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I like the majority of all the aspects Madison Area Technical College has to offer. The class are smaller, so you have more one on one time with a professor if needed. The food is cooked by the students and is great. The tuition is low and I can commute from home instead of having to stay in dorms like most 4-year colleges require.
Madison College has really prepared me for the future. I'm currently taking advantage of all the resources available to students and the way that the school helps you succeed, really excites me for what is yet to come years from now. Madison college has been improving for the past few years and I hope it's positive change continues.
Higher quality of education than can be had at UW Madison- take it from someone who attended both! A faculty who cares + great resources for students is a recipe for success!
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MATC has been a wonderful restart to my education. I very much enjoy my classes and professors. It is a great place to get an education. It is by no means easy and every class is challenging with professors that are always willing stay and help out.
Madison College is one of the better Technical Colleges I have ever been to. Their athletics department is fairly high up there, the diversity of their students and classes, both credit and non-credit, is pretty large and all the staff that I have met were courteous and helpful.

There are a couple negative points that I can think of to point out. One is that parking seems to always be a hassle, though they are trying to accommodate as much as they can. Another is, as always, integrity of the professors. Not all of them are bad: in my experience all of the professors I have had were very good. However I did have some near misses with some that were rated very poorly on RateMyProfessor, and I have heard from other students about certain other professors that were not very good to learn from overall.

Just like any other technical college, MATC has its ups and downs, but I can certainly say again that it is one of the better ones I personally ever attended.
Madison College is a competitive school when looked at others in the area. It has transfer agreements with many local colleges, which makes it fairly easy for someone to begin there and move on to to a 4 year university if they don't initially have the grades to get into one. The programs offered here are respected by the overall community, and it is very affordable and flexible to your schedule, making it a transitional choice for those who lead busy lives.
I found Madison College very well rounded. I loved the small and intimate class size and teaching staff very helpful in my education journey. The school strives to provide for each student on an individual basis which makes finding and receiving help for questions a breeze. Everyone at the college wants to help each student be the best they can.
I love how everyone is just so welcoming in the community and how people reach out to help. I feel safe all day long, with the security guards on at all times. Great place to go to school and get to know people.
Madison College has excellent instructors, but the academic advisors are often rushed and don't always have accurate information about the work environment related to the degrees that are advising for.
Everyone was so willing to help me throughout my time here. The campus has undergone some amazing revamping and looks beautiful. Most instructors are really committed to their area of study.
Love the community and professors. Everyone is nice for the most part and there are tons of groups to get involved in.
I was recently enrolled at the EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN course at this campus. Being a senior well into my double major, this is the worst, poorly managed, poorly taught and unethical course I have ever been in. The instructors have no idea how to teach, the tests are poorly written, and I learned nothing at all. If your looking into being a EMT I would recommended any other college than this one. Complete waste of money and time. I would suggest the instructors go back to school themselves. I'm surprised their even allowed to work in the field of healthcare.
Madison Area Technical College is a community college with campuses all over Madison Wisconsin. It's main draw is for students seeking a technical education in regards to a specific trade or Wisconsin residents seeking to get their general education credits done here so that they can transfer to a state school in 1-2 years to finish their Bachelors. This path usually saves students $15,000-$20,000 over those 2 years and is the reason that I'm attending. The major draw is that you can get college credit that can transfer to so many different institutions but the downside is that it is at a community college. A lot of the students there are in their 30's or 40's, pretty weird, and as a reflection MATC has a huge drop out percentage. Not to speak negatively of the whole school though. The professors I've had so far are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. And the coursework I've done has been challenging yet rewarding.
Madison College was a great place to go to save money for general classes (such as math, english, psychology etc). I got lucky with most of my professors, as they were very knowledgable and organized. Many of my friends had professors that showed up late, didn't really provide a schedule and gave out assignments with no instructions. It seemed as though the professors just wanted to get in and out, which they should care more about teaching the future generation. I didn't truly feel challenged in any of my classes. The most challenging class I had was Statistics. The campus is beautiful and brand new. Parking is free but is quite a walk. I was also a part of the soccer team but it's nothing like I expected. I have played soccer for 14 years so I was hoping for a really competitive level. Most of the girls had never played soccer before so unfortunately it was a waste of 2 out of 4 years of college soccer but still made great friends!
MATC has a lot of resources to help students find success. The Truax campus is huge and offers plenty of space to study and hang out. The school has some administrative problems though.
Beautiful school with helpful teachers and staff members. Lot's of extra curricular activities offered as well as fun sports.
Madison College is an easy to navigate college with an incredibly wide variety of courses, certificates, and degree programs to choose from! It has reliable support systems and tutors, which come in handy year round! The wide course catalog extends to summer classes as well, which makes taking the required credits even easier!
Review Madison Area Technical College
AFFORDABLE, many locations and schedules, good professors. I have a full time job and am able to pursue my degree without a hassle. The school also has a lot of support from the community and local businesses, and a very good relationship with area 4 year institutions that accept transfer students. The school continues to expand, so there are issues with parking and resources.
It's a great school to attend. It feels more comfortable with the small classrooms and the interactions between teacher and student.
-some really great instructors who care about students
-nice facilities (after construction)
-many programs
-very inexpensive
-can transfer most credits to most UW schools

-registering system is difficult to navigate
-lack of community (which is difficult at a tech)
-some teachers that don't really care about students, don't know how to teach effectively, don't interact with students even though the size allows for it
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