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I really love this college. There are many things that make this school great, but here are a few that stand out to me.

The student body is small compared to similar colleges in the area. This means that classroom sizes are about twenty students on average. I have been in classes with only three other students. As well, the campus is beautiful and not too big. Most importantly, the culture that has developed there is incredibly supportive.

The staff, instructors, administrative people, and even the students act in a student first way. This is what sets this school apart. This, more than anything else, is what makes Lower Columbia College an excellent school.
I have mostly taken online courses, but overall it has been a good experience. From applying, to registering for classes, it is very student friendly!
Lower Columbia College is a tight-knit community with ample resources and lots of activities. However, communication is something LCC is missing. While there are tons of exciting things to do - most students miss out by being uninformed. Currently, our daily devil (the student government newsletter) hasn't been updated since the beginning of June and it's now December. Another thing that LCC could stand to work on is its ability to teach math - I know most of America, doesn't know how to teach math but LCC's version is frankly... laughable. They require math students to take a test every week and if you fail one test, you have to take it until you pass otherwise you fail the entire class - over one test! They have a good tutoring center but nothing can help the poor students who are stuck taking math classes over and over again due to test anxiety. Last year, a student went to the dean about lessening the number of tests or making it more "anxiety" friendly.
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I did running start through this university, and I really liked it. Almost everyone is super friendly, really great professors. And most classes are small enough where it feels like a 1 on 1. You can tell most of the professors want their students to succeed.
Lower columbia college is the best thing that happened to me. Te school is centrally located in a safe place. The academics and professors are on top! School provides high quality education alongside bright futures for its students.
I completed 4 years with my Associates in Medical Assisting and I plan to get my Bachelor's in Medical Office Administration
In my time at Lower Columbia College, I have been in classes with people of all ages who have been able to pass on life experience with me. Some classes have been geared towards the development of social skill such as public speaking while others have focused on developing my skills as a student. In times when I was struggling with classes, I was able to go to the tutoring center and receive the help that made it so I could complete my class work while also learning. The classes are small enough for the professors to get to know you as a person and help you out when needed.
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I believe that the college should be accredited the highest star rating. There is a very present LGBTQ community, which I believe is amazing for them, rainbow flags (although they are not my thing, I prefer the red, white, and blue) fly all over the campus from trucks, cars, backpacks, ponytails, hands, anything that can hold the flag upright the students fly their flags. Having that support in a college atmosphere makes me happy to be a red devil and proud to be a student at Lower Columbia College. GO RED DEVILS!
I loved attending this school years ago. It broke my heart i had to drop out due to health problems and have 2 very small chidren. Now that my children are teens I am so happy that if I can get $1200 to pay for the first quarter my financial aid will be returned and i can finally get a degree and be a role model for my kids.
This college is amazing. The teachers are great and help me with everything. They always want the best for you and encourage you.
The professors will work with you when possible. (Kids, illness, tutoring) It's almost impossible to link up with the free tutors they swear they have. There are a ton of highschoolers who fight and smoke. Crackheads show up for the free money stay for a week and leave. There are no dorms. Police survey the entire area to hand out parking tickets because 1/3 of students don't have access to parking despite buying passes. The bookstore is fab though. However the teachers are fantastic and lively.
My Experience here at Lower Columbia College has been super beneficial. The staff are super helpful and strive to help their students into succeeding. They only struggle with their admission office, they have students running the main desks and they occasionally don't get things always right, You have to ask like 3 people before you get the right answer
Mostly amazing teachers and beautiful campus. Only wish that teachers would focus less on “self teaching”/group work.
I have had an awesome experience at LCC. I am only in my first year, but have gained so much knowledge and experience that I can apply to not only my college life but also my personal life.
I love lower Columbia College they’re very supportive and they go above and beyond to help their students succeed .
If you play it smart, LCC can be a very awesome college. The anthropolgy classes with Trey Batey were my favorite most educational classes.
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LCC has been so wonderful in continuing my education. The professors and class size make it is easy to have personal relationships with others that attend LCC.
I am currently going to Lower Columbia College and honestly I like how the teachers I am currently taking are resourceful and very enthusiastic about our learning. And I like how there are a ton of resources available for us to succeed. The parking is still pretty bad but not as bad as it used to be. But one thing I would change would be the financial aid office or info office to return phone calls. When I was transferring from another college to LCC I called them multiple times and I got voicemail and I didn't get a call back but I decided to just go in person. Other than that I wouldn't change a thing.
I have really enjoyed my time at Lower Columbia College and would recommend it to anyone looking to attend a community college.
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