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Visual Fine Arts department is excellent, great professors. Adjunct professors in other departments can be hit or miss.
Manchester Community College, is a wonderful school with so many open doors to success. The school puts time to help student and the academic support is wonderful.
N/A I am still a senior in high so I never attended Manchester Community College but I am planning to when I graduate.
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Great college and the professor are excellent. They are very caring and help you any way they care in order for you to succeed.
the college is bang for your buck. Its a first way to start college before transferring into a four year college. The course structure and environment is similar to that of four year colleges and it open students eyes to the reality. It teaches student the discipline of managing time and standing strong to the demands of college. The part I dislike about this college is making money off students. Book prices are expensive and they deduct alot of money from students financial aid for activities one is not aware off.
I am truly enjoying my first semester at MCC they have a very real world approach with a reasonable work load and a true dedication to their students success and strive for a better world through education.
I absolutely loved mcc. The environment was very friendly and all of my professors were very helpful and had lots of knowledge on what they were teaching.
The support services that not only the professors provide but also the staff of all other departments are just amazing. I would definitely recommend this college to others.
Great faculty, professors are dedicated to helping and guiding their students. Art department is decent. Small classes for one on one advising. Weird materials fee for studio classes that is hard to understand. Affordable, I get a grant and go there for free.
Small class size, professor's are easy to talk to, number of class times to choose from. Campus food is pretty good but a little over priced. When you register make sure to go to the registrars office to get your bus pass! It is included in your tuition and fees
I graduated from MCC, and I'm thankful there was such a great option for junior college so close to home. This enabled me to graduate with my associates degree and transfer to a 4 year school without any student loans whatsoever.
Loved the small size of the college and general atmosphere! The teachers were awesome and so was my adviser, Robert Turner. He really made sure I took the right courses to earn my Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts and be able to transfer all of my credits to Central CT State University.
They are judgment free. If you ask for help they won't hesitate. They also have a great school store that has all your school requirements. If you are also hungry they have a pantry that is free to all students.
This was the perfect school to attend as a returning student. I had attended another community college previously, but Manchester Community College was by far better. All the professors were very knowledgeable in their designated field. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great, inexpensive option for school.
Manchester Community College is by far the most inclusive school I've ever been to. The teachers as well as students are respectful, caring, and understanding. The school is labeled clearly so you don't have to circle the buildings searching for your classes. The teachers are willing to give extra help and the students are too. There are so many opportunities to get involved in the community.
I was there while I took my Associate Degree, and the experience was exceptional. I learned a lot. I met really good teachers and they were very helpful. We got students from different countries and backgrounds. One of the teachers that I met there was the one who made me change my diet for the better. I lost pounds and my allergies went away.
It is a really good college with amazing professors. I am an international student and unfortunately, they do not have a specific office for on campus jobs.
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Very good school! The best part is that the professors that are teaching are actually in the profession they are teaching in.
wonderful campus filled with students. Great professors and average sized classrooms. Many activities and clubs to join as well.
The professors care about you and want you to succeed, and they will work with you to achieve that success as long as you are not afraid to ask for help. It is easy to find your way around campus and the staff are friendly. There are also many weekly events for students that wish to improve professionally while making connections with their fellow students.
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