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I love the courses they teach, the small classrooms, and the hands-on experience. They give you models to work on and then a professional photographer takes pictures of your work so you have it for a professional portfolio.
They have an excellent website that helps you look for jobs in the industry.
Financial Aid was very straight forward. I was able to get a lot of help and the financial aids office at MUD made it easy and clear for us to move forward.
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Grads usually come to our classes to give advice and help us better our techniques.
Our school is very diverse, we have students from all over the country.
My experience has been great! I have met wonderful classmates who each have something to good to contribute. The professors go above and beyond to ensure that you have learned all the techniques necessary to move forward into your career.
You are given to meet and interact with the best Make-up Artist in the industry from Eryn Krueger Mekash to Neill Gordon.
I just began my first Beauty 101 class with Jed Dornoff. So far I can say he really cares about the well being of his students and pushes us to do our best work. He is a great motivator and is so knowledgable in the field. He always offers himself to us after class to help us with anything we are having trouble in. The curriculum and the class registration process was very straight forward. The financial aid office as well as the admissions office staff were amazing and providing all the information we need to make sure enrollment we as planned and we had everything ready including our school supplies for the first day of class.
I currently am taking the Master program at Make-up Designory. What drove me to attend this school out of the many other make-up schools is the fact that aside from teaching you the techniques required to creating the perfect make up/special fx make on a person is that they also teach you the business side of the industry. Knowing how to get into the industry and the materials and knowledge required to progress is one of their main priorities. I love the fact that they bring in special speakers who have in been in the industry for over 40+ years and who are well know and have won academy awards over the years come to our school and share their knowledge/ advice. They also take the time to look through students portfolios and critique them in a way that will help your chances at possibly getting a better job opportunity. As far as the workload I would say its average. Having homework helps us practice and improve our skills as a make-up artist. The facility is awesome! There is a room for each course and they have all the materials needed for us to succeed. They have a sculpture room, hair room, photography room and a library with a lot of information on how to improve your skills. The ultimate goal of the school is to help all their students succeed and become who they want to become. They have all the equipment and supplies that you will ever need.
The after school events that give us opportunities to meet and hear the stories of successful makeup artist and all the networking we get to do while being there is what makes MUD unique.
I don't know exactly what I would like to do, I've learned so much from taking the master program, but I have a lot of opportunities when I graduate.
I really feel like as long I keep communicating how I'm feeling to the staff at MUD they will be willing to help me and listen to what I have to say, they've never turned me down.
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