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I like all the academic help that I can get from my fraternity. They encourage me to be a better student.
I love attending Louisiana State University! I've learned so much as a student there and I can't wait to see where my LSU education will take me. I've met so many great people and friends that'll remember for a life time.
I love my school. Though I've only attended or one school year so far I feel like I got the full experience. Living n campus is such a comfortable convince. All the dorms are nice, modern, secure, and full of activities. all if not most of my class all came with free tutoring and peer study groups on campus. of course the sports life made school extremely fun. Everyone from the teachers, athletics, honor students, and mike the tiger are supportive and great to be around.
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Coming all the way from New Mexico to go to LSU was a great decision besides the humid weather is it amazing. The out of state costs really bring down the rating in the long run because everything else is so great about it. The student life is amazing especially for incoming freshman they have multiple organizations that mainly focus on freshman which is great when coming to a brand new place. On the academics side of the school it really depends on the teacher, when choosing classes my advice is to go on rate my professor and read reviews. The main reason I think this is the way to go is because different teachers have different ways of teaching and the reviews help find teachers that will go along with your learning.
Geaux Tigers! I chose LSU over 3 other major university. I felt like I belonged from the first day. The classes are challenging, but you soon realize that this school is "no joke". The instructors are there to help and will at anytime. The weather is nice almost year round. There are plenty of organizations to get involved in. The sports are fantastic--especially football! You have got to be in Death Valley to feel the electricity of the fans. I love this school. I made the right choice.
LSU is THE flagship university in the state of Louisiana. LSU's unique academic, research and cultural opportunities and faculty, staff, students and alumni make it one of the premier Research Universities in the South.
The school is an overall good school. My only compliant would be that the infrastructure is in need of repair. I would definitely recommend the school to someone.
Louisiana State University has given me three of the best years of my life. My freshman year I chose not to live in the dorms, and by default did not find myself very involved in the overall student life. I was feeling unhappy with my time there, so I decided to get more involved by joining an honors society as well as one of the school's many sororities. Through these two organizations, I began to feel more a part of the university. From that point forward, I made it a purpose to attend as many functions organized by the university as I could. As a result of my new found involvement, I feel very attached to my school and am grateful everyday that I chose it as my alma mater.
Louisiana State University is an excellent university filled with many different opportunities for any type of student. The diversity among students the accepting nature of seemingly all students is very refreshing for a school environment.
I love the culture at LSU. The academics are great with a variety of resources for student to be successful. Not only are the academics great, but the sports bring the entire student body together to cheer on the Tigers!
Since I was in middle school, I've dreamed about going to LSU and being a student there. However, once I graduated high school and went on to enroll at LSU, my dream began to change into a more harsh reality. Though the campus makes certain that the students are engaged in campus activities and clubs, the academics seems to be second-best. Advisors failed to help me in my courses and financial aid did not seem too worried about their struggling students. LSU will remain to be a "party college" to me.
the people are really nice
the social life is on point and lit
the sports are the best things
the food
football is really big there
LSU is a great, massive adventure for anyone willing to show up and bust their own ass working. It has a huge, exciting community with seemingly unlimited ways to get involved and opportunities for jobs and research. That being said, it is huge. Therefore it is easy for a student to slip through the cracks. In my experience, if you're not willing to show up every day and fight for the knowledge and preparedness that you need, you may graduate with nothing. You certainly can coast, and you have to make a conscious effort to not do that. In addition, the party atmosphere can be too much for some people. LSU's offices and officials move at the speed of molasses, so be ready to fight to get anything you need done. Academics vary greatly depending on departments. For example, engineering students have a constant stream of new resources, scholarships, and potential internships. Theatre students, on the other hand, can't even get several leaks in one of the theater's roof's fixed.
I visited another university one summer, and it really showed me how much I missed and love LSU. We have the best restaurants on campus, the best homecoming concerts, etc.
The campus is beautiful. Lots of resources for academic help. I wish it was a little more affordable.
Students are arrogant and discriminative and judgemental. However, I have had really good teachers but not all.
Clean campus, nice people, strong academic programs! I tour the campus and starting school this fall with them. Family has graduated from LSU and have had successful career opportunities
Review Louisiana State University
The state of Louisiana undoubtedly has a rich, colorful history and a flair all its own. LSU, located in Baton Rouge, is one of the happiest cities in the United States. The beautiful campus and friendly community allow for a great environment and learning experience.
I think that there isn't a very diverse way of teaching. Most of the professors teach in a lecture format, which is a lot of colleges; however, what happens to the people who struggle to learn in that way? They get left behind. There is also not a very strong community base unless you're in Greek life, which is not something that is for everyone. Also, many of the buildings need to be updated ASAP.
Great honors program. The school in a whole is concerned about safety and students. The campus is up to date and a new REC center has been built. Sorority are very concerned about helping others.
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