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Community is a gathering that embodies the best of our contributions to both ourselves and to others around us. In Loyola, you see plenty of it. Diversity and a small, tightly knit, yet willingly open environment are all part of the Loyola experience. Your college experience is neither diluted or hindered from any contending masses of people, but is still both competitive and well designed. The dorms and athletics department, while sufficient, could do much better with cleanliness, size, and competition.
If you're someone who is into the arts or simply would love to be surrounded by a carefree environment as a business major, then this is the perfect school for you. The professors —whether or not you take a class of theirs— are very helpful, encouraging, down to earth people. The only downside I would say is the price of the school as well as the scholarship award amount. Another thing would be how the student must pay in full before attending classes. This could be a great setback for many students with incredible potential.
Loyola University is what I would like to call a "medium sized college." It's not so big that faculty only knows you by number but just the right size. They know you personally by name and work ethic. It is centrally located in Uptown New Orleans so everything is close by. New Orleans is the best city to go to college in because there is all ways something fun to do.
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I really like how diverse my university is, you really get to see and converse with all races and cultures. I would like to see better dorms and a more active student life.
Loyola is a great school if you're looking for a place that is supportive and creates an environment that makes you feel like everyone is rooting for them. The professors are surprisingly available and encourages students to visit during office hours and will meet any time of the day (of their availability) if office hours won't work.
Loyola University is an amazing place to be part of. The community, peers, and educators instantly become a very present and helpful part of your life. The sense of community and belonging in this school is absolutely wonderful. Perhaps, Loyola is extremely resourceful and owns many different connections that facilitate your changes of gaining experience within your field in many ways. Additionally, Loyola's educators aren't just full time professors, but are active workers within the fields that they teach. Loyola is a place that you will not regret to be part of. I certainly do not!
I like that it's a small campus so professors know who you are and they care about you. I would like for students to be more invokve in campus because not so many care about what it's going on
I love Loyola. It is welcoming, academically challenging and a beautiful campus. It's located in a great part of New Orleans and it's easy to get off campus for a job, event or party. There are dozens of cheap and really good restaurants around, plus shopping on Magazine Street or relaxing in Audubon Park. The students are happy, intelligent and socially conscious while the layout of the school promotes safety since it's so well lit and visible. It takes about 5 minutes to get from one side of campus to the other, so getting to class from the dorms or parking garages is easy. The classes are interesting and it's easy to register for the classes you want, since advisors will always help you select classes that fit your schedule and interests. There is plenty of green space around campus and at the park across the street so it's easy to get away from city life if need be.
Loyola was where I really saw myself grow as a soloist and an orchestral musician. Even on my time off from classes I received volunteer and career opportunities. Helping with the Viola section while volunteering to play with the Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra under Dr. Jean Montes was a great learning experience for me and the students I worked with. Playing in ensemble 504 was another way for me to excel and visualize how the orchestral world operated. While in school we played some of the best and professional pieces of the classical world. I also was given the opportunity to perform with Mrs. Nadja Solerno Sonnemberg and Mark O’Connor, which was both educational and thrilling. Both musicians were very inspirational and it was a great honor to perform with them. Overall Loyola wasn’t easy but I’m glad to say that the experience I had was very life changing and hope that I can utilize what I’ve learned to further my career in music.
To be fair, Loyola was not my first choice college. It wasn't until my sophomore year that I really fell in love with this place and knew I wanted to stay here and major in journalism. Thanks to Loyola, I discovered what I want to do career-wise and the type of person I want to be. The small student body means you are really close with all of your friends and you often get one-on-one instruction from your professors. Loyola is easily and home and family away from home.
Loyola University in New Orleans is composed of a diverse student body, all of whom are passionate about social justice issues. The community at this college is very small and tight-knit, you will recognize a friendly face almost everywhere on campus. What sealed my decision in attending this university is the intimacy of small lecture courses, and a maneuverable campus. While larger state schools can make one feel lost in a crowd of thousands, Loyola's staff makes an effort to get to know each of their students. Since the lecture classes are smaller than typical university's, it stimulates effective discussion and debate. Moreover, the campus is very easy to navigate, which also makes for a comforting environment. Lastly, I think the college could benefit from providing a wider range of food selections for its students. Since many do not own a car to drive to local eateries, it would be beneficial for the school to provide more food vendors.
My experience here at great. I had a couple of teachers who I wasn't a big fan of, but everything else was great. It is possible to balance work, school and a sport. Also staff here is pretty helpful when you ask them questions.
I chose a school not close to home. At first I was homesick but within a month I started to feel connected. By thanksgiving I had a great group of friends and really enjoyed my classes and professors. When I went home for Christmas I felt like I was actually leaving my home and knew I would want to come back after the break. When I returned for my 2nd semester, I was excited for my new classes and looking forward to spending the next few years here.
Loyola University is a pretty good school. It's a private college & alot of people succeed & thrive in the present environment.
My experience at Loyola has been great! The people are so nice and living in New Orleans is a once in a lifetime chance.
I am a music industry major at loyola and it was a great decision. However, if you're a science kid, it may not be your best bet. But if you are super artsy it's definitely the place for you. It's a great campus environment of creativity and support for those endeavors. I love the honors program because it is a small, tight knit community with cool class choices (cults and religions filled my religion req) and helpful advantages (special study spaces, people bring in free food to share, can check out books for a longer time, good community service opportunities). The music industry program is amazing and different from any other one I have experienced because it gives you a broad, universal view of the music industry and then you can apply it to your own goals by specializing by joining on campus companies and clubs to further your experience in that area, such as the on campus live sound company and recording company.
This university has a lot to offer if you are looking for one that is smaller than a state university. The small population allows students to receive help from their professors very easily through their given office hours.
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I really enjoy Buddig Hall, I have plenty of space and everything is really clean. Definitely nice having my own bathroom, only to share with my 3 suitemates. Everything is close and good quality. I heard Biever isn't as good, but it's easy to make friends there since everything is communal. Carrolton is great also, I've been in there and it is quiet, spacious and clean
Some Greeks are really fun, some aren't and the parties aren't as great as the ones at Tulane, but that doesn't matter because all Loyola kids can enjoy Tulane parties. I don't like a few sororities since they are very cliquey and immature, but most of them don't bother anyone.
It's not huge but they're definitely entertaining to watch. A few of my friends are athletes and they take it really seriously. I wish our gym was better, but it's a huge plus that every student can use it for free.
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