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I received my Bachelor's Degree from Madonna University. This school offers degree programs that many other colleges and universities don't.
Everyone at the university is willing to help and wants to see you succeed, also being a student athlete it is great because not only is it a great way to meet people here on campus being a commuter but it helps you meet other students that are majoring in the same thing. There are so many other different programs and clubs that you could possibly join as well to either meet people or to help you academically or financially overall Madonna University is a great school and I would recommend it.
What really is disgusting is how every year they increase credit hours cost, when I first got here for one credit was $550 next year they increased to $650 and now they increased it to $750 a credit and you can’t take only one credit because classes have 2 or more and that’s not including tax which will boost the cost of that even higher. College has truly become more of a business. On the other hand classes that require transportation off campus you have to rely on driving yourself there because the school won’t provide a bus for the students and students pay all of this money and can’t even provide a bus.
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Madonna University is a welcoming campus that allows everyone to prosper, and bloom like a flower. The professors and faculty are all very supportive to the students and each other as well. The environment stays safe with the campus and police patrol there. There hasn’t been any issues and it may be the best place for students to receive a degree.
I have not started as of yet, but thus far the process and help has been wonderful. I can not wait to begin my studies at Madonna for I hear they are for the student and whatever it takes to help the student graduate.
Madonna is an amazing school for all kinds of students. I am in nursing program and have been blown away by the wonderful teachers, clinical instructors, and advisors who are there to help every step of the way. The campus is beautiful and the teachers are great!
Madonna University's excellent nursing faculty has allowed me to learn and grow, both as a future registered nurse and as a person.
Madonna has felt like home for the last 4 years! I plan to continue my graduate studies here as well!
I've been at Madonna but three years I have had a great experience there you keep connected to your professors you get to know them when I want to one on one level I graduate in May with my bachelor's but I will return in the fall of 2018 for grad school
Madonna is a great place. Every professor knows you by name. You are not just another face in the crowd. During midterms and finals weeks, the school provides a visit by a service/emotional support dog and free massages, coffee, and pencils and test forms you may need.
It's honestly great. My first semester I barely had any friends but once second semester rolled around I was reaching out to other people in my major and making friends.
Smaller University, but the student to teacher ratio is perfect. At Madonna you are not just a number as if you went to MSU, UofM, CMU, etc.
Madonna University is a private institution where one can focus on their future and excel in many ares. Madonna's professors are there to not only teach you the material but also help you to get hands on experience in your future field. Madonna expectations for their student are high and that helps me to reach for the stars.
I would like to see the food change for sure. For how much money it costs for tuition I would like to see more resources for students. We have to pay for anything extra we need on campus. If we need tutoring or extra help in our classes, it costs money. The book prices for our classes are outrageous and we have to pay for any printing we need as well. The registrars office and the financial aid office is horrible at communication and quite frankly they're not much help and have had some rude encounters in the past.
Madonna University is one of the best Universities in Michigan. My experience has been great, the professors are helpful and the staff. There are programs to help so you do not fall behind and help if you do. The Criminal Justice program is awesome!
MY first semester went great! The campus is filled with nothing but really cool people, who are easy to talk too and willing to help with pretty much anything. The food is good majority of the time, and there are plenty of ways to eat around campus or the school. The teachers are also cooperative and are willing to help as long as they see you trying.
My experience has been good so far. I like most of my professors, they are nice and very helpful when I need them. Two things I don't like is the tuition is higher than most school in metro Detroit. Also most of the classes I need start at 4pm or 7pm which is difficult because I work midnights. Other than that my experience at madonna has been good.
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I am a paraplegic student so getting to campus was not easy for me. Madonna was very accommodating and allowed me to skye into my classes. Being a senior, this meant a lot to me. I am forever grateful.
I love the friendliness of the faculty. The student life is great. The students and professors are working to help everyone strive to be better. The classes are long but they pay off at the end. Tuition is cheaper than most universities. The campus is beautiful in the winter and summer. It feels like home if your coming from out of state. Madonna is a catholic University but they do not influence your religion. Their goal is to help you become the better you! They provide easy services for any need you may have. They honestly prepare you for your career and when you graduate, you will see all your had work has finally paid off.
I love the student life there it a lot of fun. I just want to see the safety and food change. the campus is very small I feel if these thing were better we would have more people coming from all over the world food could be changed by giving the students a survey to choose from and the increase of the campus safety will make things a lot safer. I don't mind it not being a party campus but it would be fun to have some party every now and then. I feel that by changing these one by one will help bring the campus up in a really great way.
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