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I'm an internarional student at Maranatha Baptist University. I really love the people here. Stuff do an amazing work interacting and helping students. It is a small community where you not feel alone.
I love the staff. They truly care about the students lives, not just their academics. I also really enjoy the challenge of the academics. There’s not something that comes to mind that specifically needs to change.
I enjoy the interaction with the variety of people with a variety of interests on campus. It is fun to be with people that like life.
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It is a great school academically and a great place to make friends. I have been going to Maranatha for a few years now and have learned a lot within my field of study. Maranatha has challenged me to extend my boundaries and put myself out there to learn and grow in my field. The professors really care and want to see you grow in the best way possible.
I like the open, friendly atmosphere found at Maranatha Baptist University. They state and mean that the have an open doors policy. All of the professors are more than willing to help you with any question you may have, the students are friendly, and the campus is well-laid out.
My experience at Maranatha was a very delightful experience! I love the small, family like atmosphere. Everyone knows each other, the teachers know you by name. The small town for me was another plus. The facilities are wonderful. They are kept clean and up to date. I would totally recommend Maranatha to any young person who is looking for a great christian college to attend!
Maranatha is a Christian University, desiring to train leaders in secular vocations and for ministry.
Living on campus gives you an opportunity to make alot of new friends and to be able to meet new people.
Athletics at the school are pretty good. We have alot of team pride and student involvement.
I would choose this school again because its a great atmosphere and it encourages you to grow in your walk with the Lord.
There are no parties that go on in the dorms here. The only parties going on are the homework parties that some kids have.
Dorm lock is at 10 every night except for weekends. But it's nice because then you can work on homework and just kill in the dorms without getting into trouble.
The professors here are very personable with their students. There are not a lot of kids in every class especially when it comes to the specific major they are in. Some classes have up to 20 kids at the most.
There are a number of minorities here and they are welcomed just like everybody else.
There's no drugs or alcohol on the campus at Maranatha. It's a baptist college so it is strictly prohibited.
Campus housing is great, very comfortable, enough space for everyone and a friendly atmosphere
The athletic and fitness areas are great, open for anyone and easy to find
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All the proffessors are eager to help. They are passionate about their subjects, and they are more than willing just to sit down and talk whenever it is needed. The classes are aimed to teach the students effectively, and are offered in many majors and minors. There are also tracks, Master degrees, and online classes.
After getting a degree from Maranatha, it is almost guaranteed that you will get a job in your field. The high academic quality of the school makes its graduates readily acceptable for work right after graduation; in some cases, before graduation. There are many students who devote some of their lives to work at the campus, and they are always ready to help the incoming new students. There are many centers where students can ask virtually any question regarding college life, and everyone is eager to help.
Maranatha has a lot of security measures in place for its students. The dorm lock is one of the most obvious ones, along with all the registration requirements for vehicles, and the curfew for students. They have many more that I don't feel knowledgeable enough to state, but safety is one of the top priorities of the faculty and staff. I definitely feel very safe here.
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