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The school is very expensive and the return on investment is bad. A degree earned here will not be taken into consideration anywhere you apply to. You are better off taking on an internship and saving that money to invest into your audio and music equipment.
I like that the instructors have real world experience. They are all very helpful and encouraging. I also like the small class sizes.
I feel like going to Madison Media Institute was a good choice for me. They offer professional level classes with instructors that are very knowledgeable in their field. There are small sizes which makes it very easy to get to know your teachers. They also have reliable job finding resources. My only negative comment is the lack of diversity. I was one of two women that I knew of in my program.
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So far signing up was fine haven't took any classes yet.
I have not started yet but the advisors I work with are plenty helpful..
I have mixed feelings about the career center at MMI. From my understanding, quite a few people have left that position since I started school there. They recruited a recording student graduate to fill one of the positions. I don't think they're doing a bad job, but I think there is more that they could do. I know we're limited as recording students when it comes to jobs and internships, but I think students could be in the know more. I feel like the career center could help students more with finding jobs and internships while they're still attending school, not just after they graduate. The thing about being a recording student is that you need to start at the bottom to get to the top, no matter how good you are. You gain experience to get a better paying job. I think the career center could help find more networking events and jobs/internships for current students, not just alumnis.
My major is Recording and Music Technology. I'm in the last class of this course since they're changing the curriculum. It is definitely a lot of work. I've had some issues where the programs provided, don't work well and I have to go to the school to complete them, but it's not too bad. There are a lot of time consuming projects but it's to help you and doing those projects teaches you a lot.
I really like MMI. There have been some overall issues with financial aid, but otherwise I like it. I'm in my third semester. I have learned a lot. You can tell the teachers are really passionate about what they'r teaching. They know what they're talking about and show us how it applies to us. They're all super nice and friendly. I haven't come across a mean teacher yet!
the classes can be in the morning, afternoon or at night so the hours work for you and the school is open everyday so tou can get work done even when you don't have class on that day
I don't use online courses
The instructors still have connections in the industry that you are planning on going in so they can refer you yo people in the industry.
The degree is a big part of the school and is very important
There is a good amount of classes that teach you about what you want and all of the instructors are professionals who have worked in the field so they know what it takes to make it
The instructors do a fantastic job of preparing you for the future if you do end up getting a job in the field
Every instructor is a professional who currently works has has worked in the field and done what you want to do
needs more ways to pay for school
they help with looking for jobs
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they offer a lot of different class and some are hands on
there can be a lot of work but you learn a lot
they are willing to help you with anything you need
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