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Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts Reviews

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i went there for a college visit for my advance drawing class and it was the best I've ever had experienced. I'm currently planning on going there for 2020. This is an excellent art college for anyone pursuing in art. The community is very homely and has a calm vibe to the whole campus. I couldn't think of any other place to go for the arts.
While it is out basically in the middle of nowhere - the whole campus is very close knit and the professors are more like friends than merely instructors. All students are supportive of each other and the programs are tailored to prepare each student for their specific major.
This is a very unique school, which offers me exactly what I want and need in a college arts program. All of the professors are practicing professional artists who come from many different backgrounds. They are eager to spread their individualized knowledge about the world and the making of art. I have learned tremendously about the technical process of making art, and my professors have helped me discover what I want to convey in my personal studio work.
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The whole curriculum is great
The town itself has a 0% crime rating
There are too many rules and the RA's are tyrannical
My School is a very small school with only around one hundred kids in all four years. The whole environment is allows students to create and grow through their work. the professors are all practicing and professional artists. they give you the most amount of help they can.
People get together and drink quite a bit
Nothing has happened except maybe supply stealing
Teachers are very involved with their students
Alumni visits, shows, and advice
Brand new townhouses 5 minutes (by foot) to school
My illustration teacher is Greek. We learn Greek art.
There are no sports or athletics. Which is great!
Teaches so quickly; great teachers; an experience
Registration was fairly painless. The campus is small so it is easy for advisers and other admin to keep current as long as you are making an effort to communicate.
There is a wide variety of restaurants in and around old lyme. Whether the price range in low or high there is something for everyone. However because its a small town, and surrounded by small towns they all close pretty early.
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Parking is close to campus and there is almost always room. Hardly have I ever been stressed about finding a space.
As one of the only gay men at school, I do not have opportunities to date within the school. However, the people who do attend Lyme Academy are typically in shape, have healthy diets, and care how they present themselves.
Why I Love My College – The classes offered are well rounded. The class sizes are small and have a very homey and close feel. The school is a family atmosphere and is comfortable. The teachers are very good and push us to our full potential. The school makes you feel right at home and I enjoy going there.
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