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Its an amazing place with very caring professors and the campus is beautiful. You really learn to build a sense of home here and you really do meet some really great people.
I took some classes online, but the school and overall professors made that transition very comforting for us, they really took a lot of their time preparing and were very understanding and they also tried to accommodate and help us out with whatever we needed as much as possible.
The school has a good environment and the professors and staff are quick to answer any questions you have. It was my first year and everything was online and professors were very accommodating/understanding to students. Also, Loyola has a very beautiful campus.
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The professors were understanding and will post recorded lectures after class for students to review, professors and staff members respond to questions quickly, and I was still able to join clubs and meet other students being fully online.
I’ve recently attended Loyola University and have nothing but good things to say about it. In my experience, everyone was involved in the student’s academic success. I felt supported and with a lot of resources to access. Loved the experience.
I’ve recently attended Loyola University and have nothing but good things to say about it. In my experience, everyone was involved in the student’s academic success. I felt supported and with a lot of resources to access. Loved the experience.
The professors adjusted as best as they could and were very accommodating to students while we were online.
The campus is amazing, there are so many clubs to join, sporting events are so fun (especially basketball), and there are plenty of resources to help you do well academically. I'm a nursing major and the connections you make are amazing! I can't imagine myself anywhere else.
It has been a pleasant experience at Loyola. I have had some professors that care about their classes way more than others making those classes easier to pay attention in and learn more. Another con I have about the university is the tuition cost during the pandemic. Tuition costs are the same even though most students are attending classes online.
It has been a normal experience online. I prefer in person classes because I feel like being at home can make me lose my attention to my laptop. The professors do try to make the best of it but in general it’s not a great experience watching the laptop all day.
More diverse actions are needed. I personally feel the university could do a lot better in making minority students feel more comfortable and included.
More programs to educate students about the university and its programs. The university could have held a few more zooms to have the students feel like they are at school.
I’ve met great friends and have enjoyed my time at Loyola thus far. I’ve had the privilege of being a part of many clubs/organizations and meeting a lot of people.
It’s been hard online especially for stem majors and other majors that requires their classes to be in-person.
Forced online due to Covid. Loyola could not get students on campus. Classes assigned at beginning of semester with no input from students. Math prof would fall off of zoom and not log back on, but held students responsible for info never covered. He didn’t attend his online office hours or answer email. Byzantine Chemistry grading made it impossible to know where I stood in class. Lots of attitude from administration and profs about how awesome Loyola is. Loyola has poor insight into how terrible they are doing. I’m transferring
Math professor logged off before lecture completed . I’m so disappointed in the experience I have had at Loyola. I’m transferring. Better online experience at state schools with much less cost.
I’m currently attending Loyola’s Weekend JD program. First off, I love any law school that offers a part time program as it is such a rarity and allows for a more diverse group of students who, like me, wouldn’t have been able to not work for 3 years to attend. Secondly, the dean of the law school, Dean Kaufman, is a wonderful, hilarious man who teaches Civil Procedure to the Weekend students. Third, the professors are very accomplished and truly care about their students. Lastly, and this may just be luck, but the 33 other Weekend students in my class are the smartest, funniest, most wonderful people I have ever met. I can’t guarantee that the experience will be good for you, but it’s been more than I could’ve hoped for.
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The Weekend JD program was already mostly online so the adjustment has honestly been very smooth. Only complaint is how long you have to stare at a screen
The people here are incredibly arrogant, selfish, and so full of themselves. Unless you're rich or gay like them, you won't make any friends. The core classes are shockingly bad and a waste of time if you took honors in high school. The business school is great but I'm very scared I won't find a job despite having a 3.95 GPA. The CTA smells like weed and after 1.5 semesters of commuting, you will absolutely despise Chicago. I lived near the city for almost 2 decades and after my freshman year at Loyola I realized just how depressing this city really is. Also, don't even consider this school if you're a republican or don't speak if you are. I literally had a professor make us prove why only white people can be racist. There are "safe spaces" all along campus and uptight liberals everywhere you go. Also there are many people who openly like to make fun of appearances. This school is a waste of money but it's not like most people here even pay for their own tuition without daddy's help.
Same as in person, meaning that it still not worth the money. Honestly I'd rather just have all my classes online because it's not like being in person actually improves the quality of education that Loyola provides. There really is nothing that Loyola can do to justify tuition at it current price. I know it will be very difficult to pay off my Loyola student debt but because I'm poor I got a lot of aid money. I know people paying 2-3 times more than me.