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A lot of the same professors that work at the University teach here part time so you get the same education at a fraction of the cost. MATC has done a lot of updates to their building, cafeteria, and systems such as blackboard. But, I find communication within advising and financial aid to be a bit challenging at times
Madison Area Technical College is such a great place to go to school at. The environment is very welcoming, and I find myself very pleased with the teachers and other students
I have not enjoyed my time at Madison College. I am currently a freshman and already plan on transferring out for the spring semester. The pace of classes is very slow and a lot of the material is repetitive.
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It is easily overlooked because it is a technical college, however it offers a lot of variety of classes and contains many resources to help their students. The professors are very hands on and helpful. The students are their main focus.
It is great here at Madison College, but before you start looking at classes I reccomend trying to see what teaching style the teacher has before enrolling in your class. Once you find a professor that understands you it's hard to not succeed.
This school is great for online or in person courses. They truly help you get to where you want to be.
Madison College has wonderful teachers that care whether or not their students are learning. I never feel overlooked. I would like to see more night or weekend classes.
I graduated from Madison College as a respiratory therapist and am now transferring to another school for my bachelors degree. I loved going to Madison College because they are always willing to help their students and they really want to see them succeed.
I love being a student at MATC. Being a local school and easily accessible to students throughout the Madison ares, it is extremely convenient and it's a great school for students who may not be interested in the dorm life or bigger schools. For me, the deal breaker was whether or not I had to live at the school. Lucky for me, I had a MATC campus in my hometown and 2 of the other campuses are within 40 miles of where I live. The education aspect of this school is astonishing. The professors are very hands on with their students and always accessible for questions and further instruction. It is comforting to know that these professors have your success in their best interest.
I love the classroom sizes, none of the classes are too big. They also have tons of resources for all different kinds of students in all sorts of situations. These can help enhance the college experience.
Teachers that I have had have been awesome and very helpful with an interest in you learning the material.
Madison Area Technical College has made huge progress over the past ten years. I attended the main campus (Truax) and found it to be a great experience. The education is excellent for the price, which tends to be the main reason for attendance. The campus has been remodeled extensively, but retains that smaller college feel that allows staff and students a more personable relationship. I was lucky enough that a communications professor reached out to me for an internship, which was integral in my search for a major in college. Overall, it was a fantastic choice.
I am returning to college and needed MATC help with my transcripts and a error on it. I was told if I could provide copies of conversations then they would look at. When I said they were through Blackboard to the professors, I was told that since I was a student more than 4 years ago they could not even access them due to their transition to Madison College.
I like the affordability of Madison College and have had some really great instructors. Unfortunately, classes have been canceled and clinicals rescheduled at times which does get frustrating.
I am currently a student and a part-time student worker at Madison College. Overall, the school provides me with a high-quality education, an excellent environment for me to study, and a place for me to socialize and meet new people. With that said, I think the school definitely has a lot of room for improvements. The cafeteria at the school's main campus, Truax, has about less than ten food options available, including but not limited to a salad bar, noodles, burgers, and wraps. However, due to the relatively high prices of the foods, I usually hear from my peers that they are hungry most of the time and that the school should reduce the food prices because the tuition is already quite expensive. Another area where the school could improve on is safety. Even though all the campuses are equipped with numerous security cameras and a safety office, people who lose their belongings on campus, even within the vision of the CCTV, don't usually get them back.
I love the college campus and how easy it is to navigate around the building and how there's always maps of the campus layout on every floor. I also love how quick the professors are able to get back in touch with you either via email or in person. With the diversity of the students, it made it quite easy for me to relax and to reach out for help.
Very nice place to learn and further your education. All of the professors are very nice and always available to help if you don’t understand. Madison College is a very diverse school which also allows you to meet a ton of new people.
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The professors are very friendly and helpful, and the performing arts program is really good! There are some little classes that are very fun to take in interesting. The biggest problems I have personally had are parking and getting things cleared by the program people, but an in person visit usually clears everything up.
I toured MATC and I already knew that I will have a great two years until I transfer. I have met a lot of friends that are already at MATC and they say that its great.
I love Madison area technical college, the staff and students are always there if you need help. The scheduling works with you and work so it’s easy too balance school and work.
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