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Beautiful campus. Everyone is so kind. Professors are willing to go out of their way to give extra help to see their students succeed.
Loyola is waaaaaay overrated...specifically by the administration. They think LMU is going to be the next Georgetown. The campus climate is extremely cliquey, and if your not in a service org or frat, you're going to have a hard time finding community, lol.
I liked the dorms and how easy they are to get there. Even how you can choose a roommate. The diversity on the campus is great, lots of international students with a lot of wisdom. The location is amazing, close to the beach, a great view of part of LA.
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Loyola Marymount is an amazing university because of its values. Professors, administrators and faculty personally care about you and want you to succeed. They strive to educate you as a whole person, morally and academically.
Loyola Marymount University has a very diverse campus but yet so catholic. The university believes that it is important to have a good Jesuit education.
It was a great atmosphere to get a worthwhile educational experience. The professors and educational advisors were always very helpful. The university was committed to diverse experiences and to preparing students to enter the workforce or continue their education after graduation.
At Loyola Marymount University I've been able to find myself as a writer. Throughout my journey at LMU I've had the pleasure of taking classes with instructors who were not only great at their craft, but had professional experience within their field. At LMU I've reignited my love for writing and literature, and have even had the pleasure of being featured in LMU's student publication La Miscellany, and have also received an award for "Journalism Story of the Year, 2017." Without my professors and LMU I would not have received these opportunities, nor would I have had the dedication to meet them head on.
What I found interesting about Loyola Marymount University was how classy it was. It made you feel at home, they made you feel wanted. I liked it because it's not too far from where I grew up.If you get homesick and you live in California I would really suggest lmu they respect there campus it's very clean and they have a lot to offer.
I love being at LMU, I am so welcome, there is so much to do on campus, it's a beautiful place, I've grown and learnt so much from the people around me
I liked the view, the campus is really small and I wish the students were a little friendlier. The staff members are really dedicated to the craft, which is helping students of all races get into college and graduate from college.
Loyola Marymount combines an extraordinary campus with a tight community. Students are willing to be helpful with one another and professors are easily reachable. The environment is productive and the library resources are abundant.
I am two and a half years into my education at LMU and I have never once regretted my decision to attend. Because of the Jesuit mindset and the high in-class expectations, my interest in all aspects of human life has sky-rocketed since I stepped my first foot on the Bluff. Whether or not one has experienced a religious upbringing, "all are welcome" and loved at this school.
The university gives you a very strong sense of community with small classes and very engaging teachers.
Amazing University with stellar academics, and endless opportunities and ways to get involved. LMU is special because of its size, community, and values. Faculty want you to succeed, making it easy to form meaningful relationships. The student community is tight knit, loving, and supportive, where people really and genuinely care about you. Most students who graduate from here rave about how enjoyable and meaningful their experience was.

LMU values the "education of the whole person", meaning what we learn and experience outside the classroom is just as important as inside the classroom. LMU is very social justice and service oriented. Students' drive to have a positive impact on others, throughout every single major, is shown by how they strive to use their talents and passions to meet the world's greatest needs.

Highly recommend for anyone seeking a meaningful experience filled with opportunity, and a place to cultivate your passions to have an impact on the world.
I love the small class sizes and availability to get help from professors. Everyone wants to see you succeed. Campus provides a lot of opportunities to get involved in tons of different things.
I was very impressed with the cleanliness of LMU's campus. I was equally as overwhelmed with the passion found in each professor. Many of the professors of BCLA (Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts) hold their own research labs dedicated to a specific focus (i.e. exploration of the dynamics of memory), these professors then open their labs to the student body as a means for students to immerse themselves in a field of research.
I love this school. I've met such amazing people that really care about what they want to do with their life. Such a nurturing community and beautiful place.
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Great school. Everyone here is very friendly. Most of the professors are kind and fair but many are also stern at times. Great place to meet people from all walks of life. There are many opportunities to get involved in student life and campus activities.
It's a great university where professors care and keep a look out for you. The campus is beautiful. Everyone at the school is nice and very comforting.
I absolutely love being a student at LMU and constantly feel empowered as a student and a young adult entering my career.
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