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Haven taken courses such as Biochemistry, Biology, Asian American Literature, and etc., I found that the instructors took the time to maintain the same educational integrity as if we were in the physical class on campus, so testing was done through a proctoring site and work was checked for any plagiarism or cheating. In addition to that, the professors also put in quite a bit of effort into the learning environment, so that we were not just staring at a screen the whole time. Many of the professors I had, kept the students engaged in the learning process by incorporating small aspects such as having us participate in class discussions, keeping our cameras on, or working in small breakout rooms on zoom.
Los Medanos College is a two year institute in Contra Costa County that offers many different types of programs suited for a wide variety of students. From what I have experienced as a student, each of the programs within the college is designed in a way that provides students certain requirements so that they may fulfill goals such as transfer or graduating. In addition, I also found that the staff and professors were all very amiable and were willing to help each students to further their own learning goals whether it be through in class help, after class conferences, or simply online zoom sessions. Even within the pandemic, they still strive to be involved in the students learning and offer services such as tutoring or aid. Many often see community colleges in a negative light, however Los Medanos college is one that continues to overturn that perception. It is a great stepping stone for students who want an educational experience before heading to a four year institute.
I took a partially Online/ In person class and really liked how involved my teacher was compared to others... She recorded every in class session and set them up on YouTube for reference, responded to emails quickly ,and was willing to help with technical difficulty uploading work.
My boyfriend Took another online Math class at LMC, his teacher was not involved at all, she used another teachers youtube videos as note sessions, that didn't fully cover and go through the lessons/ what would be on the homework. Everything was automatically graded, and she would take days to respond to emails.
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I had a few teachers that I really loved. My English 101s and Statistics were both memorable & what I'd expect from a college course. I appreciate feeling support from a teacher, and involvement in my progress. I've never enjoyed group work but since these classes were so small, it made it fun. I felt like I understood everything very well. I also had a few teachers who I disliked and had miscommunications with.. I felt like going to class was a big waste of time because it was mostly silent work to yourself... I personally feel that I could do things like that at home. I spent 2.5 years of high school online and I really love learning that way, processing the information and going through the work on my own... Having the access to ask for assistance if needed.
I enjoy LMC very much great way to save money starting off! Sometimes the professors overwork you and other times they don't work you enough but it must be like that at all colleges. Finding the best teachers at this campus though can really inspire you during lectures.
Going online was a big change and turned out bad for my math and science classes at the beginning. The next semester they got better and fixed some things so its not as bad now.
All my professors are willing to put in extra time to work with me and make sure I understand the concept. They are always nice and understanding. I feel comfortable asking questions and getting help.
What I love the most about Los Medanos college is how supportive and invested they are with my studies. The professors are the best! Additionally, whenever I call the school someone is prompt to pick up and attend me very generously. I truly feel taken care of at this school.
Its a basic 2 year transfer college, i would like to see more resources be put into other departments like engineering. They are opening a new campus soon so hopefully things will change for the better.
the classes are standard classes, the instructors teach and assign work, you get out what you put in. there is always going to be the ones who complain that they teachers arent doing there job but the days of hand holding are in the past now.
They show you how to navigate through online school well and it's very easy to reach teachers when you need help more of an understanding.
My online learning experience with Los Medanos is truly beneficial and puts me in a better position to get a better job in the future.
It is straightforward to learn how to do school online. You work at your pace, which is cool if you're responsible enough to get the work done.
For my first semester, It been great. I feel like I learned a lot from the great professors I have. It's also great to be able to save money and go to school and learn.
The professors are very understanding and offer a lot of help and guidance as we are still adjusting to a new way of learning.
I love the amount of help the teachers give when I am struggling with learning new content. Although I have not experienced life on campus due to Covid-19, I have had a great experience online. The teachers are understanding and the counselors are very helpful as well.
I took both in-person and online classes. I loved both. The professors I took for my core classes were all very thorough and helpful. I never had a professor that did not want to help. The online classes were flexible and just the right amount of work. I heard a lot of online classes put too much work, but I never had that experience.
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I came here right after high school not knowing much about what to do. This college always made sure Was on the right track and assisted me with anything I needed help with. Professors and counselors were all so kind. I would recommend to everyone.
My online experience has been pretty good overall. It can be challenging at times because of the amount of assignments and getting a hold of contacting the teacher.
I enjoy the campus life and the professors of the college are very supportive in everything that you do.
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