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As a highschool student, I attended this college and the thing I noticed was the amazing professors I received. There is nothing better than acquiring knowledge from a professor that makes learning a fun environment.
It's really hard to do all the process including English and Math however I am willing to work hard to get my grades up and pass the semesters.
Attending Los Angeles Valley College was one of the best choices I ever made. Not only did I save money by attending this community college, I also attained an amazing educational experience that has greatly prepared me for university. The counselors are there to help you, but I would highly recommend that everyone who attending LAVC to participate in student organizations because that is where I attained some of the best advice. Most students at LAVC are more than happy to provide assistance or advice. I would highly advise students who attend LAVC to join a student organization or club, carefully pick professors, and enjoy!
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Los angeles valley college is a wonderful place. They are always trying to help me with my work, they are always cheking up with me to make sure that I am doing good in school. The clubs there are awesome they also care about how you are doing in academics and life wise.
I assisted Valley College for a few months just to take 12 units, however I am currently in high school. The teachers at Valley are, for the most part, easy to pass, and they are very nice and understanding.
Overall, Los Angeles Valley College is a great community college to get your general education courses done with intent on transferring to a four year university. I have found that during my time at LAVC, every professor I have taken has been supportive and helpful. Not only are the teachers amazing, but the campus itself has come a long way from where it once was. The campus has newly renovated buildings that provide classes with adequate resources. All in all, I would recommend taking classes at LAVC.
Valley has improved in quality over the years I have been there. At first, it did fit the description about how it resembled a "high school" instead of a college. Now, the campus has grown, they have become stricter in terms of admissions and financial process-- which is actually good because that way those who actually need the money can get it.

An awesome part about Valley, is that it is part of the LACC District (LACCD), and so when you can't find a particular class you need, you can venture into the other schools that are part of the district.

Before, I would have to separately print out schedules and transcripts from all the LACCD schools I was attending, but now, everything is listed within one sole class schedule and one sole transcript.
What I like about valley college is my experience with some of the professors I had. Some of them weren't good but I had a select few that I absolutely loved. They were very passionate and smart about what they taught and they really tried to execute it as best as they can to their students. The school itself is alright, it is pretty old and the architecture of it all should be renovated, but overall, the school provides a lot of resources for transfer students and that is really what is most important (on top of having good classes/professors of course). Also, I think they need to offer a bit more of classes, especially computer science classes.
There is many Los Angeles community district colleges, but what I like about los Angeles valley college is that everyone is friendly and well informed. I like that when I need help with anything especially in my education plan, all staff are there to help and they are always doing event or information event to help yourself with your future.
The way you signed up for classes were convenient time wise, and counselors there are very helpful. However, I do wish the financial aid office was more helpful at times.
I really like the campus it's really calm and there's so much green everywhere. I also like that everyone is so helpful when I'm having an issue whether it's with Financial Aid or Admissions and Records. I like how the staff always answers my phone calls and questions politely and they're also very patient.
My overall experience well I'm not really sure but I have been to the campus and its very nice. I'm planning on attending this college once as graduate from high school.
The people at LAVC are all very kind and helpful. Teachers stay in track of their work and will answer any questions you may have. The campus is very clean and the café is nice.
Staff And teachers here are eager to aid those who are willing to learn. The campus is very clean, and the architecture is gorgeous.
Predatory book rental program designed to make its students pay FULL PRICE for inflated textbooks--text books that are HUNDREDS of dollars. it's packaged information that is otherwise freely available online, these prices are unethical. Don't give your money to them.
LAVC is a good two year college for students who are preparing to transfer or just pursuing an associate degree. There are tutors available on campus to help students. One things that I would like to see improved, would be adding more faculty to teach science, especially advanced classes.
The location and ease of access to classes were very favorable and convenient. It’s a great school to complete credits but the campus itself is small and doesn’t stand out from others.
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I'm planning to major in film studies. The courses offered are good but limited. the teachers are relatively good. They're building a new building and facility for the media art department, but as of now we are using the much older buildings and there are only a few equipment for check out. The cafeteria food can definitely improve, so does the hygiene and the security of the campus. Finding parking spots can be a real pain at certain days and hours.
I am enjoying taking courses at Los Angeles Valley College. I like how the school offers various instructors for the same classes. What I appreciate the most is that many of the classes that I needed offered an evening time class. This helped me to work during the day but go to school at night.
professors are hit and miss. either excellent or complete crap. classes are not hard to get. many new buildings have recently been constructed and the campus is pretty nice.
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