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So far I am a Freshmen Macon state is a good school but depending on where you are coming from to Macon the city is kind off more for the Elderly not the young.
Mine experience has been hard at times getting in and getting financial help. The professors are really good and really help teach you the lectures.
I've heard negative things about transferring credits. Schedule flexibility depends on the class.
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I have not yet had experience with online courses here, but I have heard from other students that they are only of low to average quality and not recommended.
There are career-related events held throughout the year - mock interviews, resume workshops, and job fairs, for example. Many on-campus internships and part-time jobs are available as well.
In Information Technology, you'll need to enter with a fair amount of technical experience already under your belt. Sometimes the professors are rather patronizing, but others might expect you to know things they never taught you or understand a new concept with minimal explanation. The difficulty of the material itself covers the same range. I would not recommend taking this major here unless you are passionate about it and already possess substantial knowledge of the subjects you will be studying. The class selection is extremely limited, with only one or two of each available per year in some cases, so you won't have much flexibility in choosing your schedule or professors. The program is new to the school though, and should improve over the next few years as it is better implemented and more professors come in.
Pros: The social atmosphere is nice. People will generally give you your space if you make no effort to interact, but will be happy to offer help if you ask for it. Most professors are very passionate about what they do, and ready to help out after class. The course difficulty spans a wide range, so be sure to ask around for tips when choosing a class schedule; however, as long as you have good study habits and pay attention to the syllabus, most classes should not be too challenging. The features of the Macon campus include an impressive gym (open to all registered students), gardens, a police station, and a library with helpful staff, to name a few. Despite the area's bad reputation, the campus itself feels very safe. Tuition rates are rising now that the college has become a university, but it is still more affordable than the other local options.

Cons: The staff at the bursar and registration offices are highly prone to making mistakes, and the advisers always seem to be busy, so always double and triple check your records because you'll probably need to make corrections when applying for classes or financial aid. Transferring credits is also difficult, and the online student information system can be confusing and slow to update.
I would choose a different college
I would I picked a different college if I could do it all over again
Never had to transfer credits and there cn be some hassles with scheduling classes. It is first come first served so you have to be on top of it, if you want the classes at the times you want them.
They have an open house type of event, go and you will lean all you need to know.
Most of this you work on during the course of your studies. You have to be proactive.
Professors are great and class sizes are okay to big or too small. Expect freshman classes to be large.
Quality of all the above is good.
I am in the Nursing program, so my workload is pretty heavy. It may not seem like it when you see the schedule, but with several assignments due you have to manage your time wisely. I was able to get an externship at the hospital after my second semester. We do clinicals at several different hospitals, so transportation is very important. Classes can be long depending on what it is, Med. Surg. 1 and 2 are like three hours and twenty minutes long with breaks. You have to do a lot of learning on your own. If you don't read and practice as many questions as you can you did not study. There are some problems that need to be worked on, but it is an okay program overall. It mostly gets you prepared for boards (NCLEX).
This College (now University) was not my first choice, but I love it still. It is local and growing. There are now five campuses and many more degrees being offered even a Master's in Nursing. I like all of the different events they have like therapy dogs, massages, events for the community, and much more. We now have a new gym, with an indoor pool and bowling alley. It just keeps getting better and better.
So far it's all been smooth
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The class sizes in macon are good. Not too big, not too small, and the professors are able to have one on one time with the students, which i think is very important to learning
Taking core classes at MGSC definitely helps prepare me for more schooling, but I will be graduating elsewhere
I'm still in core classes so I'm not sure
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