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Lynchburg General Hospital School of Nursing Reviews

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Most of the class work is done in the class but moodle is used to give students material.
Guaranteed job with the hospital
The teachers work with you to help you understand the materials and will go over and beyond to help you.
Review Lynchburg General Hospital School of Nursing
The hospital that is affiliated with the school almost guarantees you a job after you graduate.
Nursing is the only career at the school.
needs to be more organized
everyone is good when it comes to studying and getting together
I am a little upset about the lack of help I am receiving. I do not qualify for aid nor do I qualify for grants or private loans. There is nothing they will do to help me.
My school is basically people from all walks of life. We have mostly women with the exception of a few men. The study body is very diverse, which I believe adds to the learning experience.
I love being at this school. The instructors are fantastic and know exactly how to help. I am looking forward to returning next month if my financial situation is fixed. They are the only school I want to attend, and I have a lot of respect for the organization and for the staff.
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