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This school is located in the perfect place. It is so convenient being in the middle of town. MCC offers many great opportunities to lead and serve as a young Christian.
Manhattan Christian College is a great place to go for your ministry degree. It is also a small environment that you can get close to the people around you. This is the kind of school that you would go to, deeper your faith and deeper friendship
MCC is a small school of about 300 students. Because of the small numbers it has a family like atmosphere. The professors are amazing and really care about each student. The men's dorms are very old and need to be updated. The food isn't great, but it is still an amazing school.
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So far its been everything I hoped for. Cant wait to see exactly what this first year has in store for me.
When I first heard of Manhattan Christian College I didn't think much of it other than another college. As I looked into it on their website I saw some interest. Their baseball coach contacted me and eventually signed me there to play which is awesome. It's been my dream ever since I was a kid. Although when I made my first trip to Kansas, it was to the college, seven hours away from home. I was almost sure I wanted to go there, but when I got there everything and everyone was awesome!!! I loved it, how welcomed I felt and just the atmosphere of the college and the town was amazing in itself. Five star all the way!
Manhattan Christian College can be characterized by one term, community. It has been this way for me at least.
MCC provides students with opportunities to apply for internships all over the united states. There are graduate programs set up with a variety of churches and organizations in which someone can earn their masters while gaining full-time job experience.
Our professors do a good job of working with students. Our average class sizes are around 16-1 and each professor knows who their students are.
Manhattan Christian College is a very safe place to go to school. The administration does a good job in protecting our students and giving us the environment we deserve.
The residence halls on campus do their job. They allow our resident students a place to lay their heads at night and feel safe.
At Manhattan Christian College there is no greek life.
Manhattan Christian College just broke ground on the school's first ever athletic facility. We've been competitive for years - winning 10 national championships and it's exciting that we are finally investing in our athletic program beyond our coaches efforts.
I believe that Manhattan Christian College provides me with the opportunities, both athletically and academically, to get where I need to in life.
So a little bit about the girls dorm, Kenoyer, is better than dorms I think! It's set up more like an apartment and has 3 floors with 3 doors on each. You walk in the door and there is a living room that has 5 more doors, one of those doors is for a bathroom that includes 2 showers, 2 sinks, 2 toilets, and the other 4 doors are bedrooms. We call this set up suites. Each suite also has an RA and in the lobby of our dorm is an apartment for the dorm parents. It is a great facility and I'm staying in it again for my 3rd year so I can be an RA!
Athletics at MCC are awesome. Yes we are always in need of a few more bodies to come out and play on the Women's Soccer team or Basketball team, but it always ends up okay! I play both and the coaches are so involved in not only your sports life, but personal life as well. Grades come first and they make sure of that. For MCC if it is a home game or an away game that is in a reasonable driving distance almost everyone comes out to support our athletes! My freshman year the girls and the guys soccer team alone with the volleyball team made it to Nationals and got to travel to Kissimee, Florida! It was one of the best, and hottest experiences! Not only was it awesome, but that wasn't the first time any of the teams had made it to nationals! Now, I don't have all the statistics, but I know that guys have been there at least 19 times straight!
I absolutely love MCC! It's a small college, but KSU is right across the street and offers a duel degree program and advisers work well with each student to figure out the best path for their life. Also, it is expensive especially if you're paying for college by yourself, so the adviser help with finding grants, loans, and other types of scholarships!

MCC has many extracurricular activities to choose from as well. So not only to I get to study what I love, I also get to be involved in the sport that I love, along with clubs that best for my personality.

Just one example of why I love MCC: we are a Christian College so I have that right to study what I believe as well as non-religion classes, but that also means that when one studen is in trouble or is going through a rough time the community at MCC goes out of their way to be there for that person. My freshmen year, a guy had lost his grandmother and the student government bought him a plane ticket to make it back for the funeral. He didn't have the money and with how far away he lived no one could come get him. As a student government member now I will never forget how much that small act meant to him! And that's why I love MCC.
To my knowledge nothing bad has happened on campus
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Here at Manhattan Christian College students have a good chance of going into ministry
The professors here at Manhattan Christian College are the best
The wifi here at MCC could be better. The social atmosphere however is pretty good
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