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I have completed my first year in Master's program and I absolutely love it at Luther Rice! I have had great professors, who care, challenge, and exhort their students into becoming better scholars.
Luther Rice University is a mid to small school where you can get personal attention. The staff know you by name, you are not just another number, or student. I do feel that if you are going to take their online classes, be prepared to be focused because their web base classes/blackboard can be very confusing. I think it needs to be updated. Overall the experience is beneficial.
It is the place where how Christian faith and practice are and might be embodied in various cultures and contexts.
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I have had a great experience with the online learning program offered through Luther Rice University and Seminary. The curriculum is challenging and rewarding while preparing me for further ministry opportunities.
LRU is a small Christian university and seminary. Excellent instructors and peaceful atmosphere.
Lithonia is 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta. You can have a great time ANYTIME!! Also not far from the country and lakes if you prefer seclusion and nature.
WiFi network available and has peak time issues like all campuses.
Food and availability is good. I'm simple to please so I am not aware of specialty requests.
I commute so dorm life is foreign to me. But security is present and friendly. I make it a point to address and get to know the officers.
I am married with kids. So I don't look closely enough from a dating perspective. But the ladies are friendly and good looking.
I faikled to read completely and concisely and missed a deadline. But otherwise all went well and the advisors are excellent.
Off campus dining is all around and has a mall with shopping centers near by.
Very small town, but there is highway access to get to downtown Atlanta scene.
I'm in the most basic program at Luther Rice, just the Religion bachelor with a Christian worldview minor. As far as I know, I applied to the school and the program at the same time, and all that was required was a character reference from a church leader. There might be some step later on requiring me to declare my major, but I'm not sure.
Being that this is a Christian school, even though I'm an out-of-state online student I think it is pretty safe to say that the students are all clean. Obviously there might be some unknown exceptions (everyone stumbles, in one area or another) but I don't know of any myself.
I've gone through the federal financial aid process at three different school, and Luther Rice has by far the friendliest, most helpful financial aid staff I've spoken to. As an out-of-state student, I do everything online or over the phone, and I've only had a little confusion with one aspect of the experience. I misunderstood the difference between funds being "processed" and "released." Make sure you know what all the terms mean, and you're good to go.
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