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Louisiana State University Reviews

2,876 reviews
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So far my experience has been quite well. I'm only a freshman so I'm still trying to get the hang of things. One thing I admire about LSU is how strong of a family we are. We all take great pride in calling ourselves LSU students. One thing I would like LSU to improve on is the food service.
I'm in the Business college and you will find some of the most genuine professors you'll ever meet. Extremely helpful and actually care about your future. Geaux Tigers!
I know many students that attend LSU. They all seem to enjoy the surrounding. It has a bit of a reputation as a party school. They LOVE their athletes.
Coming into LSU, I was in awe. The campus life was beautiful. The students all seemed to have a glow about them. But what really solidified my love for LSU was my freshman orientation. LSU Ambassadors, a prestigious organization here, runs the orientation with the most spirit and knowledge and understanding that I have ever experienced from a group of people ever. Which is also why I eventually joined the LSU ambassador program and really grew my knowledge about the academic, social, and professional resources that LSU has to offer.
Loved my time at LSU. The atmosphere is great and so are the people! Some of my classes could have been a little bit more focused on my area of study. Other than that loved my experience. Sports are life and are such a fun way to spend weekends.
I love LSU. It is big enough to have a large campus feel, but everyone is so helpful that its not overwhelming.
Great experience when visiting LSU. Except for the drunks after a Saturday night game in Death Valley. One of the best college football stadiums in the nation.
LSU is a great university that has plenty of academic majors to choose from. Most courses are taught in traditional classrooms, but more and more are becoming available as online classes. There are plenty of night, evening, and online classes to fit into flexible work schedules.
I enjoy LSU; Campus/Campus Life is very exciting as they're is always something going on due to the large number of organizations. Sports are also a big thing here so those events/meets always bring about a good time.
The classes, professors, campus, and facilities are all wonderful! I absolutely love LSU. It's so easy to make new friends, and if you're from BR like I am, you'll run into someone you know/used to go to school with/etc. daily. My only issue with LSU is that commuter parking is a major pain, but I understand with 30,000 students that may be hard to manage. A better parking solution for commuters would give this university 5 stars!!
Louisiana University has supplied me with a great overall college experience from its academics to extracurriculars. Look no further for the best university in Louisiana.
Louisiana State University is a really good school. I don't go there, but I was really considering it. It is a really big place with a lot of people. Their sports are on the top of the list and their academics are as well. Some people are rude there, but you will meet some of the best people there. There is a lot to do in the Baton Rouge area as well, plus you're in the center of the cities surrounding that have all of the good concerts and such. I would definitely recommend going to LSU.
big party school, big acceptance rate, lower quality music program- nothing special.. medical school good i guess
The atmosphere of campus, the architecture, the trees and especially the #LSUsquirrels all make it feel like home. The football games spent in the student section are incomparable to anything I've ever experienced, and most of the teachers do a great job and have a passion for what they do.
I personally believe that LSU is the greatest school in the nation! I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here, from football games to academics, this school is all-around great. The professors are accessible, which helps to make the school feel small even though we have 30,000 students enrolled. The class sizes are small for the size of the university and there are hundreds of activities that one could get involved in.
My education experience was delightful. My dorm experience left much to be desired. The amount of time people focus on things other than school is astounding as well.
Times are tough and Bobby Gindal cut $700 million from the Louisiana higher education budget right before he left office to run a hopeless presidential campaign. LSU offers a great football season and incredible resources from free tutoring to career placement. My only complaint is that many of the more technical classes are taught by people who do not speak English very well.
LSU is a loving and welcoming school. Being a freshman I thought everyone would ignore me and not help me or talk to me but everyone was super nice. The atmosphere of the campus is fun and happy. The weather is a bit hot but totally worth it! I recommend this school to everyone! They have a great arts department!
LSU is a pretty good school. As an AA female there weren't too many people that looked like me in the classes. I think this made me more reluctant to participate and speak up. Overall everything else was fine. The people were nice and the professors were always willing to help. Some of the dorms could use some renovating though.
Very large university, can make it hard to find your place at first. However, once you find your niche, it is an amazing place. Lots of opportunities for undergraduates... especially in research and independent study. Every single professor I have had has been incredible and willing to help me- I travel a lot. Would attend here again.
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