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Mannes College - The New School for Music Reviews

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Really Beaty building and nice people.
There are many restaurants near my school but the price is high for a student to dine out everyday.

Many students mostly choose fast food or chain restaurants because they offer better price and the food is okay. Even though there are various restaurants near the school, affordable places are limited.
Could Be Better – Quite fortunately, Mannes has given me enough scholarship to have made my education possible; I just wish that more funds were available and that students would get notified of their aid status sooner.
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I've been living in the Tri-State area all my life, so I've been used to the weather -- balmy, breezy springs; humid, sticky summers; crisp, cool falls; and chilly, frosty winters. There are no extremes in the weather that I've found a hassle or a detriment to my college experience (other than messy snowy days).
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