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I definitely felt like Luther seemed a lot better when I was a prospective student, but I do still think it is a great place to be. The teachers aren't always great, but when you get a good one, they are superb. The food though? Generally not great. One awesome thing about Luther, though, is the people. They are normally very nice and accepting.
Overall, I have had a good experience at Luther College. My academics have helped me achieve graduate school, so I am excited for my future. Hopefully Luther College can become more diverse, and make students more of a priority over money.
Luther College has provided me with an exemplary liberal arts education. However, it is truly a liberal school. Nonetheless, such a school has equipped me to better understand how to live in the world. Class sizes are small, professors are genuinely vested in students' learning and are quite personable, and the campus is situated amongst a beautiful landscape. While the number of cliques at the school rivals that of your average prep high school, many students are friendly and sociable. Decorah, the college's town, is a small but forward minded town with several unique venues such as the Whippy Dip or Mabes Pizza, as well as the infamous "Scoes" bar and the actually famous Toppling Goliath Brewery. Seriously, Google it. The Norwegian heritage heavily colors the area and school, with our mascot being the Norse, the existence of a Norwegian museum, and many churches for such a small town. If you love music, the outdoors, and sustainability, you will feel right at home.
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I love it here! Everyone here is welcoming and positive. You don't really need to open doors, someone will open it for you. Food is okay, nothing special.
I love Luther. It's a wonderful institution, and it challenges me to be a better musician and scholar. The classes may be a bit challenging, but what else would you expect from a small school. There are friendly people and great alumni!
Overall, I really love Luther. The community here is amazing. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. There is plenty to do and I am very actively involved- because they made it so easy. One thing I would change would be the academic challenge- I wish I was being challenged a little more but my courses will become more rigorous with time.
Luther is home. It's beautiful and the professors are great - the perks of a small school. Campus is very liberal though.
Luther has a great campus in a beautiful area. My only complaint is that there is not too much to do in town, but what else would you expect in a small Iowan town? Most students are very nice, and there is a great sense of community here. I have liked the majority of my professors. I do wish there was a higher turnout at athletic events, as we do have good soccer, wrestling, women's basketball, and softball teams. The biggest problem I have is the student life office, who has treated me poorly on numerous occasions. However, overall, Luther is a great place to be.
I know I made the right choice. It's beautiful and everyone is easy to talk to and so welcoming.
Most of the time, sororities and frats are not too bad. They are in charge of a lot of fundraising and charities, which I really think they do a great job with. My only complaint is that they are very unwelcoming of those who are not in their group.
Luther highly regards their athletics programs, but they also do not focus too much on it. Luther does a great job balancing their appreciation for academics, athletics, and music. School spirit is widely spread for all activities, and students attend sports events regularly to support their peers.
Luther College is very down to earth, very connected to the Decorah community, and very involved in improving the environment through reducing their carbon footprint, recycling, and preserving nature. My favorite experience so far at Luther was my junior year, when I took a course on insects. The professor offered many opportunities to connect to the natural world around us through field trips and up-close and personal insects from the area and from around the world. I learned many new things about identifying and classifying insects as well as their importance and impact on the economy and their role in nature. This was very cool to experience as I learned to appreciate insects instead of fear them.
I always feel as though I am able to be engaged in the classes I attend. They are interesting and the teachers find ways to keep you motivated to learn in the classroom.
Getting a degree from Luther is extremely helpful when it comes to trying to get a job after school. Few people I know have any troubles finding work after they finish with their education at Luther.
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Most people can feel like they are really safe whenever they are on campus. The campus security staff is really nice and help all students in need as quickly as possible.
The first year dorms are haunting. Small, cramped, and no AC. Things seem to break down a lot. Beyond that the housing seems to be fine, just have to get past that first year. If you are okay with a little bit of a walk, the campus apartments are a good option.
I think we have like two sororities and maybe a fraternity? I can't even name what they are. They play little to no importance on campus.
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Not many people seem to really care about the sports teams on campus. They still get support from the students because that's how Luther students are. But as a whole the athletics don't seem to be super successful. Unless we start talking about Ultimate Frisbee, there we have some cool guys!
Luther is a place that most students can call home. They feel safe there and like they are part of a great loving community. The professors really care about the students success and the students seem to care about their classmates. On top of this, the city of Decorah is absolutely beautiful. If you are ever bored in this town, you are missing out on a lot.
If you decide to stay and live in the Midwest and Iowa, a degree from Luther is fine. However, if you are only getting a BA, do not go to Luther as many employers do not know where it is.
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