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Lynn is the college that is just out to get your money. They offer little to no scholarships and they do not take the time to get to know their students at a personal level.
Athletics and great professors. I look forward to the 3 year accelerated programs and being able to graduate early.
Lynn is a great liberal arts university but I think they need to revisit thestablished that they have working in financial aid, I had an advisor tell me that I should consider attending my education elsewhere and to change my major. The staff at this university should be supporting the students in what they are pursuing. Other than that Lynn academically is the right balance of challenging and on hands experience.
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So far the things that I have came upon on the Lynn University site has amaze me, the things that they stand up for and the environment seems promising.
Since I have been enrolled at Lynn University, I have been exposed to so much diversity. This University is filled with so many different types of people and cultures that is truly a learning experience. All of my professor know me personally and are willing to help me when I need it. I currently play baseball here as well and the coaching is amazing, but that does not just apply for the baseball team it also applies to our other sports programs. In the overall view I have enjoyed my time here so far and am excited to spend the next three years here.
Besides the big diversity that the university has, it provides the student body with amazing professors and a different, modern approach to education. The food is freshly made and represents most of the countries that the school has. With their new approach towards education, using iPads, it helps the student to grow their knowledge in the technological field.
Lynn University is hands down the best college that I've had the opportunity of visiting and being accepted to. The campus is incredibly beautiful and especially quaint. I never felt overwhelmed or out of place while I was there. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. The class sizes are not cramped or overfilled so you won't feel like just some number. Lynn is a hidden secret that doesn't get enough recognition.
I love this school ! The Staff is Amazing and the food is amazing !🙌 I love to learne here and I love the atmosphere . I could imagine doing my studies at any other college .0
Lynn University is a diverse place to be; students that come from other parts of the country to coming from different states there's a lot of different backgrounds and different ethnic groups. We get to have open minds and gain knowledge from places never heard of and you get to meet different people which makes everything amazing! The food and staff are great and couldn't love it more!
Lynn is not worth the cost! $60,000+ for an average school with average professors is a waste of money, the classes are super easy and the students are not even motivated to do a simple three to four page DOUBLE SPACED paper, the professors were very lenient with extending deadlines because only a handful of papers were turned in. The food is average and not "gourmet". The dorms are below average for what you expect, my dorm in Freiburger had mold in and around the A/C and each dorm has dehumidifiers because of multiple mold issues. The Financial aid department is horrible once you already signed the dotted line to attend, and a lot of the faculty don't really give you the time of day. The students (or should I say the students parents are) are very wealthy and you will find a lot of students are snobby and hard to connect to. The classes are ridiculously easy and not challenging which is not great when you become bored with the class because its so easy.
Lynn is very personal and I really love it here. I would recommend it to anyone. I do wish we had more school pride. They are making new dorms and they are suppose to be really nice :) Now there will be more things on campus. Our campus is beautiful.
Lynn University is fantastic for personal attention from the professors to the administration. It's a fantastic high tech school. Whenever you need personal attention and help, you get it right away. It feels like family and people are very friendly. Courses offered are amazing. Takes education to another level. The professors male learning more interesting and enjoyable.
Lynn is a great, very forward thinking college. Facilities are very nice, and the staff and professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Received a mini iPad for textbooks, which is great because you don't have to carry around textbooks or really buy any. Some of the Dialogues courses seem like a waste of time, but great business school. It's just very expensive because it is private.
Very friendly environment created by the faculty and staff. There are many on campus resources and the administration is extremely proactive and involved.
They make sure you are eligible to get a job.
They make it a priority.
The overall atmosphere of the school is great.
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Greek life doesn't play a huge role.
There is much support for the teams.
It is an amazing school from what I've seen so far
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