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The campus is very small and intimate. The entire student body and staff members is like a family, always willing to help one another. I would love to see more clubs be made to help involve more students in our school.
The school is small so class sizes are not overwhelming. Also, it allows the professors to personally connect with their students, which can be very beneficial for students in the future for things such as recommendations for gradate school, internships, or even jobs.
So underrated! Within the past 4 years this college has changed drastically--and for the better! I'm so impressed by the resources that are now available, especially for internships, study abroad and career services. Lycoming has a history of getting the best professors. They are experts, published, and are willing to go out of their way to help you succeed if you have the drive; some will even invite you to their house for dinner! Like many have said, it's like a family. I couldn't be happier with my choice!
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The environment felt very welcoming and I quickly connected with the people I met. The students are staff were so kind and had a great energy about them. (The creative writing professor gave a vintage copy of one of my favorite books and I was so honored.) The clubs offered are wonderful and create a safe zone for people from all walks of life. I can't wait to go there in August!
Lycoming College is an amazing college that makes you feel like you are apart of a family. The staff at this school really works with you to ensure that you are specializing in a subject that you truly enjoy. They also have tons of opportunities for students to receive scholarships and grants. It really is an amazing school.
I went to Lycoming College for a visit and it was great. The students are very welcoming, the professors are very helpful and the campus is clean and safe.
My favorite part of my time at Lycoming College is all of the opportunities that are available to me. The size of the school and the teacher: Student ratio makes it easy for me to connect, network, and seek help from my professors and staff. The only aspect I would change is their selection process. I truly believe if they had higher standards and were more selective with applicants, this school will be more popular and respected.
I like the professors and students. Some of the administration are hard to work with though. The cafe needs to get better food prepared. There are tons of ways to get involved though on campus.
Lycoming College is a very good school, went there for PFEW and plan on going there for college, The campus is nice and the dorms, may be cramped, still livable. Can't wait to come to Lycoming this fall.
I'm a freshman, and I commute to school. The college is very close to home, and commuting saves a considerable amount of money. Although a pricey school, I am able to attend due to a sizeable academic scholarship that the college offered me. Although a very safe campus, I would feel safer if the security guards were armed.
Classes are tough, professors sometimes curve your grades down, all-in-all this college really gives you a taste of life. You are expected to be involved to go above and beyond what you thought you were capable and are demanded more of. This allows someone to branch out and learn about topics you never thought you would cross. The Fraternity and Sorority Life community is very involved. Alpha Xi Delta is one of the sororities, is the most involved, has the most genuine women in it.
I love being at Lycoming College it is my home away from home. The community members are so nice here in the mountains. The people talk to you, get to know you, invite you to their homes, introduce themselves, willing to help you, and the community gets together to do holiday traditions. The College offers a lot of opportunities to those who live out of state and country. There are plenty of activities for students to do. If students need help in their classes the professors are willing to take time out of their busy schedules and help them. I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't chose Lycoming College. It offers so much and I'm glad to call it my home.
Lycoming college is a very good school. Its a small school so the classes are generally smaller which allows you to connect with professors easily.
I transferred to Lycoming College after completing two and a half years at another college. Lycoming's campus is beautiful and full of history. Their academics are very rigorous and research based. However, I was disappointed in their transfer student orientation and felt I was not adequately prepared during the beginning of the semester.
I like the 'family' feel that the campus gives off, it's like you're at your home away from home. Besides that the professors and other faculty members care for you as if you're their own and the campus matches the beautiful personalities of the people that attend and work on campus. Honestly, it's a place filled with love, and of course, studious busy bodies that are always first up in caring and helping with communities. Lyco is a home, that prepares you with the fundamentals to build your own.
We have pretty good sports teams in soccer and football, and most people are interested in attending games. The recreation center is up-to-date, and has impressive new machinery and weights.
Since the moment I arrived at Lycoming College I loved the very friendly environment on campus. Everyone is very friendly and outgoing, and you feel comfortable stepping out of your boundaries because everyone is very accepting. Also, the professors are very caring and understanding when it comes to assigning homework assignments. They really try to give us all the available resources so that we can get good grades in tests and assignments.
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It is amazing, I have met so many people and the professors are extremely supportive with all the students. In addition, there are so many support systems for students to take advantage of.
The school provides many job and internship fairs that students can attend to.
Lycoming provides such an exceptional array of support for students. They are very flexible with our needs and are always there for anything that we might need.
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