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For-profit school, cares about nothing but money. Strict on attendance because they lose money from people who don't attend. I learned a bit but I am now making the same $13.50 an hour as I was before graduating, which is pretty bad when you are $40k in debt. I wouldn't recommend this school. The staff is extremely nice, you do learn a good bit cooking wise atleast, the "general ed." classes are middle school level and more of a waste of time than anything. But the jobs and wages they promise are nonexistent, and they know that. They just want your money. If you are interested in culinary arts I recommend checking BRCC.
I would not have chosen a different school to learn at!
I am a savory student who goes to the school from 8 am to 2 pm. 4 days a week. It is a full time school. We always have homework and tests to see where we are at in the program
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This school was the best choice for me and i fully believe that. I am a 2nd semester student right now. I love that this school has a lot of hands on and the instructors truly care about you in and outside of the school
You can only miss 10% of a class. Meaning that if the class is a 3 week class at 5 hours a day 4 days a week thats a 60 hour class. You can only miss 6 hours and not be punished for it.
This school has so many contacts availiable nation wide. Great job placement
You are required to have 360 externship hours by the time of graduation. I worked full time and gained all my hours within 4 months of starting school. This school also has a great job placement program as well as providing us with ample opportunities to go country wide and participart in events
Classes range. My class has 30 students. Sometimes we are split in half. Sometimes we are all together. The chefs are very helpful and have good answers. They do have a high standard set for you as a student. They expect you to use your brain of course
Its a very fast pased learning environment with ample hands on opportunities as well as one on one time with the chefs who are all willing to help the wanted
I learned so many things already and plan on learning more!
I love the students in my class. We became one big family. We all get along and eat dinner together and go hangout outside of school all the time.
We don't have any online classes.
All the chefs teach different but they still teach you what you need to to understand. They give us homework almost every night.
I love my major. It's what I want to do. They show us everything that we need to learn on baked goods.
We just have a computer lab but we only use it for homework and stuff like that. We have everything we need in our kitchens.
The process is Great they help you when you need it.
They set you up with job and career opportunities.
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The financial aid officer was extremely helpful and acknowledgeable.
The student body is awesome! Everyone is friends with each other. There is never any religious or racial dispute. The Chef Instructors know each and every student by last name AND first name, you aren't know by some number they give you.
The school accepts any and all transfer credits for Gen Ed classes
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