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I am currently applying to Loyola University New Orleans and my experience with the school and the general admissions department has been very successful. My admissions counselor has been very helpful in investigating my questions with all aspects of applications and helpful with my possible move to New Orleans.
It is definitely an experience for the books. I had the pleasure of entering college in the spring semester, not the fall. The hoops that I had to jump through was ridiculous. I was told I received a scholarship and then had that same scholarship taken away from me. I wasn't told I was admitted into the program I auditioned for until the day of orientation. Despite all of this, I had met an admissions counselor who helped me every step of the way. Despite all of the miscommunication and craziness that Loyola put me through, I now know what I want to do with my life. So thank you Loyola for putting me in one of the hardest places of my life because now the rest is easy.
I transferred to Loyola University in my Junior year of college to pursue a degree in music industry studies. Choosing to transfer to Loyola was one of the best decisions of my life. Living in the city of New Orleans is already a great way to study music, but being able to study music at Loyola University in New Orleans is a formidable combination for the aspiring musician. The teachers in the music department are of the highest quality. I would highly recommend this institution to anyone looking to study music or anything else the university may offer.
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Loyola University of New Orleans is great because it is in one of the best locations for students to study and live. As well if you are an international student there is a huge Latino community and also other minority groups that are pretty strong. The business school has started to grow every semester and has demonstrated connection with various companies around the country. I would definitely recommend it.
I love how small and cozy everything is here! It is definitely the perfect match for me. Some of the teachers here are absolutely amazing and you learn so much from them.
I love Loyola!!! After finishing my freshman year i can safely say it was one of the best years of my life, they are the embodiment of all that a liberal arts college should be! The faculty are patient and extremely proficient in teaching their fields. All of the jazz and music therapy faculty not only began to give the skills and knowledge needed for my career, but have given my peers and I ample opportunity to explore and experience internships, volunteer, and work opportunities in the city of New Orleans. Campus life is great, everybody on campus is inspired and motivated towards their own goals and are always seeking to collaborate and learn from others. The school itself reflects the city of New Orleans, it is individualistic, diverse, and is a safe place to explore different career paths and multiple forms of artistic expression. Couldn't have asked for a better first year of college!
As an English major, Loyola University New Orleans has given me an amazing opportunity to hone my skills as a writer and also advance myself as a overall student.
I have been an exchange student at Loyola University New Orleans during the Spring Semester 2018, and it's one of the best things that have happened in my life! Loyola is a really friendly and cozy university, the campus is small but that gives you the chance to get to know almost everyone. The party scene is really good, you have the Boot at 5 minutes walking from campus, and believe me, you'll spend more time there than in your dorm. You also have Bruno's and TJ Quills, and don't forget Downtown! You can easily get to Bourbon st. with the streetcar. Also, New Orleans is such a special city. You have Mardi Gras (Jazz Fest, French Quarter Festival...) and almost every weekend there is something new to celebrate!! If you are doubting about going to Loyola, don't doubt anymore, this is the place to be!!!
I love the environment, diversity, and jesuit values that make Loyola New Orleans such a wonderful place. The professors are very unique and most are attempting to mold you into an independent free speaker. The only problem I have is with the organization of Loyola, at times, with the dining hall and financial aid office. However, I can honestly say that I feel transformed by my time at Loyola. I feel I understand the world better, and learning in New Orleans, such a unique place, only adds to the experience and makes it easier to apply the skills and knowledge you learn to real life.
Loyola is a progressive university full of unique accepting individuals. With students from not only around the country but all around the world, Loyola students bring a lively and artsy vibe to campus no matter what their major. It’s a great place to learn both in and out of the classroom while enjoying great professors, great music and america’s Most colorful city.
Loyola has a very diverse and accepting community, so people from around the world and different backgrounds can connect. Some courses that are required are not necessarily worth the amount of tuition there. Professors with tenure tend to lack teaching you the necessary skills to not only pass their class but to understand the content. There are also professors who belittle students based on the fact that they do not learn on the same spectrum as others. But then there are so many amazing professors and advisors who will find the potential within a student and uplift them to the stars of success. They make you not only feel at home but they guide you to where you're meant to be in the world as you go into adulthood.
Loyola is a very close-knit community that often shows care and support for their students. Unfortunately, like many universities, Loyola tends to lack awareness and lack of diversity. Overall I've enjoyed my time here so far.
Large stoner population. Very nice professors. Lovely city. Bad athletics, but very artsy (especially music)
I think the Loyola university of New Orleans campus is awesome. The professors and the staff are friendly, courteous and extremely helpful to new students and current students. I believe attending their beautiful New Orleans campus will be a truly amazing experience and help each individual attending to become an outstanding citizen and person .
-I was a transfer here, which was difficult because the school doesn't do much to help get transfers acclimated.
-The people here have a reputation for being chill and into parties. There are a lot of want to be G eazys and "miami girls." People can be super pretentious like at most art schools.
-Profs are decent and most are laid back. The music business ones can be pretentious af.
-If you don't like to party you will probably get bored. Everyone goes to the bars a few times a week. I've never struggled socially until loyno. I was miserable at this school because i'm not super into partying. It's hard to have a social life when you aren't into it.
-Nola is a crazy and great city. It's the liberal bubble of LA. It can be dangerous but if you're smart then you're fine. Most people don't care about your race/sexuality whatever
Loyola University New Orleans is a very liberal, diverse school that has a lot to offer. As a jesuit university, it preaches morals and ethics without attaching itself harshly to Catholicism. Everyone here is welcomed with open arms and you will meet lots of interesting people. Its a small school, but is located right next to Tulane University, so you get the benefits of attending a big school while attending a small university.
Loyola University New Orleans gives its students the space to discover their true passions and guides them to become highly functioning members of society.
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Loyola is an amazing University! It has good food, a great location, and its a very friendly enviornment.
I love going to school at (loyola) because the kinds of students that the university attracts. I have been able to make some great connections, the staff and faculty at the school are always willing to help and push you to get where you want to be. I am personally a part of the Music Therapy program and I would say it is one of the best programs on campus, and one of the best programs in general for Music Therapy, our professors are very well-versed and are very hopeful in the learning process, whatever level musician you are. In general I just love how much of a tight knit community the school has and how much it makes its students feel at home.
What I like about Loyola University New Orleans is the amount of diversity and inclusion. Students of all backgrounds feel extremely welcomed.
The school holds many after school events that all can enjoy.
This institution truly values the passions of each aspiring student.
The thing that I would like to see change is that there should be an increase in the amount of professors with different ethnic backgrounds. This would increase the amount of diversity that the school strives to achieve.
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