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This school is very flexible with your personal life. They offer a large amount of morning classes as well as evening classes.
Like previously stated since this school is a junior college, if you want to get a bachelor's out higher then you will have to transfer to a bigger university.
Every instructor that I have had has all been amazing. They care about you as a person as well as getting the most out of your education.
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Since it is a junior college the most they offer is an associate's degree. However, I feel like with my associates degree I will be fine when looking for a job or looking to transfer to a bigger university.
My program for my major it amazing. It focuses on everything you will need to learn without being too much to handle.
This school is so amazing. All the teachers want nothing but the very best for you. Considering it is such a small school in a small town it is very diverse, and everyone is super friendly and helpful. There is nothing bad to say about this school.
I'm in my first week of school, so I don't have much experience, but I've been really happy with the help I've received and my course schedule.
The instructor for my algebra class was originally from here and is back this summer visiting his family. He has taught at Yale, so at a small community college, I basically have a Yale professor!
I'm just in my first week of school, but I've found almost everyone here to be very willing to help someone like me who really doesn't know what I need to do and when I need to do it.
We only have the sports of baseball and softball at our school letting them but the center of attention instead of it always being the football or basketball team.
Had a few bumps here and there but nothing too serious.
The workload is easy, I have not had any problems.
They help get you on the road to go to a bigger school.
It has been pretty good, with a few minor issues.
Tuition is very cheap and easily manageable.
Had some problem here and there but nothing too bad.
We have great student diversity.
Review Luna Community College
Normal standard computers and wireless.
It is an okay school with average teachers.
There is always a way no matter the situation you are in
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