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The state of Louisiana undoubtedly has a rich, colorful history and a flair all its own. LSU, located in Baton Rouge, is one of the happiest cities in the United States. The beautiful campus and friendly community allow for a great environment and learning experience.
I think that there isn't a very diverse way of teaching. Most of the professors teach in a lecture format, which is a lot of colleges; however, what happens to the people who struggle to learn in that way? They get left behind. There is also not a very strong community base unless you're in Greek life, which is not something that is for everyone. Also, many of the buildings need to be updated ASAP.
Great honors program. The school in a whole is concerned about safety and students. The campus is up to date and a new REC center has been built. Sorority are very concerned about helping others.
Review Louisiana State University
LSU has an overall great system. I've learned a lot from all my teachers and have gotten experience with a lot of different people. The only bad experience I've had is running in the student election and finding out the system doesn't help students at all in trying to campaign or spread the word about the election.
Louisiana State University is an excellent school for its value however it lacks diversity and community because of its large size.
If your looking for an SEC school to spend four years at, look no further. LSU gives you the perfect college experience while getting a great education.
I loved living on campus. There are so many opportunities to meet fellow students who are following the same educational path as you are. I loved every class I took along with the professors. Parking was very difficult, especially for commuters. The large class environment is simply not for everyone. In my own experience, coming from a high school where I only had 30 other students in my graduating class, it was especially difficult to transition to a 300 student classroom. It was also difficult to work with the administration. LSU is a large school and its really easy to be made to feel like you are just a number and unfortunately that's how it was. Freshman Initiation was extremely hectic in scheduling classes. I needed Basic Biology but all of the classes were full so my adviser put me in Microbiology... That was a guaranteed "D" on my transcript. Lastly, LSU is extremely expensive. Way more expensive than it's worth to take the same classes that you can take at a smaller school.
LSU is a wonderful place to attend college. The campus is beautiful with sprawling oak trees and stately buildings. Football season is by far the most entertaining time of year. With constant parties and tailgates, it's difficult to not foster new friendships and make memories. Sitting in the student section on a Saturday night while chanting and singing with thousands of other students is an experience not to be missed. I would recommend out-of-state students to come here and experience the unique culture in Louisiana that celebrates life in a way that no other place in the United States has quite mastered yet.
Attending LSU has completely changed my life. I made the bold decision to move to Baton Rouge by myself, and it was fairly easy to integrate myself into society here. It took no time to make friends, discover new people, and have the time of my life. Although the hardcore partying done on campus can enable many students to lose their focus on their studies, if you want to succeed and want to put in the effort to make that possible, you will succeed.
What I love about LSU is all of the resources that are available to students in order for them to succeed. Whether you are having trouble picking classes, finding extracurricular activities to join, picking a major or minor, keeping your grades up, and more, LSU is bound to have some resource to help you out. There are career and academic centers full of friendly and knowledgeable people who are ready to help you. There are hundreds of clubs centered around various interests, so there is something for everyone. The student body and faculty are so diverse, and the Dean is always looking for ways to create a more inclusive, safe, and educational environment. On top of all of that, LSU is a powerhouse for sports. Even if you aren't athletic or have ever been interested in sports, you will find a home in some athletic event here at LSU. The student life is spectacular, and you will always have something to do and great people to do it with. Geaux Tigers!
LSU has provided a great college experience so far and I can't wait to see what else is to come. The teachers truly care and there is always things to do on campus.
The atmosphere at LSU is nothing like any other college. By far the best school to attend. LSU has some of the best academic programs around. Combined with some of the best athletic programs, makes this school one of the best.
I love this university. I am a an Early Childhood Education major and my program here is special in that I can spend 4 semesters working in a classroom instead of 1 or 2.
I feel like the programs here go above and beyond helping students get experience before entering the workforce.
So far my experience has been quite well. I'm only a freshman so I'm still trying to get the hang of things. One thing I admire about LSU is how strong of a family we are. We all take great pride in calling ourselves LSU students. One thing I would like LSU to improve on is the food service.
I'm in the Business college and you will find some of the most genuine professors you'll ever meet. Extremely helpful and actually care about your future. Geaux Tigers!
I know many students that attend LSU. They all seem to enjoy the surrounding. It has a bit of a reputation as a party school. They LOVE their athletes.
Coming into LSU, I was in awe. The campus life was beautiful. The students all seemed to have a glow about them. But what really solidified my love for LSU was my freshman orientation. LSU Ambassadors, a prestigious organization here, runs the orientation with the most spirit and knowledge and understanding that I have ever experienced from a group of people ever. Which is also why I eventually joined the LSU ambassador program and really grew my knowledge about the academic, social, and professional resources that LSU has to offer.
Review Louisiana State University
Loved my time at LSU. The atmosphere is great and so are the people! Some of my classes could have been a little bit more focused on my area of study. Other than that loved my experience. Sports are life and are such a fun way to spend weekends.
I love LSU. It is big enough to have a large campus feel, but everyone is so helpful that its not overwhelming.
Great experience when visiting LSU. Except for the drunks after a Saturday night game in Death Valley. One of the best college football stadiums in the nation.
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