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This is the college I'd like to go to. It's not difficult to be apart of anf they offer more than enough programs to get you started. I'm going to macomb because they recently started a Veterinary Technician program, and that's what I want to go into. I've heard good things about the program from the people who been in it. You get to learn hands on with real animals, and I find that quite intriguing and exciting honestly. I don't really know all the much about Macomb Community College since I am not yet a student there, but I know they offer more than a great education and they will help me get to where I want to be in my future.
Overall, it is a great start for those who are new to the college life. Compared to universities, the cost is drastically lower and the classes aren't that difficult if you put your mindset into it.
Great experience. All my professors have been very helpful and care to see you succeed. Hard work of course, but if you stay motivated to do well you will succeed. I received my associate degree at MCC and have continued to do transfer credits there. Best decision I've made in my schooling plan.
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I have been able to challenge myself here at Macomb Community College. The professors work closer with you and help you through the classes. The learning center is a fantastic place to go to when I needed help in any of my courses.
MCC is a very good school. They have a reading and writing studio that is amazing. They can help you with anything that you are struggling with and you are unsure of. They can proofread you assignments check for grammar mistakes and all.Everyone should be taking advantage of the studio because we paid for It in our tuition. The tutors are amazing too. I was unsure of the assignments that my teacher was giving me so I went to a tutor. The tutor gave me a better understanding of the assignment and I did really well on it. The academic advisor are great as well. They helped me figure out what classes I need to put towards my credits so that I am staying on the right track.
I was met with difficulty as every step. First, a counselor did not have time to see me; however it was right before a holiday weekend. Next, I went to the wrong counselor's office because the counseling center did not have clear indicators which lines were for what though I suppose it is also my fault for not paying close enough attention. The counselor would not talk to me until I took a placement test. Afterward, when I wanted help signing up for classes I was sent to a computer room to register for classes under the supervision of people who did little to help me, could not answer any of my questions, and never attempted to find the answers to my questions.
I will say that my teachers actually seem to care if I learn and not just that I keep their average test score at a decent percentage.
The small class sizes are helpful and make learning more individualized, but some of the professors at this school have not been up to par. I attended Macomb Community College as a transfer student, so I did save quite a bit of money before transferring to my current school. The main disadvantage of the school is the help you receive in the main office, as it is slightly unorganized. The money saved from this school does make some of the hassle worth it.
Hello, my name is Vivian. I was at Macomb for about two and a half years. With all my years at MCC, I had a great time. I met a lot of friendly and smart friends. All my professors are nice and helpful. A lot of them are challenging, but that's what college is about. The professors that I have had were not only nice, but also use there extra time to help students catch up and further explain something that they don't understand about. Both MCC campus are beautiful, nice, and quiet.
I have gone to both center and south campuses of Macomb Community College. Both are very spacious and unique in their own way. I liked the students as everyone respected me as i respected them as well. one thing I would like to see change is that at South campus, the teacher parking lots are right in the front and middle of the parking lots. It makes it hard for me to know if i’m in a parking line that goes all the way to the sidewalk or stops where the student parking stops at the teacher parking. i feel as thought they should be out to the side as there are far more student that teachers and they don’t need that many parking spots. they’re mostly empty compared to student parking
The counseling staff was not knowledgeable, financial aide staff was very rude and it seemed like they didn’t want to help.
i loved the note takers and professors, each professor would individually ask how students are doing. office hours are convenient to students and professors.
I like that Macomb Community College is affordable for me. I would like there to be options for student who want to live on campus since there are no dorms. Also that there is an actual cafeteria to ensure that students going in the class in the evening to have something to eat.
The campus is very small and easy to maneuver around. The class sizes are fairly small the its not uncommon for the professors to know the students names or have good relationships with them.
Macomb accepted me with open arms. They seem very glad to allow highschool students to take there classes. And the professors really want you to grow and succeed. The small classes help.
Took a few classes here after high school. Center campus was overall very nice! Had a cool place for kids to hang out and nice outdoor areas.
I have been attending Macomb Community College for 3 years now. I was involved in the dual enrollment program in high school. I love it
Difficultly with being lost in the masses if you need something from staff. Advisors are not really worth the appointment, they just give you the information that is on websites or read off program flyers.
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Absolutely loved the campus, friendly staff, great campus, and a variety of programs to choose from. They have an awesome reputation and I'm excited to be enrolled there!
My experience with Macomb Community College was fantastic. I have had many great experiences throughout my three years of attending and have gained better vision for what I want to become in the future through the professors who teach there. I have not really had a bad experience on campus. Student Life & Leadership is always hosting some events in which the get the students engaged in social activities and trips. Overall a great community college.
Cheap tuition, however some professors seem under qualified. Diversity is so great that at times it can be a problem when you only understand one language. I've had group projects where I was not included simply because of the preferred language barrier.
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