do recreationally. Would attend again virtually or as an "off campus" student.
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The campus is absolutely beautiful. As soon as you walk on campus you can tell there is something different about this place. A good different.
I have loved my time so far here at MBU - the faculty is qualified and caring, and the student body is friendly and supportive.
I love the people that are involved with making MBU great! The professors here are interested in you and want to help you with anything. The people here are very open and easy to talk to. The atmosphere here is a very positive and the curriculum is very stable and educational. I would like MBU to get some artistic classes because that would give the students something fun and less stressful to take.
They are helping students in their path through life not only through knowledge but also by helping them to understand the wonders of Christ and His plan for us.
I'm an internarional student at Maranatha Baptist University. I really love the people here. Stuff do an amazing work interacting and helping students. It is a small community where you not feel alone.
I love the staff. They truly care about the students lives, not just their academics. I also really enjoy the challenge of the academics. There’s not something that comes to mind that specifically needs to change.
I enjoy the interaction with the variety of people with a variety of interests on campus. It is fun to be with people that like life.
It is a great school academically and a great place to make friends. I have been going to Maranatha for a few years now and have learned a lot within my field of study. Maranatha has challenged me to extend my boundaries and put myself out there to learn and grow in my field. The professors really care and want to see you grow in the best way possible.
I like the open, friendly atmosphere found at Maranatha Baptist University. They state and mean that the have an open doors policy. All of the professors are more than willing to help you with any question you may have, the students are friendly, and the campus is well-laid out.
My experience at Maranatha was a very delightful experience! I love the small, family like atmosphere. Everyone knows each other, the teachers know you by name. The small town for me was another plus. The facilities are wonderful. They are kept clean and up to date. I would totally recommend Maranatha to any young person who is looking for a great christian college to attend!
Maranatha is a Christian University, desiring to train leaders in secular vocations and for ministry.
Living on campus gives you an opportunity to make alot of new friends and to be able to meet new people.
Athletics at the school are pretty good. We have alot of team pride and student involvement.
I would choose this school again because its a great atmosphere and it encourages you to grow in your walk with the Lord.
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Dorm lock is at 10 every night except for weekends. But it's nice because then you can work on homework and just kill in the dorms without getting into trouble.
There are no parties that go on in the dorms here. The only parties going on are the homework parties that some kids have.
The professors here are very personable with their students. There are not a lot of kids in every class especially when it comes to the specific major they are in. Some classes have up to 20 kids at the most.
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