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Beautiful school with helpful teachers and staff members. Lot's of extra curricular activities offered as well as fun sports.
Madison College is an easy to navigate college with an incredibly wide variety of courses, certificates, and degree programs to choose from! It has reliable support systems and tutors, which come in handy year round! The wide course catalog extends to summer classes as well, which makes taking the required credits even easier!
AFFORDABLE, many locations and schedules, good professors. I have a full time job and am able to pursue my degree without a hassle. The school also has a lot of support from the community and local businesses, and a very good relationship with area 4 year institutions that accept transfer students. The school continues to expand, so there are issues with parking and resources.
Review Madison Area Technical College
It's a great school to attend. It feels more comfortable with the small classrooms and the interactions between teacher and student.
-some really great instructors who care about students
-nice facilities (after construction)
-many programs
-very inexpensive
-can transfer most credits to most UW schools

-registering system is difficult to navigate
-lack of community (which is difficult at a tech)
-some teachers that don't really care about students, don't know how to teach effectively, don't interact with students even though the size allows for it
I attended for 2 years when I was first out of school. I tried attending again 7 years later. They promised me while I was paying off the money from the two years, that I could attend again. I dropped out and lost aid due to a mental breakdown because of a bad medication reaction.

They gleefully told me, right after I finished paying off the loan that I in fact "shouldn't go back" because my grades were to low since I was essentially catatonic for a year and a half and during that time I didn't withdrawal from classes since... I was catatonic.

Pretty much spent $3000 to have a mental break down that was related to genetics and happenstance with a bad prescription.

Now I have no prospects since I had been working for the last 7 years believing that I could make a better life for myself. I know I was wrong now.
Two years at MATC has left a mixed impression. While the classes are affordable, the resources suffer because of this. Certain campuses require a commute by car, but do not provide adequate parking. This can result in parking far away or frantically searching for parking on a daily basis. The classes usually have a competent instructor and classes tend to be more intimate that large lecture halls at universities.
At Madison Area Technical college you will learn all the skills you will need to in your preferred area of study. All the staff and faculty are kind and friendly and the financial aid offices are very helpful, they can answer any questions you have they will stay on the phone with you until all your questions and concerns have been answered. I recommend Madison Area Technical college for anyone who wants to start or further continue their education.
The best thing about Madison College is the ability to go to other campus's in the area. Madison College has many options in the Madison area.
This is a great school for someone who is looking for a degree and get a great job in the job market. The instructors are always available to help, and there are a lot of options at the college if you need assistance or have questions.
I really enjoyed the small class sizes that Madison College provided for students. Also they have been updating their facilities and they look great!
I'm a new student but so far my experience has been educational. The advising seminar was very helpful, there was more than enough help they gave us all the information needed to start your year.
I took a short class at MATC and it was perfect if you love smaller classes. Although some lecture halls offer much more people, most classes ranged around 30 students. To me, this was perfect. I came from a very small town and to be comfortable in college I wanted to start off with a smaller classroom. My professor was very kind, and she allowed us to come to her after class with any questions which was also very beneficial. I've heard of some professors not being much help, and this was not the case at MATC.
Its definetly a nice school, tuition is not to bad. Perfect if you are looking into transfering to UW Madison. Amazing teachers and beautiful campus.
I was a student for a short while before the renovations began and a current student now that the renovations are almost complete and there is a completely different feeling about attending this institution. There is a greater investment on technology than before. There are expanded courses in the health and protective services, they have their own buildings not. There are more classrooms now that administrative services have been moves to the new Gateway center. The process of registering for classes is much more streamlined now, you can get an update on your academic progress any time. The school has also done a great job at keeping the tuition rates low while providing a great educational experience. My favorite part is having instructors teaching courses that they have real life experience in, it makes for a more engaging classroom experience.
I really liked that it was a on site learning experience because I actually am comfortable with all my nursing skills right when I graduate. But I did not like the fact that whenever it was time to register for the next semester you were not able to know which days you were attended classes and also you did not find out who your instructor was until the week prior. But overall, I think I am ready to go actually work in the field.
I absolutely love how easy it is to use this website. It is time manageable and easy to find scholarships that apply to you.
Review Madison Area Technical College
Everything that I have experience in my classes has been good, haven't had an issue with anything
The safety is pretty good, I like if you don't feel safe enough to walk to the parking ramp, one or the security guards will walk you to your car
My overall experience is great, the teachers are all understanding. I drive 1 hour and 15 minutes everyday to school so if I'm running like a minute or 2 late they understand that I'm putting effort into going to college.
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