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I enjoyed Manor College because of its size the classrooms are not large and it felt like a one on one experience with the professor. And my adult program I had many resources that would help me along the way if I ran into any problems
Staff is very humble, helpful and kind. It is like my second home. All Professors are highly skilled. I enjoy many extra circular activities on campus like, painting, mugs decorating and many other. It gives opportunity for national scholarships and participate in student angagment programs.
If you are new Immigrant student in USA this is great place to start.
I love how most of the staff truly wants you to be successful in life.
It’s small but the one on one help is so wonderful,
The bond you can create with teachers is great.
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Manor is a smaller school so really get a good one on one education. Small class size is a plus. The teachers are excellent and care about their students.
The campus is small but located close to many amenities that might be needed.
Everyone is very nice. The professors are kind and are very helpful. There are many activities and events to get you involved and meet new people. The tuition is very reasonable compared to most other colleges. Overall I think anyone can have a great experience at this school.
My experience at Manor College is wonderful. They treat you like a person instead of a number. I like how small the campus is and how everyone knows you. If you need help with academics, there is always someone their to help you.
Manor College has accepted my application to attend in the Fall 2018. It was a great experience touring the campus. Everyone was very friendly. It felt like the perfect fit for me. I feel confident I will be successful in my goals at Manor .
I also felt great support will be available for me. I can't wait to start my freshman year.
Manor offers great courses in academics with excellent and eager to teach professors. The majority of the students who attend Manor are either African American or Hispanic. Students at Manor do not integrate, meaning that people only socialize with their same ethnicity. The campus is older and needs some major remodeling. For example, the dormitory, it does not help that students do not respect the campus, so that contributes to some of the facelifts that the school needs. Manor is not a party school at all, the students, however, are known for smoking a lot of weed on campus, and it is normally dealt with accordingly. Overall, Manor is good for the price you pay and the education you will receive.
What I like about manor college is the professors they are nice and loving. When I first started their I felt like it was home and they were understanding. The people on campus are loving and nice
My Experience at this school was great. The school consisted of great teacher,
Advisors and staff, where students can depend on receiving fast and easy service and counciling about work related issues.
My experience at Manor College has been good. There's always those days that every student had where their day didn't go as well as they thought it would. I like that manor isn't an expensive schools. It connects with some school in Pennsylvania. The staff interact with everyone and that there's always activity that happens. My favorite is the picnic when school year starts and for end.
It's nice that the teachers know our names. Unfortunately, it feels like I'm in an adult high school by how small it is. Plus the teachers don't share different worldviews
There are small class sizes and the Teachers are very knowledgeable, but the tuition is too high for a junior college.
Is the only Ukrainian college in the United States, have great values and morals . A good teacher education that is growing in their accreditation working to obtain a bachelors at this moment.
Getting a degree from Manor College shows that I am ready and able to work in a proficient manner. Furthermore, It shows that you are ready to enter a 4 year school and get your degree.
I can't so much due to classes not starting yet but since walking in the residents hall I can tell that the faculty really cares for its students. I am really glad to be a part of such a great atmosphere. I look forward in what is to come here in my time here at Manor College.
Academic flexibity is great because Ben though the professors has busy lifestyle whether planning materials for the classroom or spending time with their family they always make time for their students
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During the summer 1 I did do my take of online courses and it was amazing the work was easy if u had the book and you read from the chapter you were supposed to read and also it was convenient to my own time
My school main focus on career wise is on the vet tech program and dental hygienist people
The activities in this school was fun and interactive I made a lot of new friends through clubs and organizations I have joined
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