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Before COVID-19, I had only taken one online class and liked it. Going from mostly in-person to all online has been hard, but my professors have made online classes super engaging and interesting. I am still able to learn a lot and I appreciate the format in which my classes are organized. It is easy to know what I am supposed to do and when I am supposed to do it. I used to think that I would never take an online class because it would be too hard to learn, but after being forced to be online for three quarters, I actually really enjoy the flexibility that online classes have to offer and I would definitely take an online class again. LCC has done a really good job making the online experience both enjoyable and manageable.
I play volleyball at LCC and the first year wasn't great because my teammates were mean, but my second year is so much fun! The school part has always been good and I have absolutely loved all of my professors. I have learned so much and am so glad to have had the experiences I have in my classes. Even with having to be all online, my professors still do everything they can to help their students succeed. My advisors are super helpful and they are always available to talk to me about what I need or about any questions that I have. I feel so lucky to be able to go to a community college that is so established and has such a community built around it. I love being a Red Devil!
Don't waste your time or money. Most of the teachers here do not even have any education on instruction.
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I took a 5 quarter long worker retraining course there starting in the fall of 2013. I had to change occupations mid-life due to severe scoliosis and I just had a spinal fusion surgery from T-1 through T-12 prior to enrolling. As a result of my fusion, I walk herky-jerky. If I had a nickel for every time someone called me a homo there, including most of the staff, I would be a wealthy man. I am still absolutely astonished at the lack of professionalism on the staff's behalf to say the least, and am convinced LCC is run by 12 year olds. It turns out that they made me enroll for 5 quarters when everything I needed to learn in order to enter my new field, I could have learned in one or two quarters at the most. No doubt I and the Federal Gov't were milked for the money. LCC is horrid in my opinion. A real waste of tax payer money.
LCC uses Canvas and it is easily navigated and very user friendly. I have also been able to use media within canvas for my ASL class, which has been very convenient.
I recently just started LCC. The placement tests were easily accessible, the advisor was extremely helpful, and online courses have been easy to navigate and user friendly. I also ordered my books online and received them extremely fast.
I have not started any online schooling with LCC but i am willing to bet that they have it in a very efficient way
I personally really enjoy going to lower Columbia college because everyone is so friendly and helpful. When I have a question about something like what am i going to do next in life of whether or not my credits are transferable i always get strait forward answers and explanations. I would definitely refer this school to anyone.
The online experience has bred wonderful. The canvas is easy to navigate and the response from staff are prompt.
Staff is wonderful, well trained, respectful and very helpful. They strive to answer any and all questions and guide their students to success.
All I can say about LCC is that the whole experience they describe to you when courting your money is something of a hoax. After 5 querters there, I felt misled, lied to and truly let down. Outdated school rooms, poor teachers, and the staff professionalism of a circus, highlight why my review is so negative. I shant recommend LCC to anyone.
LCC is a great place to start college off at. You can earn an AA and then transfer to a university. The staff is extremely helpful and everyone is always willing to go above and beyond for you. I have loved every professor I've had in the year and a half I've been going to LCC. This college is a place I feel comfortable and at home at, and I'll miss it dearly when I transfer. I also work as a tutor, and can honestly say that tutoring services are extremely helpful too.
LCC is a great campus with ample resources for all college students. I really enjoy my time on campus.
this is my first collage I've ever attended but all the instructors really care about the success of every student you just have to want it for your self
I took online classes there and I really liked how the lessons were taught and how material for the class were very well organized. I also liked my professors they were very helpful and kind.
LCC has made going back to college while working to support my family possible. Their on-line programs plus the campus programs, make it possible to go to school regardless of what kind of work schedule you have.
I like how there was always people around to help. Teachers would help the best they could and then if they didn't know their would would be other resources available to help. The thing that I didn't like was when taking an online class it took a while for some teachers to get back to you. I know they are busy so it is not that big of a deal but in certain situations time is important and some kids need an answer faster than a day or two.
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Lower Columbia College has a beautiful campus and caring staff. There are AED's throughout the campus and access to telephones as well. Disabled and motorcycle parking is available as well. For those who are non-binary or just like the inclusion, there's even gender neutral bathrooms. Further, they have a no discrimination policy.
I was apart of the online program and I believe that the professors were really good and explained well to the online students.
LCC has a variety of program options, now including some Bachelor Degrees at this community college! The staff is knowledgable and helpful. There are many clubs and activities to join as well as many financial resources.
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