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Louisiana Tech is an amazing school. The teachers truly care about your success. If you ever have questions, without a doubt you can easily go to them. If they can't help you, they will most certainly find someone who will. I recommend it to anyone.
I love how welcoming the university is. Everyone seems to love diversity and is trying to achieve a common goal - graduating successfully. I would change the campus by renovating several of the old buildings. La Tech is in need of several updates infrastructure wise.
In my personal experience, the advisors are not really that qualified to help you decide on classes. I missed having enough hours for TOPS by 1 and had to take running during the summer. Some of the professors also seem to be more interested in seeing how hard they can make the class be than teaching the material so that you can learn.
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Tech is a great school and number one in the state of Louisiana. The school isn't too big or too small and there's lots to do here.
I love Louisiana Tech University. I am a current freshman from Texas and chose to come to LA Tech for the Aviation program. So far I love it. Tech has a small town feel to it but also feels like a big university at the same time. There are plenty of activities offered here at Tech and there is always something to do. The students and staff are very friendly and add to the family-like atmosphere. My other college choice was Baylor University, but I am very glad that I chose to come to LA Tech. It is definitely worth while to at least visit Tech.
One of the top best schools in Louisiana. I would advise everyone to go here. Great school and a variety of majors.
Louisiana Tech University is a very special place. It's in the middle of a small, but lovely community. It is easy to get involved both on campus and within the community, which is what will really make your college experience a memorable one. The orientation leaders get you off to a great start and there are tons of student services available. I highly recommend LA Tech University.
So far, I'm loving Tech. The atmosphere is great, and you really feel like everyone is on your side. I'm a mechanical engineering major, and there are a ton of engineering majors at Tech, so it makes for a great community of people to learn with.
Louisiana Tech is a great school with professors that will absolutely go the extra mile for a student willing to do the same. The thing about Tech is that its flagship programs are all STEM, especially engineering. In light of this, most of the money does not necessarily go to social sciences, humanities, etc. However, Tech is a really great school. I have had no problem getting internships, getting involved on campus, and really trying to be a leader. Tech has all the opportunities that a student could want, but it is on the student to seek those out and make themselves better. Finally, the great thing about Tech is that I am always, always seeing someone on campus that I know, but I continually meet new people. The quality of students is rising and Tech is certainly a school to watch going forward.
I have enjoyed my 1st year at LATECH. Everyone is so nice, my RA has been great! The move from home to a new place was scary but Tech plans a lot to welcome in Freshmen and meet new people. The BCM is Wonderful, a Christian group that plans a lot for the students and there is we need help. I love the quarter system.
Louisiana Tech is a really good school. There are many places on campus to go and receive help on homework or to relieve stress. There are many activities throughout the year that give you a chance to communicate ad socialize with other students in or out of your major.
I have overall enjoyed my experience with La Tech. There are various opportunities for all students with a great feeling of welcoming environment.
I have loved Louisiana Tech since the moment I set foot on campus. I love the atmosphere and the friendliness from everyone on staff. Ruston is a wonderful place to live and I've never encountered an unkind person since I began there three years ago. Every teacher I've had at Louisiana Tech has been great. In my experience, they all go above and beyond to make sure you understand the material and really learn what is taught! LA Tech has a beautiful campus. Though some of the dorms aren't the greatest place you'll stay, living on campus freshman year have me a college experience I'll never forget. The stories and memories Louisiana Tech has given me will be stories I tell for years to come. Ever loyal I will be & HBTD!
Louisiana Tech is a small campus in a small town that allows you to receive that "home-like" feel. The environment is great and the people here too. Mostly everyone is friendly and ready to assist you by any means necessary. If you're worried about making friends, don't be. There's an extensive list of things to do and organizations to join.
Louisiana Tech University is a great intuition to be a part of. The professors here take the time to actually learn your name, that shows they care about their profession. Tech is not to be, but not to small either. There are plenty of school clubs and organization students can get involved in.
I absolutely love Louisiana Tech University and I cannot imagine being anywhere else. They are very personable and allow students to actually be somebody and not just another number within a crowd. They give you so many opportunities to stand out and be involved.
So far I have enjoyed myself at Louisiana Tech, I find that the academic atmosphere is very positive and that all of the professors care about the well-being of the students and their success in the classroom.
Review Louisiana Tech University
I love the university, it is just big enough to feel like a big school, but it has a small enough student body to make you feel like a person instead of a number. The president is very welcoming and is willing to meet with anyone that may want to talk to him
This school is really great. This place is my current home, and I have to say that my years here have been pretty interesting. There is a very diverse population of people from all over the world collected here, along with some really bright minds. The campus is really good looking with mostly matching building designs, and they are constantly developing new projects. The quarter system is really fast paced, but if you stay on top of it you can get through it. Over all this place is a very positive experience.
I LOVE LOUISIANA TECH!! Choosing to attend LaTech was the best decision of my life. When I was a sophomore and Junior in high school I would myself I would absolutely not go there, but once I toured and talked to a few of the professors, my mind was automatically made up. Everyone is so kind and helpful. They say that Ruston would not be Ruston without Louisiana Tech, and when you visit the town, that statement is correct. Tech is a wonderful school with amazing teachers, a beautiful campus, and so much school spirit. I am blessed to call Tech my school and soon my Alma Mater.
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