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I did not expect to have such an amazing time when I came here. I have learned so much from the professors. They make sure the students are prepared for the future by challenging us. All the professors have their own way of teaching but it makes you learn different techniques in order to comprehend everything. I love everything they had to offer amd recommend for more students to take advantage of community colleges because they offer alot more than you think.
I love that I got to learn from and alongside real, hardworking people from all different backgrounds. I've learned just as much from the community as from the classes I took!
This is my first year with Manchester community college , and I have to say they are very helpful with everything . they are on top of the students when it comes to getting you on the right track and for that I'm thankful , the last school I attended wasn't too helpful . This school is very big gives it kind of a university feel
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What I like about Manchester Community College is the fact that you get a lot of help from the teachers and every your own peers. Because everyone that goes to the school has the same goal, to help each other improve and do well on all assignments.
my experience at MCC has always been a good one. The instructors are helpful and are willing to go out of their way to maske sure you're passing all of your classes. The only thing I would change is more work study opprtunities for the school.
Most of the teachers are okay, but some of the other staff can be kind of rude and unhelpful. Overall I've been learning a lot at this school though.
Great staff and beautiful campus. Big library and areas to study. Lots of chairs and big quiet areas. New up to date. Great new signage to get around building and locate classes. A gym you can use.
Many of the teachers are very understanding and accommodating when you have a problem whether academic or personal. People are very friendly here too. The price of food could be a bit lower but that's all the complaints I have.
Manchester Community College has been a very pleasant experience for me. I have thrived as a student, due to the competence of each professor I have had. This school has given me a terrific education.
MCC is a great school to get your pre requisites done and out the way at an affordable price before attending a 4 year university. Great environment and professors who will always be there to help you. Recommend to anyone whose not sure of their college plans after high school.
My first year experience at MCC was great. I felt very much at home there. The classes were easy to get to and the teachers were very knowledgeable and helpful. One suggestion would be that there might be a little more one on one with the counselors. Although students are 17 and 18 years old entering this educational establishment, we are still new to this environment. We are sometimes afraid to ask for help because we are suppose to be grown ups, but don't grown ups need help sometimes too?
Great place to attend class. Has large parking lot for everyone which enable you not to worry about where to park if late. Location great for studies, not located at rowdy and crowded place.
Visual Fine Arts department is excellent, great professors. Adjunct professors in other departments can be hit or miss.
Manchester Community College, is a wonderful school with so many open doors to success. The school puts time to help student and the academic support is wonderful.
N/A I am still a senior in high so I never attended Manchester Community College but I am planning to when I graduate.
Great college and the professor are excellent. They are very caring and help you any way they care in order for you to succeed.
the college is bang for your buck. Its a first way to start college before transferring into a four year college. The course structure and environment is similar to that of four year colleges and it open students eyes to the reality. It teaches student the discipline of managing time and standing strong to the demands of college. The part I dislike about this college is making money off students. Book prices are expensive and they deduct alot of money from students financial aid for activities one is not aware off.
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I am truly enjoying my first semester at MCC they have a very real world approach with a reasonable work load and a true dedication to their students success and strive for a better world through education.
I absolutely loved mcc. The environment was very friendly and all of my professors were very helpful and had lots of knowledge on what they were teaching.
The support services that not only the professors provide but also the staff of all other departments are just amazing. I would definitely recommend this college to others.
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