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Very irresponsible colleagues, terrible working environment. Extremely unwelcoming atmosphere and no cohesiveness among departments. Really wish to work somewhere else.
My experience at Manhattanville has been a great one! I’ve met some amazing people, such as professors and students. It’s here that I’ve managed to discover my passion for literature and creative writing. The people are lovely and the campus life is always fun!
I am a freshman at Manhattavnille College. It was my dream school because of its location and education program. I plan to get my masters in education in 5 years here. I love the campus and the people I've met at Manhattanville. Even though it is an expensive school, the faculties are not so great and I wish there were more to do on campus.
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I’ve had a really great time here at Manhattanville. I’ve most certainly found my home and it was really an easy adjustment. The school is small and I’ve really liked that because it has allowed me to create relationships with my professors and it has allowed them to get to know me as a person, not just as a student. It was really easy to get involved and make friends and find things I like to do. Sure it can get slow on the weekends, but college is all about what you make of it and if you put yourself out there and look for things to do, then you will have no problems!
Overall this was a good experience. The teachers actually care about your learning, the class sizes are an average of 15 students; the small class size allows one-on-one with teachers and keeps students from being looked over. The smaller classes also allow for class discussion and in class questions/ comments that further learning.
While the academics are great, there is very little to do and being on campus is honestly the most boring thing in the world.
A gem! with top-notch professors/faculty on par with any Ivy League. The array of majors--traditional and not-so-traditional--is impressive. The campus is beautiful, from the manicured grounds to The Castle. The college sponsors parties, concerts and other fun events throughout the year. As a Manhattanville student, you are near to New York City, Connecticut, Westchester County Airport, and White Plains. A talented chef oversees the dining hall, preparing great food that is also healthy. If your child wants to "party" and waste their time and your money, this may not be the school for him or her. And, "no," this review was not written by the school, but rather by a very impressed parent with very high standards.
Incredibly diverse community, beautiful campus, brilliant and engaging teachers who were always easy to reach and eager to share, top notch food compared to many other schools. I'm very proud of how our Mville community has evolved over the years.
my experience here is great with the education experience and there unique academic First Year Program, you will begin to make connections with some of the key people, programs, and services of the College. By taking advantage of all that Manhattanville has to offer, you will have the opportunity to become fully involved members of our vibrant community.
Manhattanville is a wonderful place to get an education. There are always awesome opportunities to further our education here such as extra trips and activities both at the college and provided outside of the college.
I love everything about this college. The professors and students are very welcoming. It is very hard for you to fail. The classes are in between, hard and easy. The campus is so beautiful. Also, it is very peaceful on campus day and night.
My experience at Manhattanville is average. The college has many programs and many activities for incoming students and current undergraduates which I like. However I do believe there are a few points in the school that should change such as the availability of the health center to freshmen students. The health center should be open on weekends for freshmen staying on campus for the weekend. I would also like to see a bit more diversity when it comes to the African American, Latina and Asian community. There should be more activities to do on campus that represent these communties. There is also a lack of care when it comes to campus security and Resident Advisors as well. I have seen some RA's drink and party with the freshmen who are underage in the freshmen dorm building. I give Manhattanville 3 stars for having a beautiful, small campus and nice people.
It's a very diverse campus, with several opportunities to grow as a student, challenging yourself and helping others.
I like being on a small campus. Its easier to get help when you need it. You most likely wont be late to class. You will build relationships with your teachers. The price of the college is high but its expected from a private institution. The food is okay. You will get to know many of the people on campus if you socialize. The teachers, from my experience, are very understanding of any situation and limitation that you have or may think you have. The school overall will give you the attention you need to grow a bit.
Manhattanville is a private, liberal arts college located near White Plains, NY. It is special because it contains a unique castle that is the main centerpiece of the campus. The school is on the smaller side in size, which makes connecting to other students and faculty much easier due to the small class sizes. I would personally recommend this school to people who want this kind of personal interaction with professors and classmates. Because you know your teachers so well, you feel comfortable asking questions or just participating in general. There are students that come from all over the country, and many international students as well. Overall, it's a school with a beautiful campus and a tight community.
Essentially, this school is very great at aiming a student towards their goals and purposing them in meaningful ways. There are so many opportunities that it is almost impossible to not network oneself or make money on campus with work.
The administration here does not treat the students well at all. This school covers up rape and sexual assault and then blames the victim. Many of the professors are rude, unprofessional, and discriminatory. However, there are several good professors who are genuinely good at their jobs. There are few events on campus, but there are several buses into white plains and NYC weekly.
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This is a good college but it lacks a lot and I think that adds to their very low endowment. I know a lot of kids who want to transfer out and I am as well. This school is also very easy but just know when coming here your not going to get the best college experience and you're going to pay way to much.
My overall experience here at Manhattanville has been worth the wait. I am a Music Major, and a soon to be graduating Senior. As a college senior, I partake in much of a diverse environment, which helps me gain and attain responsibility and devotion, towards all that I do.This form of diversity allows my individual self to explore much of what if offered, and much of what I have done independently. I have been able to explore options in Interning outside of College, for an organization that is dealt with my field of study, Music. Here at Manhattaville, I have gained confidence and moral support in all the professors and faculty I have worked within both academics and Music. I'd hope that the future might hold more opportunities for the Music Department, Opera and Voice, specifically. This will help and enhance future musicians' qualities and experiences for future lead roles.
Teachers are very willing to help. Course load s are diverse helping students create the best path and majors to apply for. Communication between my professors was top notch.