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Luther Seminary prepares its students for a vocation. I like to have more of it so that i can do more when i finish
Administration in flux is doing well enough with many changes
Loans are pushed, even if you're trying to avoid them.
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Depends; student off-campus or married, two kids off campus..
the twin cities have some of the best dining experiences around!
you can find them and use them. the library computers get a lot of use as well as the printers.
health and safety measures are typical.
you get what you live by. most are faithful people, sharing Christ.
most of the campus is apartments and go by apartment rulings
professors are top notch and demand much while also giving much to their students
Everyone is seeking their discernment and vocational calling.
some dated buildings, but respectful and shows history and dedication
You go to socialize, relax, and maybe theologize a little
faithful students dedicated to service in Christ Jesus.
It's a longer process requiring a BA degree, approval through Candidacy, and acceptance into the seminary program. TIP: See your area's Candidacy committee and they can help tremendously!
They do a decent job trying to find scholarship monies for their students. I feel that they do a great job and have good resources for finding other possibilities as well.
Most things needed are available within a short walk. There is a bus stop just across the street from campus and a nearby light rail stop is under construction.
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For a metro area, the green spaces available are wonderful. The campus gym/weight room is very well furnished and waits for equipment are not too common. The library, book stacks and archives are easy to navigate and contain a wealth of information that most of us will never be able to scratch the surface on.
While it is a Lutheran seminary, many other Christian faith systems are represented. A variety of perspectives and views enhances the potential for learning.
People Are People...All Are Welcome – I enjoy the diversity of people and what each person has to offer in faith and other discussions. Wonderful people to share thoughts with.
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