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Loyola is a great school for academic purposes. There are many extra-curricular activities to get involved with. As a Jesuit institution, Loyola places a lot of emphasis on community service. There are no fraternities or sororities, so on-campus nightlife is virtually non-existent.
Loyola University Maryland is a great University providing students with the best possible education. Professors are extremely helpful and encouraging. Student life always has events and gathering that helps keeps the students engaged and happy. Although the campus is not huge, it is not small either. It's the perfect size and the perfect place to spend four years to continue furthering your education.
I loved the size and academic opportunities, as well as the extracurriculars. The size was perfect because it is nearly impossible to walk across campus without seeing someone you know and saying "hi"; however, I meet new people all the time! Loyola has really strong academics, with professors who take the time to get to know each individual student and are constantly available for extra help. The school also hosts activity fairs each semester, and it's really easy and fun to get involved in whatever you want!
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Loyola while having a beautiful campus. The administration unethical always covering to make the school look better than it is. They do no process the rapists and sexual offenders because it will make the school look bad. They accept money as bribes instead holding their students accountable. Student development is a joke. They do not care about the students safety at all.
The only positive thing about Loyola is the professors care and the coaches are amazing.
Loyola University Maryland is a Catholic school located in Baltimore, Maryland. The classes are hard, but the professors care about how their students are doing and are available to meet with students. The campus is beautiful but the surrounding area is not the best. Even the freshmen dorms are nice and spacious. There are large apartments on campus for sophomores through seniors. Loyola's gym, the Fitness and Aquatic Center ( the FAC) is an incredible gym. It has a pool, rock wall, basket ball courts, and many instructor led classes like yoga or zumba. Overall Loyola is a great school with many opportunities for students
Transferring out of this school was the best decision of my entire life. I really despised most people here and felt consistently judged by the entire student body on a daily basis. First of all, do not come here. Second of all, if you ignore this, and then read this a year later and realize your mistake, just transfer out and you'll be happier than this school could ever make possible!!!!
If you're preppy, from New Jersey, and like to destroy your body with drugs and alcohol, this is the school for you! But sarcasm set aside, the academics are pretty good I guess.
While I have no doubt enjoyed my 4 years at Loyola University Maryland, it has been much different than I originally expected when I was a prospective student. The campus is gorgeous, the staff is spectacular, and a majority of the teachers are amazing, but the rigor of the academics is severely underestimated. The school accepts a large number of applicants every year for the incoming freshman class; however, it is obvious that most students do not understand how difficult the classes actually are here at Loyola, especially the science courses.
Loyola's campus has barely any diversity; however, the school itself is surrounded by a lot of diversity. CCSJ (the Center for Community Service & Justice) links students with many different and amazing service opportunities. Loyola is predominantly a bar school, but you can find parties on campus. The only benefit of going to Boulder or Iggy's is to see the staff. The staff is amazing, but the food is terrible.
Loyola University Maryland is an overall good university to attend for your undergraduate degree. The programs are strong and the professors are very helpful when it comes to ensuring their students adequately understand the material. Overall my experience was worth the cost of tuition and has provided me with the necessary tools to succeed after graduation.
Loyola is a great university with a lot of opportunities for students. What I really like about loyola is that professors care for their students. Is a Jesuit university but they still accept and respect all king of religions.
Being based in Baltimore, you get the best of both worlds. Living in the city gives you great opportunities along with lots of things to do. Loyola's placement within the city is ideal and the campus itself is so secluded from the rest of Baltimore that you can feel like you're in your own world. The academics are challenging, yet always rewarding. The professors at Loyola are very intelligent and a valuable part of the education here. As a D1 sports school, there is always games to attend to things to do. Loyola is rated as a school with some of the best housing on possible. Almost everyone lives on campus for the entirety of their time at Loyola, which is different than other schools. Although a bar school, there is a lot to do on campus and there is always fun things to do. Overall, Loyola is a great school with great opportunities and constant rewards.
Flanney is the only nice dorm, everything else is crap. Loyola tours will only show you flan because they know this is true. Most kids are terrible people which is a shame because there are some nice kids here. Overall this school is not what it pretended to be when I visited and im seriously considering transferring out after this year is done. Kids are not nice at all, academics are just okay but not worth price. Overall, I'm really disappointed, i thought I would love it here. Also, to any prospective students, take these reviews seriously. I didn't last year and now I'm in same position : (
No fun unless you want to go to bars every night of the week. I suppose you could also go to Hopkins frat parties, but they suck and they roofie Loyola girls. Pick and choose my friends.
It sucks and distracts people from work. Everything at this school sucks tbh.
Loyola praises their academics. However, these academics are absolute garbage. I have had classes where you could probably not submit one thing all semester, and still get an A. They claim their grading to be hard, but I guess that it is applicable to the fact that the majority of kids here are just not intelligent. All they do is go out and smoke weed and don't do their work. They simply hang around Starbucks drinking their chai lattes with coconut milk because they made up the fact that they were lactose intolerant. Overall, just don't go here because the academics are garbage and you should probably just save money and go to community college TBH.
A sea of whiteness. Overall, this school probably has 3 asian kids, 4 black kids, maybe one hispanic (if you're lucky) kid, and probably 6 Indian kids. Everyone else, is white, catholic, and from New Jersey.
Loyola completely is not a good school if you actually care about school. All kids do is snort cocaine, shotgun beer, smoke weed (and get caught!), and go out. Yes this may be fun, but there really is no balance. Thanks -Eric
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Athletics here completely revolve around the LAX team. This would be okay, however the LAX players are some of the most atrocious human beings you will ever meet in your life. All they do is hang around and make fun of people, sit in the dining hall and eat everything they can find, and then, on top of this, they don't do work, and probably cheat their way to staying on the LAX team. I believe that this school should abolish LAX because of the atrocities at hand, however it makes Loyola so much money, that they would refuse to do so. I hope one day, they'll consider getting rid of the team because they suck (even though they did make it into the final four this summer :( ).
The most important thing I could share about this school is that it is a real investment in education. The small class sizes, Jesuit values, and attentive staff will give you an education that other colleges lack. The environment at Loyola is excellent and if you are looking for a college with values than look no further than Loyola. The majority of students at Loyola seem to be natural leaders yet pressure of competitiveness found at other top ranking schools isn't there. Students are not put against each other or broken by being over worked, instead we are encouraged to enjoy learning, enjoy our social lives and ask our selves meaningfull questions that will allow us to grow as individuals. The only thing I would change is more school spirit, but with that being said you'll find that the Greyhounds are loyal to their athletics and dominate on most fields, courts, tracks and pools. Go Greyhounds!
This school is a great school, but it is also small. If you don't like going out into the city for fun, probably not a great place.
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