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So far my experience at Louisiana Tech has been a positive one. The school does it's best to include the include the students in most activities and there are a lot of opportunities to get extra help for classes. The workload for certain higher level classes is kind of bad but that's par for the course in prestigious schools.
I am a graduating engineering senior from Tech, and I’ve had a very negative experience. If you’re not familiar with substandard Southern schools, let me give you a refresher:

Fatty Food
Low emphasis on improvement or self awareness.

If you’re coming from the North like I was, you may not be consciously thinking, “Wow, I’m really glad I’m a white male,” LaTech will be sure to remind you. Taking a trip to Ruston is like taking a trip 30 years into the past. White men often you use the N-Word, and talks of segregation still occur:

Grambling, a HBC (Historically Black College), still exists about 10 minutes away in order to maintain seeming racial and societal segregation between wealthy Ruston and relatively poorer Grambling.
Have fun as much as you can. Great environment and has one of the best athletics in the nation. Plenty of annoying people but if you find the right circle this will be the best experience of your life.
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Ruston is a bit small for me but besides that minor drawback my experience here has been excellent. I am an English major here and I have loved my professors so far. They've all been very helpful. People here are friendly and engaging.
I have attended Dual Enrollment classes through LA Tech since my Sophmore year. I also attended the Summer Enrichment program last summer and will attend the Scholars program this summer. It has given me a chance to enter this college with multiple college credits already.
Academics depend on your major, and if they are core requirements. Overall, the campus is fun once you meet people, and the school offers several organizations to be involved in. Most of the facilities are old and worn, and as of March 2018, there are construction projects taking place to improve the campus.
I'm currently a senior at Louisiana Tech and I have loved every minute! I joined a sorority my first year and through that I have gained friends who encouraged me to get involved on campus in areas that I'm interested in and in organizations that they thought I would like. Because of the wonderful people at LaTech, I've been a member of leadership team at my church, the Student Government Association, Bulldogs for Life, AED PreMed Society, and many honor societies. The friends I've made here see the potential in me and push me to apply for leadership positions on campus. I'm pre-med and as I've gotten older, I've grown close to other students in my major and they are a HUGE support system for me because we share notes, advice, and prepare for things like interviews together. I can't think of much that I would change. I would like for the Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Advisory Committee interviews to be offered in the fall quarter instead of just once a year in the spring quarter.
Living on campus without a car makes living in Ruston a little harder than the average person. Off campus is not very pedestrian friendly. As far as the campus itself, it's very small and easy to navigate. All of the professors I've had so far have been very dedicated to teaching, and all of my classes have been worthwhile. There is not a huge party scene outside of fraternities and sororities. Tech is a good college for people who are focused on their studies and don't mind the lack of party scene.
Louisiana Tech University is a very unique place. It offers everyone a quality education, and also it makes you feel like you mean something.
I love the beautiful campus the most. It brings great joy to walk in it every day. The only thing I would like to change is the parking areas. There is too many cars and not enough parking space.
Well its a very good University and they have many resources that help me achieve excellent academic preformace at that school.
Its a college that i have always loved and i just love the football,baseball. I was born and raised in Louisiana but every one in my family likes Louisiana state university. I'm a LA TECH fan i want to get a chance to play football or baseball for the number one college in Louisiana , the reason i think i should be at la tech is i think i could be a great addition and i like i said love la tech bulldog for life the reason the colors are red and blue is that the bulldog that saved the kids from the dorm was wearing a red and blue collar.
I like the scenery and the atmosphere. I love seeing all the smiling faces. Currently the school is building new dorms and apartments. What I would like to see changed is the amount of variety there is in the cafe food. And the amount of student and fan turn out at the sporting events.
I love attending Louisiana Tech. I would recommend this university to anyone. My favorite part about Louisiana Tech is the at home feel you get as soon as you walk on campus. Everyone is so welcoming and always willing to help.
As a first year student at Louisiana Tech, I would say that it is and awesome school to grow and be apart of. Everyone including professors, staff, students, are all so genuine. So far, I have had no trouble at this school and it has been the best first college experience I never thought would happen.
The engineering program at Tech really gets Freshmen involved quickly with the Living With the Lab Program. It is really helpful when trying to decide which branch of engineering you would want to pursue. The staff is friendly, the campus is beautiful, and it has been a great university to attend for the past four years.
Faculty is committed to helping you succeed. They will do everything in their power to help you through the toughest problems or even the smallest ones. They allow you to explore and grow up with also having someone their for support and care.
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This school is not too large in the fact that there is a great student/professor ratio. This university is right in my home town making it an easy transition from high school to college. This school has been such a great place to be while I do my studies and continue my education.
I've been here at Louisiana Tech for all of three weeks and i am completely astonished by their appreciation of their students and their will to give everyone a chance to succeed.
Once considered my safety school, but would be my #1 pick if I was to do it over. I have found some of the best academics at the best price and some of the most wholesome people in the world.
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