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When folks as me if I like Macalester, I say, "I love it for what it is." What is Macalester? Macalester is a small liberal arts private college with dedicated students, faculty and staff alike. As a Black, queer and trans student with several learning disabilities, Mac is the best but most challenging places for me to be. The liberal, left centered politics energy the campus gives off is a double edged sword. The access to resources, internships and just knowledge all around is impressive and a blessing. But the naive perspective a well intentioned allies on both the behind the scenes and front line arenas can be exhausting. The bathrooms are still gendered on much of the campus. Professors will misgender me and microaggressions happen daily. But Macalester realizes how far they have come and how far they have yet to go. They cater to and ask their students for help. Maclester is the right college for me because it's community likes to stay hopefully realistic.
My partner attends school there she always tells me how great her school is how amazing her professors are and how much she really likes it. I've stayed a few times in her dorm and well its a dorm, not too big of a party scene but fun after class activities to do. Overall seems like a great school!
really committed to diversity and excellent academics, studying here is a challenging and transformative experience!
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Class time can sow seeds of productive thought.
Many students take initiative in the job world.
I've never felt in danger on campus.
Dorm life is fun with some good friends.
The gymnasium is open to all, athlete or not.
It's essentially a new world to explore.
Overall a really safe campus and neighborhood.
Social capital is abundant at Mac.
I love the profs and courses at Mac so much. Super approachable and eager to help with anything. Very very intelligent people.
It really depends on the dorm. Some are great, some aren't.
There are a lot of athletes on campus, but only the athletes pay any attention to sports. Intramurals are much more popular.
I love Mac! The location is great and there's a ton to do on campus and in the Cities.
Housing is pretty average across the board. A large chunk of the dorms have sinks, which is awesome, and the options improve a lot after the first year. Also, the water pressure is amazing.
School spirit revolving around sports teams isn't huge, but the support in between teams is great and the Leonard Center (and other athletic facilities) are fantastic.
Review Macalester College
I am so far very happy with Macalester. The people are interesting and kind, the professors are almost all geniuses, and the twin cities are awesome. Would definitely recommend with sufficient financial aid, which is pretty easy to get (especially need based).
There wasn't a huge amount of on-campus crime, but laptops and bikes were stolen fairly frequently. Nothing violent though. Security could be a pain in the butt because they take their job very seriously sometimes, but I didn't have a lot of run-ins with them.
Macalester isn't well known even though it's a near-Ivy, so it's not like you can exactly name-drop. A degree is a degree; no one actually cares where you went to undergrad. There were job and internship prospects available, but they certainly weren't ubiquitous and I didn't see many employers recruiting on campus.
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