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For me Manhattan college is all about community. Everyone there is so helpful and kind. Professors are amazing. They work well with students all the time. I really enjoy Manhattan college.
If you are on a sports team, want to get a good job after you graduate, and want small, intimate, classes. This is a good school. If you are looking for a school that has a social life, lots of activities to try, or a decent party scene. DONT come here. The atmosphere is pretty depressing most of the time, there are never any events and very few legitamit clubs. Academically it is pretty good even though the teachers are hit or miss. Many of them do not seem passionate to be teaching what they are teaching. The atmosphere is not very competative, and most people are there just to get a degree, not because they are interested in their field or care to be smart. Socailly this school is impossible.
Well known and respected school in New York City, Manhattan College opens a plethora of opportunities for its students and graduates.
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Fantastic education. Brilliant Professors. Close to the heart of the city. Comfortable dorms. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to experience NYC, but not live in center of the city.
I like that the school is not huge, and students are just a number. You get to know the teachers, and they know you. Advisors know you by name and is a small big family. Teachers are very knowledgeable and the school has great connections for internships, and summer jobs. I also like that you are not forced into a major. You have an opportunity to switch at any time, and in my case, you can complete your master's degree in 5 years.
Attending this school is the best choice I have ever made! I truly feel that I belong in MC and I have made so many friends. This is a great school with a safe and tight-knit community! People look out for you at this school with connections and work for in your field. The professors are great and understanding! I love my school.
Manhattan College is not friendly to commuting engineering students. Commuting Engineering students are expected to park in the worst lot in the Bronx. It floods when it rains, giant icicles fall during the winter, and there are potholes so deep you will end up bottoming out our car on the weekly. If you can't find parking and decide to park in a different lot you will get a ticket for being there. If you are going to commute to Manhattan College and plan on being a Engineer you should go to another school.
This college is great, but the classrooms needs to upgraded. The environment is fun and the students are great. The college is very expensive. It hard for commuters to associate because most of the programs are very late.
I like that Manhattan has a strong community presence and that most people are friendly. There are a lot of great lectures that happen on campus so you should most definitely attend ones that interest you. What I would like to see change are the living arrangements and the options for food on campus.
Over the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity of participating in the Manhattan College Women and Minority Engineering program. I felt very comfortable in the environment and learned a lot about the professors. Being able to engage in a conversation with them made me realize this is a place where I can see myself grow academically and socially. Also, the work connections Manhattan College has for the students is great since, most students obtain an internship by junior year. I figured out this college is the college where I can study civil engineering and accomplish my goals.
I have had a great experience at Manhattan College. The only thing that needs to change is how expensive it is,especially if you live on campus and have to pay one price for room and board when you could eat cheaper on your own. There are no food plan options, everyone pays 15010.00 a year for your spot in a dorm and food, even if you don't eat there.
Manhattan College is a small institution with a strong community. Having a small amount in the classroom develop a strong connection with professors as well as classmates. Professors show an interest for the student inside and outside of class. Its location offers numerous opportunities for internships in New York City. Manhattan College promotes a strong Lassalian leadership. Lassalian is not necessarily a Catholic term, it represents the values that the institution promotes in order for students to become productive members of society.
I could not have had a better college experience. Manhattan is a great school full of great people. I was an athlete and education major and from day one the school fealt like a community.
Great for the education aspect. Small classes and many of the professors are there for you. You will build a relationship with the professors in your school ( education , liberal arts, science, engineering, business). The social life is lacking. There's literally nothing to do on campus. The rooms are small so you can't have people over. The area is dangerous and you won't feel comfortable leaving campus alone. When you do leave campus the only option is to spend 45+ minutes to get there by subway.
It's a small school so you get to know everyone quickly, the professors are very helpful. The campus is very cute but all on a hill so there are a lot of stairs!
I visited this school last Friday and I actually liked it a lot. Before visiting, a few of my friends told me I would hate it and that it was not a nice school. Right when I stepped foot on the campus, I had no idea what they were talking about. As I toured the school, I fell in love with it more. It seems like everyone knows everyone. Each place I would go, my guide was waving and saying hi to everyone. Students stopped me and told me that Manhattan is a great school and I should attend it. It made me feel warm and welcomed.
Manhattan College is a great small college. The professors care about teaching and students learning. They expect you to ask for help and see them outside of class.
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Manhattan College is a very productive and interactive school with a great environment. Students have great professors to guide them and help them become great professionals.
Manhattan College may not have the prestige of an NYU, but it is definitely a great college. The school is rising in ranks, and the kids attending starting to become the top kids at their high schools. One of the only gripes I have with the school is the facilities. Some of them, such as the Engineering building, has to be upgraded
I would like to see it becoming more famous locally and international wise. Moreover i would want the college to change its name from manhattan college to manhattan university.