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Once the Maine College of Art switched their classes online, things changed drastically. It was very sudden and rushed but I know that the teachers and staff have done the best that they could. With the little time to prepare for the switch, it's understandable for there to be some complications. As a first-year going onto my second year, there are a few core classes that I missed out on because there was no simple way to integrate it in our home based studying.
The Maine College of Art is an excellent school. The classes and the teachers are wonderful. The classes are extremely educational and have taught me more about art and the world in one year than I have learned throughout my whole life. The learning process is exciting and everyone is very inclusive and friendly.
I am a non traditional student. I was very nervous about starting but everyone has been helpful and friendly. I love my classes and Portland is a great small city.
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At Maine College of Art I am constantly learning and being challenged. In the classes I am always sucking up new information. I'm always being pushed in my academics. I can go to work on projects whenever I want. You as a student at MECA are allowed 24/7 access to the main building Porteous and others to work on projects. This is big especially when your an art student. I also like the dorms at MECA. The dorms are well taken care of and are all in the vicinity of the main MECA building. They are all helpful people with stuff like financial aid and getting information on majors. I have had great experiences at MECA Inside and outside the classroom. One of the great things about MECA the art displayed around the campus. I always feel inspired walking around at MECA. The food and cafe at MECA is very good also. Always plenty of food to go around. At MECA first year students are to participate in a final to review all the work that the student has done all semester.
As a small school it's a very welcoming and friendly community. All the teachers I have had have been knowledgeable, helpful and available.
I am currently a freshman at MECA, and I am surprised at how low the rating is on this site. This school is full of diverse and creative minds. The professors are passionate, the students are hard working, and I have not had a bad experience. I feel as if I am learning so much and discovering myself as an artist. Portland itself is an amazing area to discover myself. I have made new friends and I am already growing as an artist. I love this school with every ounce of me.
This school could be a lot better, but this is probably due to the way that they allocate the funding to the various departments. Besides that, faculty is severely understaffed and they are trying to lower their acceptance rate but that is not going to raise the quality of education. Certain faculty have a particular agenda throughout their teaching and the fine art idealism is what dictates a lot of how instructors run the show. If you are coming here to learn real design skills and real world techniques that are relevant today, this school is not for you. Also, as a minority, there is low diversity, and high diversity in LGBTQI, not in race or creed. The school attempts to make up for this but even in things like student life this is underdeveloped and biased.
I like the people and the community. Portland is a lively and vibrant city perfect for any artists who is craving inspiration. MECA is located right in the center of it all placed by the great tourist spots and perfect for finding hidden gems.
Being a student at the Maine College of Art means knowing you must be invested in your work, in its entirety, to be a better artist, showing every step of your creative process; from the small sketches on a napkin to the final draft of a glove. If you are truly ready to dedicate much of your time to the fine arts, then MECA is a good fit for you.
The Campus, on 522 Congress Street, is nicely placed within the heart of Portland with notable locations like the Old Port and the Portland Museum of Art to stop by and be inspired. A slew of artistic opportunities and chances to exercise your creative mind are here, but all you need is to be invested.
I think that the school overall is excellent! I am in the Painting program and am so impressed with my professors. They care about me as a student and encourage me as an artist.
I personally thinks its hard to get along with students here, but the academic portion of the school is very nice
The faculty truly care about their students and simply want to watch them succeed in their own field. Because it is small, the students and faculty become a close nit community and work together to create.
Being a Freshmen it was a busy year. You do all of your foundations classes for the first two years before actually doing anything for your intended major. Classwork is reasonable, depends on the Professor. For dorm living you are about 50/50. Sometimes you and your roommate(s) could get along or they could ask you to move out then proceed to try to push you out of your room. Heading into the second semester is looking bright. Your grades depend on how you participate in class and whether or not you care about your grades and classes.
I love the diversity here at Maine College of Art. It is such a great enviornment to study and create in. Portland Maine is such a great spot for this school.
Highly artistic environment and friendly atmosphere set in the gorgeous town of Portland. Be wary of the cold weather since the area is right near water. 24/7 Access to amazing facilities. Ton of class choices to really figure out what you like to do. Since its a art college there isn't really any majoro sports teams or sport events which is a bit of a bummer. Also its in the city so theirs no campus area to stay within. I've Only heard good things about the college and area.
Very small college that has its pros and cons. Overall I think its a good school, especially in the Arts.
Basically, the school itself is wonderful. 24/7 access to facilities for students, a friendly staff and great resources. However the community is immature and fairly only concerned with themselves rather than helping a unified group of artists form other connections to further their networks. There is no mental or emotional help for students who need therapists or psychologists on campus. The work load is sometimes over whelming and can lead one to compromise integrity and craftsmanship for making unrealistic deadlines.
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Awesome school for diversity in arts, quality of professors. Cost and the financial aid office is the problem. Errors, I was left with a HUGE amount due to even begin because they said I was awarded something then they took it away. I may have to quit after the first semester. Art is my life and this crushes me
I've really enjoyed my time at MECA so far. The staff and professors are really helpful. The campus is very beautiful, along with the city of Portland!
MECA is equipped with a service called Artists at Work. It's a student and alumni center offering a constant job board of local and international internships and grants. If you are ever worried about getting hired for the summer or after graduation, they are the people to see! Other than that, I think my school is really encouraging and has enough to get you motivated to work within the real world. It just takes a determined student to do so.