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I've loved being at Manhattanville College, I have not only discovered what I love to do and where should I do it, but my possibilities have also been so much wider than any other since I have New York City only 30 minutes away from me,
Professors are good and very attentive to students (most of them) but the campus itself could make some improvements. The quality of food isn’t that great.
manhattanville college has been a weird experience for me and the people I know. we have had encounters with some different people that you wouldn't usually see everyday. a lot of religious people go there and also the professors are a bit strange.
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The programs offered are great. Commuting would be better than dorm living. I didn't have such a great dorm life when attending. The students act like animals and aren't responsible for anything they do.
I have made great friends and acquaintances in my short time here. I love the size of the campus and how easy it is to find your way around. I also always feel welcome on campus and in the classroom. Something that could improve is the quality of the food. Otherwise, everything else is pretty solid.
I’m sorry but this school is really tough to attend. I transferred freshman year but this school made it easy. I was an athlete there and even being on a sports team didn’t help. I tried really hard to stay here but I couldn’t. You can’t go out and party unless you have a real New York ID or you’re 21. So for the first 3 years you really can’t do anything on the weekends. Everyone is depressed here and the athletics is very bad. It is weird if you go to a sports game which is not how college should be. Everyone is so unfriendly and not open to making new friends. If you like to stay inside -study and do nothing everyday, this is the school for you.Trust me!
It is a cute small school that is an easy 30 minute train ride away from New York city. It is a close community, when passing there is always a familiar face to say "Hi" to. Overall it is a fun school that you will love.
My major is sociology. I love Manhattanville because of the class sizes. I love this school because of its beauty. I love all the clubs on campus. I love all the professors. My friends are like my family.
The professors at Manhattanville are excellent. I studied in both the music and English departments and both sets of faculty were great. If you are looking for a small, close-knit liberal arts college on a beautiful campus, this is the place for you. We're close to White Plains too. There's a lot of campus activities to get involved with and everyone is super busy! It's a place you can really explore your options.
Manhattanville is a place full of opportunities and potential for growth/development. The campus is beautiful and there are a lot of fun events to attend. Academics are a very individual experience. It is small, but it has a nice feel; and individual growth and conneciton with professors.
The college is great a lot of diversity ! Nothing seems to be really the issue, probably something to improve would be sometimes the organization of student accounts. Other than that its a great school.
Going to Manhattanville college, i enjoyed the campus and all alumni who greeted me. Its a really nice environment that i would like to surround myself around on a daily basis. The teachers are nice and help you when you need it. you are able to be connected with teachers on personal levels. One thing ill change about Manhattanville is their sports. Not really a change but an add on. They lack a football team. I believe Manhattanville will be complete if a football team was present.
Great professors, nice student body, great value for the money. Safe and lovely location in Westchester. Easy access to NYC and cultural landmarks
Manhattanville was a comforting environment. Clean air, close community, well-maintained campus where you have the chance to meet just about everyone at anytime. The only con is the lack of diversity in teachers, since the college is a bit small.
Manhattanville College has a diverse and welcoming community, with a rich history in social action. The faculty and staff are committed to the enrichment of their students and are well-versed in their specific fields.
Very irresponsible colleagues, terrible working environment. Extremely unwelcoming atmosphere and no cohesiveness among departments. Really wish to work somewhere else.
My experience at Manhattanville has been a great one! I’ve met some amazing people, such as professors and students. It’s here that I’ve managed to discover my passion for literature and creative writing. The people are lovely and the campus life is always fun!
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I am a freshman at Manhattavnille College. It was my dream school because of its location and education program. I plan to get my masters in education in 5 years here. I love the campus and the people I've met at Manhattanville. Even though it is an expensive school, the faculties are not so great and I wish there were more to do on campus.
I’ve had a really great time here at Manhattanville. I’ve most certainly found my home and it was really an easy adjustment. The school is small and I’ve really liked that because it has allowed me to create relationships with my professors and it has allowed them to get to know me as a person, not just as a student. It was really easy to get involved and make friends and find things I like to do. Sure it can get slow on the weekends, but college is all about what you make of it and if you put yourself out there and look for things to do, then you will have no problems!
Overall this was a good experience. The teachers actually care about your learning, the class sizes are an average of 15 students; the small class size allows one-on-one with teachers and keeps students from being looked over. The smaller classes also allow for class discussion and in class questions/ comments that further learning.