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I am currently a student and a part-time student worker at Madison College. Overall, the school provides me with a high-quality education, an excellent environment for me to study, and a place for me to socialize and meet new people. With that said, I think the school definitely has a lot of room for improvements. The cafeteria at the school's main campus, Truax, has about less than ten food options available, including but not limited to a salad bar, noodles, burgers, and wraps. However, due to the relatively high prices of the foods, I usually hear from my peers that they are hungry most of the time and that the school should reduce the food prices because the tuition is already quite expensive. Another area where the school could improve on is safety. Even though all the campuses are equipped with numerous security cameras and a safety office, people who lose their belongings on campus, even within the vision of the CCTV, don't usually get them back.
I love the college campus and how easy it is to navigate around the building and how there's always maps of the campus layout on every floor. I also love how quick the professors are able to get back in touch with you either via email or in person. With the diversity of the students, it made it quite easy for me to relax and to reach out for help.
Very nice place to learn and further your education. All of the professors are very nice and always available to help if you don’t understand. Madison College is a very diverse school which also allows you to meet a ton of new people.
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The professors are very friendly and helpful, and the performing arts program is really good! There are some little classes that are very fun to take in interesting. The biggest problems I have personally had are parking and getting things cleared by the program people, but an in person visit usually clears everything up.
I toured MATC and I already knew that I will have a great two years until I transfer. I have met a lot of friends that are already at MATC and they say that its great.
I love Madison area technical college, the staff and students are always there if you need help. The scheduling works with you and work so it’s easy too balance school and work.
Madison College is a fine institution. I have nothing but praise for the instructors. The cost per credit is reasonable. The technology and facilities of the institution is modern. The student body is motivated and talented. Parking is widely available.
I really love how diverse they are, and how much they connect to equity. They are also so much cheaper for the same education. They incorporate hands on learning and most of the time give you a job right within or after you complete your major.
Has a ton of classes and degrees at various times of the day to accommodate everyone's schedule. Has sports and a lot of clubs for you to get involved in. Does not feel like a technical college. The professors are great as well.
Really inviting atmosphere & encourages study/productivity. They provide many benefits for being a student.
They have lots of engaging and interesting classes to select from all taught by professors who really enjoy and care about their work. They have tons of opportunities for people to relax and enjoy their off time along with good places to study and get work done.
I like that there are many ways to take your classes so you are able to fit them to your own personal schedule. It is also very nice that the school provides shuttle buses around the area to help students get back and forth to school and around the city. I think they advisor team could do more to inform students in about the "extras" that are available to them and could do a better job reaching out to the students to inform them about things they are eligible for.
Great environment and community. Lots of ways to get involved. Helps individuals find jobs in their field of study. Offers financial aid for those who need it. Lots of resources, like the Writing Center that are available for students to use when they need help in classes.
I enjoyed the small class sizes. It is really nice to be able to connect individually with the teachers.
Most of the teachers at MATC care about their students and set them up to achieve the best out of their class. People of all ages and backgrounds go there and all of the staff are helpful and understanding. By far the best decision I made was to start my college career at Madison Area Technical College!
They are closing the downtown campus. I am very unhappy about this. The school is fine, but the location will be a huge problem. I also got my wallet and phone stolen while on campus. The thief may have been a student.
What I really like about Madison College is the environment and the people that go to the college. The professor really care about you and help support you inside and outside of the classroom. Everyone here is friendly and is here to help one another out to be able to become successful.
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My experience at Madison Area Technical College has been great. The professors really work well with their students. My experience, with being in the military, has been excellent when I need off during times of service.
The professors were amazing at the Downtown campus, and really helped me get my feet wet fresh out of high school. The Downtown building was very old and it seemed like someone got trapped in the elevators every other week. Downtown was also excluded from pretty much all campus activities. I can see why they are planning to close the building down.
I love how modern the True Campus is. Everything is very accessible and students have access to an outstanding amount of resources. The Student Achievement Center rocks to get your papers proof read, get a tutor, or to meet with classmates. You can rent out study rooms, work out in the fitness center, use Madison's public transportation, and so much more, all with your student ID. Just a short drive from down-town Madison, those who want a truer college experience can go enjoy the nightlife or other activities happening near the UW Madison campus.
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