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Campus tour was very general and not helpful. The campus is close to the lake which is nice but also makes it very cold.
The campus ia aesthetically attractive, diversity, academics and student life are well managed. The food court is very appealing, since they have a variety of options from starbucks to burgers, pizza as healthy options.
LUC is a beautiful campus with faculty and staff that want to see the students succeed. There are many clubs and organizations to be involved with on campus from strengthening your faith to strengthening your communication skills, there's something for everyone.
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I like that Loyola is a Jesuit school, emphasizes in social justice, its location next to lake Michigan, its beautiful campus, and the high education and support that they're able to provide.
My experience at Loyola was amazing. Everything I'm looking for in a college was present at Loyola. From my experience, Loyola has a very diverse student body. The college is in Chicago which provides so many great opportunities for internship/job positions. Loyola would be an absolutely fantastic school to attend.
Just saw it from the outside.I have not attended their yet.I have asked some students that attend their.
Loyola is the best of both worlds- you are so close to the city with easy transportation to take you right to the heart of Chicago, while also being right on Lake Michigan, giving you less of a city feel. The classes and professors are determined to make you successful and the opportunities that Loyola grants you are unlimited. My experiences here are have been nothing short of great. The only thing I would change is the food from the dining halls, along with Loyola's rules that you have to have an all-access meal plan for the first two years.
I'm currently a senior at LUC and I have definitely enjoyed my four years here. There is a lot to do because you're so close to the city. I will say that there are not many parties (mostly just run by fraternities), so turning 21 and going to the bars made me enjoy the city a bit more. The campus is beautiful, despite the area around it being not so great. The classes aren't too hard, but they are challenging enough where you don't feel like it's too easy. I enjoyed my time here, even though my wallet has been emptied!
Looking forward to going to Loyola for my undergraduate degree. I visited and absolutely loved Lake Shore campus. Met some of great teachers and very excited to spend my next 4 years at this school.
There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus and the surrounding communities. The campus is beautiful and situated directly on the lake shore.
I love Loyola because of the variety of amazing people that I encounter here. The school has a great atmosphere in a busy city. It's the perfect mix of an urban environment and a classic college campus.
As a second semester freshman at Loyola University Chicago, I could not be more thoroughly impressed with this school. Something that was extremely important to me in my college search was the university´s study abroad program. I am so happy to say that Loyola has the most amazing program I could have ever asked for: the opportunity to spend my first year in Rome, Italy. This is called the Rome Start Program, where 25 other freshmen and I study at Loyola´s John Felice Rome Center. I would most definitely recommend this study abroad program to anyone because it has definitely fostered independence, increased my global awareness, and opened my eyes to different cultural experiences.
For starters, the campus is absolutely gorgeous and it is all about diversity. It was extremely easy to make friends and feel welcomed. It is also very diverse and accepts every person as they are. There is no judgement or "bullies" here.
I love the rich student diversity on campus. I am constantly in awe of the students that I am surrounded by in my classes everyday as they all come from different backgrounds and contribute to the diversity on campus. Loyola's campus is also gorgeous! Taking a stroll around campus during the fall or summer time immediately puts me in a better mood. One thing that disappoints me about LUC, however, is the financial aid office because they are not accessible or helpful to students.
Loyola is very different from other colleges. If you're looking to go to a small school that feels like a close knit community, then Loyola is the place for you. While I was hesitant on staying at Loyola at first, I'm glad that I chose to stay. The party scene is barely there, but there are plenty of other places you can go for a good time, like Northwestern. All in all, Loyola is a great place for someone who isn't looking for that state school environment and it allows you to make friends and get involved right away.
I am a freshman nursing student at Loyola University Chicago and I could not be happier with my decision to further my education at Loyola. The university has small class sizes and dedicated professors to ensure that you are getting the best education possible. Furthermore, the campus is located right on the shore of Lake Michigan so it has beautiful views. The school's proximity to downtown Chicago always offers students new places to explore and new experiences to enjoy. The campus life staff do a wonderful job putting together programs for first year students, helping them meet new people, find new interests, and grow as a person while working towards a degree.
I went on a campus tour and it was magnificent l. The school is beautiful. There are many major to pick from and the advisors know what they are doing
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I have a bit more time at Loyola left but have not ever been too disappointed with it. School is school and there will always be aspects which are not the best, as at any school, and you just need to pick where you need to place yourself to be the most happy. Loyola really does have a lot to offer, and although it is in no way for everyone, I think most could really find a place here.
READ THIS: I hated this school with a passion my freshman year, now I am a sophomore and I am literally in love. Give this school a chance, I have grown so much this past year its unbelievable. Go Greek, get involved anyway possible, you will not regret going to this school.
I have loved every moment of my time at school. the staff and students at school are all so kind and open to helping in any way possible. I have always felt welcomed by everybody and I think that the service that is given from the school is very well executed.
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