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Louisiana State University - Alexandria Reviews

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I am a transfer college student from Louisiana State University at Eunice. I had orientation at Louisiana State University at Alexandria on July 27th and I absoloutey loved it! I had second thoughts about attending the orientation but it was a great experience. I’m now very confident in my major 100%! I can’t wait to start the semester and those that follow. I plan to have a very successful college experience at Louisiana State University at Alexandria!!
It is a high level university. It offers a wide variety of majors. The teachers are cooperative and hard working. they need to make more major of graduate programs especially online.
LSUA is a small school. However, it is amazing. You can succeed in this environment. Everyone is very friendly. The classes are small and the professors knowp you. You can always go to them for help. Also, they have really fun activities for students.
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LSUA is a nice, quiet university where one can focus on their studies and meeting other people, if they aren't into a "party scene".
I personally like the campus and how we have a golf course on the campus. The basketball games and the campus dorms are really cool also. The Starbucks on campus is amazing too.
The professors are wonderful but a lot of things are not handled correctly. The dorms are TERRIBLE. Classes almost too easy. Campus is beautiful.
LSUA has been awesome to deal with. I recently decided to stay at home and attend LSUA. Everyone I dealt with there was very helpful. I even received a small scholarship.
I am currently a 100% online student and I love it. Everyone really cares and I can always get into contact with someone if I have an issue. It's really easy to use.
There are many reasons of why I love LSUA, one being that the faculty is incredible. All professors and admissions workers can be easily contacted, and they are always helpful and friendly. It is an awesome atmosphere, and of course close to home, but far from ordinary!
This university cares about their students and want you to succeed. Professors are helpful and are excellent at their subjects. It's a small community and it feels like a family, like home.
When I went to the open house LSUA had to offer, the staff and everyone there was very friendly and informative. I like how the campus is small and open. The environment is very comfortable and safe feeling. Overall this is a good option when looking for colleges.
I love that the professors here are always willing to help students. They never refuse to help. One thing that I would like to see a change in is the interaction between the students. Maybe more organizations to help the students get to know each other.
I loved the atmosphere. It's a school that is small enough that professors know you by name but still big enough to offer everything a college needs to offer. It is not walking distance to anything around town but I have a car so that is not really an issue for me.
With all of the new jobs opportunity and networking with the alumni helps you to find a great career path.
The program that I am in is so great like the professors teach you so when you get into the real world you know and are aware of the material. The workload is bearable not that strenuous, but you have professors who gives more work than others. With the internships they provide for you help you get a job in the future when you graduate so basically you are set to go with the help of the professors wanting you to succeed so they give all the help that is possible.
My convenient at school has been great being that I only come two days out of the week and go home. With my school schedule it is convenient for my job where it does not interfere at all.
Having online courses can be great, because it is very convenient for people who work or maybe have kids. It all depends on what you are taking I personally like taking online classes. It is different from a traditional classroom, because you have the teacher teaching and you know what to expect on a test and you are learning hands on. With online courses you really have to read and learn on your on you basically teaching yourself. I think both of the two have it pros and cons some people do better in class and some do better online.
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With the career prospects students want to make sure that they have the right career that they may want to pursue. Making sure you have the right qualifications for the job the as well. The value of this degree from this school means everything to me, because I don't have no other options for me. I am determine and I will not let any obstacles get in my way of pursuing it. I am the only high school graduate and first person to attend college so I cannot mess this up and let this slip out of my hands. I have come to far to give up its my open ticket to become something great in life for me as well as my family.
My experience with my professors are awesome. My professors are loving and caring and when you are in a situation they understand. They give you the help that you need and will go the extra mile for you as well. If it wasn't for their helps and getting me through with all the talks we had I don't think I would have made it this far. They make the learning experience more fun and make you want to push harder. By far we have the best professors at LSU- Alexandria and I am happy I chose this college and have the opportunity to get to know these wonderful professors.m
I think that my overall experience at so was great by far. I know I may have stubble across somethings and as a student who doesn't. I have learned and made the most out of all my experiences attending LSU-Alexandria. I have met some good people as well great professors who help me to continue on my journey to pursue my degree. With the school being non traditional and changing to traditional is very wonderful. Having more sports is becoming not only like a real college,but more like a family oriented place for students to enjoy and feel like home.
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