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I like the college, everyone is very willing to help. They have almost every course online so a hectic life can be easier!
I truly love the school. It is affordable, close to home, and the nursing program is exceptional. I also really appreciate their dedication to helping those with busy schedules. I have benefited a lot from the online and hybrid class options. Madisonville Community also has several transfer options at Murray State. They are more than happy to help you continue your education and even take Murray classes at their Madisonville campus. The only downside is that I do wish that they offered more fully online programs. Hopefully, this will be expanded in the future. Overall, I am more than proud to attend MCC.
I love Madisonville Community College. Everyone is helpful and easy to get ahold of. As a nursing student all of my professors are amazing and I cannot wait to finish.
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Madisonville community college is a very organized collage with many different classes offered throughout their many different campus. if your looking for a small collage, just so you can get use to collage this is your collage.
Something new to get used to.
The nursing program in madisonville is very challenging but the most rewarding obstacle I have ever faced.
the academic experience is great
Their not a single person that's earn a degree here couldn't find work. Maybe not here in hopkins county. Somewhere some state a college degree from Madisonville Community College! !!
Blackboard to me is just the worst, there are better systems out there that could have made this more efficient.
The professors for most part very helpful to the students do that they could obtain their degree.
It was just a long commute for me and a few others but the program was well worth all that we went through.
It's a small community college although growing rapidly.
Transferring credits was just a swipe of the credit card. No hassles the personnel are true professional.
Cheaper than schools in my state. However the cost for books and travel expenses really cut into my budget.
I only had an English 101/1020creedit from a dual credit course I took in high school.
It has a comfy student center/ study center.
The wireless signal is poor and sometimes slow.
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There are several activities available at the campus, however I have not participated in any.
My major requires a lot of time. Each of my early childhood classes require at least 10 hours of field experience on top of weekly assignments. The opportunities to experience the career I am pursing are only limited by myself, I can observe at any daycare, Headstart, or preschool I desire.
General education classes are very challenging and time consuming. I have difficulty with a lot of the homework. Teachers will email me back answers to my questions sometimes, but not always.
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