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Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - New Orleans Reviews

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LSUHNO is a very diverse school with many opportunities for all students. The campus is conveniently located for New Orleans residents and provides on campus housing. The faculty of the nursing program is very supportive of their students in and out of school. I strongly recommend this school to anyone that is interested.
I've had such great experiences at LSUHSC-NO. I received my undergraduate BSN nursing degree here with may opportunities to volunteer as well as experience in many local hospitals. My senior year clinical allowed me to gain experience in my field of interest, ICU, and ultimately led me to getting a job at my dream location. I am currently in Grad CRNA school and love everything about LSUHSC-NO.
I love it here so far! Campus is very cool and different, a very diverse group of people, amazing professors, and overall positive learning environment. I would definitely recommend LSUHSC to anyone considering it!
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I am in Nursing School at LSU Health Sciences Center. The school, along with faculty, have earned many awards for the incredible education program they offer. One very amazing experience I have had thus far is being able to learn in a cadaver lab for Anatomy. It is something many nursing schools do not offer to their students and it was truly a great way to learn. I can not wait for the future academic endeavors LSU allows me to take. This school is an excellent place to begin your educational experience in any medical field.
The school is in a pretty bad area but they do have a tip line and officers that patrol but theres a lot of people hanging around and we get a lot of crime alerts
They have one career fair per semester but no career center. You're pretty much on you're own
the courses are good, the professors are hit or miss and the classes are mid sized
There is only intramural sports within the 6 schools and no facilities on campus expect a basketball court
The clinical are great if you get a good instructor, the location is great, lots of culture and I would choose it again
The program I entered is just starting out. They definitely have a few kinks to work out in scheduling, but overall I have had a good experience. The professors care about how you reflect on the profession so they care about you doing well. They keep up with your grades to make sure you aren't having difficulties in a particular area, and if you are they do their best to help you improve.
The security is present but not always visible.
I would choose this school again because I graduated with my bachelors from here.
The financial aid process is much easier now that the IRS copies your W2 to the Fafsa application.
It's connected to many different other colleges that have people in majors such as (medical school, PA school, speech therapy school, etc.)
This specific nursing school is preparing me for the type of nurse I want to become.
New Orleans is an awesome city to live in especially during college.
Our nursing school puts together parties at the beginning and end of each semester to celebrate.
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Our campus supports LSU's sports but only has the intramural sports of its own that is not as poplar as much as other sports are at LSU.
There is so much variety to choose from when living off-campus.
It is a great school, but much more intense than any other nursing programs in the area. However, once graduated you are honored with a degree from LSU which is highly respected.
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