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Loyola Marymount University Reviews

1,480 reviews
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Went to visit on a school field trip looked nice had a good library. There was a good amount of diversity in the school student base.
It changed my life. The student life is amazing. You always have things to do on campus, there's always events, rushing, basketball games that will make every day different. Its film school is top in the nation, excellent professors in it. 100% recommend!
Loyola is a beautiful school, has many great views and very nice people all around. This school is also in the best area anyone can love possible. The beach is super close and so is the airport. The students show a lot of respect.
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LMU is amazing (great professors, amazing campus, etc.) but the party scene isn't big and the campus food is terrible.
Loyola Marymount is a wonderful private institution. Their mission statement allows for each and every individual who is enrolled in the school to progress forward in their education and it is evident. It is right by the beach with one of the best views in Los Angeles that I personally find very attracting. The diversity is not the best but the people here are still all so amazing. Highly recommended school.
LMU is a great school, professors each hold the highest degree in their field. Courses are challenging, the campus is beautiful, food is good with many options/locally sourced choices.
The food is awful. Chefs clearly lack understanding on how to prepare food. There should be a stronger availability of classes,because there isn't,this poses difficulties in registration. Professors are available if you need help. Did not like freshmen housing since the two newer buildings have much larger dorms than the rest. Freshmen also do not have air conditioning,and the older buildings do not have elevators,which is uncomfortable. Campus is clean and quiet. Enjoy that the school is not directly in the hub of things, but places are within reach. Students and staff are also friendly.
There are several opportunities for all majors. I'm in the film school and the community is very welcoming and there are resources to succeed. The campus is beautiful and there are tons of activities to do. It's also super close to the beach which is amazing. There are some bad housing on campus and sometimes the campus food isn't that great.
I love LMU! It is absolutely beautiful! Everyone is super nice and most of the professors are very caring!
I love LMU! The professors are fabulous and so attentive. The Dean of my college knows me by name, yet the school is large enough that I meet someone new every single day!
My first time visiting the college was an great experience and I would highly recommend attending. It it one of my top schools that I would like to attend myself
Beautiful campus with a lot of opportunities. LionJobs makes finding a job easy. You can easily double major or have minors because there are so many degree programs offered by LMU. The food is way above average for campus food, and it's close to a number of good restaurants. Close to a bunch of beaches and LA landmarks - you can see Hollywood Sign from campus! Fun atmosphere and great weather - would recommend.
lmu has something for everyone. there's always a party if you're looking for one. there are so many unique educational opportunities, especially for those with learning disabilities. lmu listens to students. for example, students recently petitioned to make lmu a fair trade campus, and now, all lmu products are fair trade. the campus is beautiful and the gym is top notch, along with all of lmu's other facilities. you can really tell that every penny is put to good use here. turn left, there's the beach, turn right, there's the city, stay where you are, and you'll be surrounded by a caring, friendly, diverse, active, and rich community with tons of fun things to do on campus 24/7. you'll never be bored here. lmu cares about student safety above all else and is proactive and transparent about any reports made to public safety. lmu also requires new students to take classes about partying and forming relationships safely which sounds lame but it's all been fun and informative. go lions!
After attending LMU for a year I can honestly say that I love it here. The location of the University is perfect and allows for many opportunities to be offered to students. I am pleasantly surprised how challenging our Science College is. I am thoroughly enjoying all the students that go here because we all care about our education. One thing that I might say is priceless, is the amount of effort and care that professors put into their classes. It is rare to attend a university that have teachers who have office hours or are willing to schedule a time to meet with them. It is a very hands-on and lovely school.
Most of the class sizes are under 25 students. It really lets you be comfortable and share in discussion with the whole class. All of the professors are extremely passionate about what they're teaching and really want you to succeed.
The career office is really great with helping build resumes, and theres an online network to connect students with jobs.
  • 6 months ago
  • Value
It's a small school so typically safety is not a problem. Public Safety is everywhere throughout the day and night, I never feel uncomfortable walking around campus.
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The Del Reys are the best dorms and have the most space. They're really nice and much bigger than most freshman dorms. The dorms are kept really clean, and any problems are fixed by the University upon emailing them.
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
All of the greek houses are off campus. But close enough that you can walk to them. Greeks hold a lot of fun events on campus, usually on Friday nights and are always welcoming.
While sports don't dominate the school there is still plenty of school spirit. All of the athletes are really close, and there are a ton on campus. The facilities are fantastic, especially the weight room.
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