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Lutheran School of Nursing Reviews

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Great school makes students very prepared for the NCLEX exam. I like to student to faculty ratio you get from going to this much smaller school.
Very fast paced, helps to have all prerequisites finished before starting program.
Overall it helps to have experience in healthcare to go here because it is fairly self-taught
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My school only does nursing so this does not apply
My school only does nursing
They don't have online classes
The tuition is cheap compared to any other nursing schools in the area
The academic flexibility from the teachers is relatively flexible but the administration is not concerned about your personal life or schedule
My school does not have any post-grade services
The school has a very limited budget so some common resources like WIFI are not available at the school but they do good with what they have.
We have a diverse, well educated and hardworking student body of like-minded people with a very specific goal in mind.
This grade means in the range of 100-105 average
This grade means in the range of 90-95
This grade mean in the range of 90-95 average.
LSN has a great Career center that help you to find a job.
The Facilities have so much resources that are available.
Lutheran school of nursing is always willing to help with career placement.
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I am a nursing major, at the point of school I am at now the classes have related to the area of study. I have enjoyed them.
Luther School of Nursing has a very friendly atmosphere and staff, although their scheduling is not flexible at all. Luckily they allow you to take classes at other institutions to allow for more flexibility.
Diploma Program – Lutheran is the only school in the state to offer a nursing diploma program. It's a private for profit school. You can transfer to a RN-BSN program after you've graduated.
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