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I like that there are many ways to take your classes so you are able to fit them to your own personal schedule. It is also very nice that the school provides shuttle buses around the area to help students get back and forth to school and around the city. I think they advisor team could do more to inform students in about the "extras" that are available to them and could do a better job reaching out to the students to inform them about things they are eligible for.
Great environment and community. Lots of ways to get involved. Helps individuals find jobs in their field of study. Offers financial aid for those who need it. Lots of resources, like the Writing Center that are available for students to use when they need help in classes.
I enjoyed the small class sizes. It is really nice to be able to connect individually with the teachers.
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Most of the teachers at MATC care about their students and set them up to achieve the best out of their class. People of all ages and backgrounds go there and all of the staff are helpful and understanding. By far the best decision I made was to start my college career at Madison Area Technical College!
They are closing the downtown campus. I am very unhappy about this. The school is fine, but the location will be a huge problem. I also got my wallet and phone stolen while on campus. The thief may have been a student.
What I really like about Madison College is the environment and the people that go to the college. The professor really care about you and help support you inside and outside of the classroom. Everyone here is friendly and is here to help one another out to be able to become successful.
My experience at Madison Area Technical College has been great. The professors really work well with their students. My experience, with being in the military, has been excellent when I need off during times of service.
The professors were amazing at the Downtown campus, and really helped me get my feet wet fresh out of high school. The Downtown building was very old and it seemed like someone got trapped in the elevators every other week. Downtown was also excluded from pretty much all campus activities. I can see why they are planning to close the building down.
I love how modern the True Campus is. Everything is very accessible and students have access to an outstanding amount of resources. The Student Achievement Center rocks to get your papers proof read, get a tutor, or to meet with classmates. You can rent out study rooms, work out in the fitness center, use Madison's public transportation, and so much more, all with your student ID. Just a short drive from down-town Madison, those who want a truer college experience can go enjoy the nightlife or other activities happening near the UW Madison campus.
This was my first time back to college since taking a few years off to figure out my career goal. I was very nervous but Madison Area Techincal College made the transition smooth for me. I was able to excel in areas I hadn’t at previous colleges. My goal was to transfer to a four year college and they made it easy to find classes and programs that would transfer. I am glad to have attended this college.
Madison College is filled with opportunities among opportunities. All students of all ages are welcome. There are many clubs, tutors, and students who wish for you to succeed. The area is welcoming and their student senate works hard for their students. Teachers show their time and commitment for their students as well.
I like the majority of all the aspects Madison Area Technical College has to offer. The class are smaller, so you have more one on one time with a professor if needed. The food is cooked by the students and is great. The tuition is low and I can commute from home instead of having to stay in dorms like most 4-year colleges require.
Madison College has really prepared me for the future. I'm currently taking advantage of all the resources available to students and the way that the school helps you succeed, really excites me for what is yet to come years from now. Madison college has been improving for the past few years and I hope it's positive change continues.
Higher quality of education than can be had at UW Madison- take it from someone who attended both! A faculty who cares + great resources for students is a recipe for success!
MATC has been a wonderful restart to my education. I very much enjoy my classes and professors. It is a great place to get an education. It is by no means easy and every class is challenging with professors that are always willing stay and help out.
Madison College is one of the better Technical Colleges I have ever been to. Their athletics department is fairly high up there, the diversity of their students and classes, both credit and non-credit, is pretty large and all the staff that I have met were courteous and helpful.

There are a couple negative points that I can think of to point out. One is that parking seems to always be a hassle, though they are trying to accommodate as much as they can. Another is, as always, integrity of the professors. Not all of them are bad: in my experience all of the professors I have had were very good. However I did have some near misses with some that were rated very poorly on RateMyProfessor, and I have heard from other students about certain other professors that were not very good to learn from overall.

Just like any other technical college, MATC has its ups and downs, but I can certainly say again that it is one of the better ones I personally ever attended.
Madison College is a competitive school when looked at others in the area. It has transfer agreements with many local colleges, which makes it fairly easy for someone to begin there and move on to to a 4 year university if they don't initially have the grades to get into one. The programs offered here are respected by the overall community, and it is very affordable and flexible to your schedule, making it a transitional choice for those who lead busy lives.
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I found Madison College very well rounded. I loved the small and intimate class size and teaching staff very helpful in my education journey. The school strives to provide for each student on an individual basis which makes finding and receiving help for questions a breeze. Everyone at the college wants to help each student be the best they can.
I love how everyone is just so welcoming in the community and how people reach out to help. I feel safe all day long, with the security guards on at all times. Great place to go to school and get to know people.
Madison College has excellent instructors, but the academic advisors are often rushed and don't always have accurate information about the work environment related to the degrees that are advising for.
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