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It is a ver good school, the students aren't so genuine though. I've had a very good learning experience being on my own here at Loyola.
It is not worth the price. The campus is pretty but that is mostly it. There are some good professors but good luck getting into the classes if you are not an honor student or given early access due to a disability. For some reason, the campus is windier than the rest of the city. The students are nice and there is diversity, but the students tend self-segregate, so it is not that apparent. Pretty much everyone is a pre-med student, so if you enjoy dealing with pretentious masochists who incessantly whine every day about how difficult it is being a pre-med student then this school is for you! Moreover, you will have better luck getting academic advice from the internet or your partly-deaf grandmother than the advisors at this university. Also when visiting this school, be wary of the raving reviews that the tour guides tell you because, after all, they are getting paid to portray the school in a good light. Overall, you are better off going to an in-state school for half the price.
The staff under Arrupe College of Loyola of Chicago is amazing. It might be a small environment, but we get to know each other more. We meet new people, and classes sizes are small, which happens to be good because we interact more with teacher than a big classroom that has more than 100 students all in one classroom.
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This university is one of the top universities in Illinois. The community is really friendly and accepting. No one feels left out, and the organizations are accepting to all kinds. The professors are really helpful and understanding of the students. I would like to see the tuition fee to be decreased, because it an expensive school and charges quite a bit, and it's harder for lower income students and their families.
Love the faculty of the physics department. The students at Loyola truly care about themselves and their peers. It's not extremely competitive among the students, but students work hard in order to help themselves succeed. The campus is beautiful as it sits on Lake Michigan. It's in Chicago, so students can easily explore the city. However, it's far enough from the city that it's not chaotic. The neighborhood is safe and diverse. Only downside to the school is that there are not many sports teams, such as football.
As a student in the IES program, my experience with Loyola has been dynamic and well-rounded. Though the program is relatively new, the staff and faculty members work hard to communicate with students about their experience and how to keep improving with each semester. There are opportunities to do research, build relationships with professors, do internships, and explore many different avenues of environmental studies from a strong, devoted group of professors and faculty. The department is working on diversification of students to improve representation in IES.
The campus is the most beautiful part about Loyola. Followed by a friendly staff, welcoming students, and a big city to explore surrounding you.
Loyola has a beautiful campus and is full of great people, staff, and students! The best part about Loyola is the huge variety of clubs and activities it has to offer. It seems as if they want everyone to be involved at school which is a great thing.
Its a great school with a great environment! Very liberal and super environmentally friendly! Not much of party scene but thats ok because everyone here is for the education and that seems to be the main focus even on the weekends. Right off the el stop so you've got access to all of the city, which is super fun to explore, especially all the cool hip places! A very green environment for an urban campus and the lake is beautiful year round! It can get cold in the winter but its worth the amazing education you will receive here.
Loyola is a great school and is very close to the lake. The school is quite beautiful and the people are all very friendly. I have truly enjoyed my time here so far.
I have been at Loyola for almost two months and I have never felt more isolated. It is extremely hard to make friends, and the price to attend here is ridiculous. Tuition being on average around $30,000 after scholarships is unbelievable. Loyola may be a good name and may offer many resources, but, in my opinion, it is not worth the money.
Currently I am student at Loyola University Chicago at St. Joseph College Seminary. Loyola is the perfect place for any student looking to learn about themselves and be involved with a big diverse community.
Beautiful campus with wonderful faculty that wants to help you succeed. Many ways to get involved and volunteer
Personally, I enjoy the hospitality that many of the faculty and staff create for new/transfer students. While not much can be said about the individual students themselves, there is a relatively safe and comfortable atmosphere among the students and campuses in general. Many of the professors are very flexible with their schedule and provide much needed assistance any day of the week. Much of the extracurricular activities, professional sports teams, clubs, student-led organizations, and fraternities/sororities are involved extensively in the Jesuit philosophy of selflessness, compassion, and service. The university provides a considerable amount of financial aid to its students and heavily prioritizes the education and well-being of all of its members. Additionally, the university offers hundreds of majors and minors, along with several graduate degree opportunities, offering the finest equipment and resources for their schools of Law, Communication, Business, and Medicine.
I love everything about Loyola from the beautiful campus to the friendly and helpful professors. I made the best decision of my life to attend Loyola.
I really love the diversity of the campus. It is very evident that Loyola accepts people from all type of backgrounds. It is very nice seeing different people with very different backgrounds interacting together and working together to bring unity to the cmapus.
I enjoyed the diversity and acceptance. I would, however, like to see more proactiveness in helping students find jobs or suitable careers after graduation.
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Loyola University Chicago is a great school located on the north side of Chicago. The school is very diverse and offers a range of academic programs on both the Lake Shore and Downtown Campus. The Lake Shore campus offers a stunning view of Lake Michigan as well.
Loyola is a beautiful campus right on the lake of one of the most energetic cities in America! This location allows for so many incredible opportunities for research programs and internships, and the academics at this school definitely prepare students for a future in the real world as they are receiving so much real world experience even as an undergrad.
Diversity is a big deal at LUC, which is one of the reasons why I chose to apply in the first place. Student involvement on campus and in the community is encouraged, and many opportunities are provided. The academics are great, and I have really enjoyed most of the classes I have taken. Some professors are tougher than others, but all make themselves available to help the students. So far, I am very satisfied in my choice of colleges.
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