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Accommodates mature adults return to education . Offer online course which assist in providing continued support while living a busy life and fitting into ones own schedule. Centralized in the San Fernando area. Could improve on personal contact with counselors.
This school is great and safe. The professors are all so sweet and go out of their way to help their students. Every online class that I have took has been great and the professors that teach online are very sweet and they always contact their students to make sure they succeed. Overall, this community college is great if you are determined to learn.
Los angeles valley college offers a wide variety of courses and sports classes for its students. It is constantly expanding and improving its campus. The administration is friendly as are the professors.
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Great counselors. Great Honors Program. Honor Society helps to achieve great leadership skills. Overall, beautiful campus. Students are really here to learn and excel.
My college Counselor set me on the right track, right off the bat. My appointment was scheduled for 5 minutes and Mr. Reggie Reed spent almost an hour helping me navigate through classes and set up the my first meeting with my basketball coach. He was awesome!
The school overall is great, there’s many great resources for anything you’re looking for and they offer you as much help and guidance as you need
Many rich kids here, which is unusual for a community college. This Social stratification contributes to the lack of student social life on campus. Be aware that it will be difficult to make friends here if you're not wealthy and/or not from the area. Academics are adequate. Not very diverse. Mostly Armenians and Hispanics. Great quality education for what you pay.
Great music professors for a music major. Other professors vary. Campus needs a facelift in some parts soon.
The music department at LAVC is top notch! Most of the professors write their own books and are Doctors. How many community colleges can you find the majority of the staff with a PhD?
Los Angeles Valley offers many courses. Whether it's online, on campus, or day or evening courses, there are many course that can suit everyone's schedule.
I really love how the ability to choose and take classes is very easy. They offer a bunch of online classes too.
Overall my college experience has been very well. The only qualms I have with it is that trying to get a counseling appointment is a hassle and a half. The college campus is beautiful as well as modern.
I was originally enrolled at Los Angeles Pierce College but after a horrible semester came straight to LAVC and have enjoyed every day of it. Professors are outstanding and the student body is diverse and very friendly.
Los Angeles Valley College is a very great school. All the teachers are so accommodating and really help push their students to do their best work. They always make sure to be available outside of class hours to help students one on one and answer emails very quickly. There are a variety of different classes to take in order to determine a major that is right for you. Everyone on campus is very friendly and the counselors are available to make sure you are right on track to getting your degree.
My experience at Los Angeles valley college have been good Forbes most of it. It is an underrrated school, nonorganic of my friends want to come here, it has a bad reputation. But, from my experience it is not bad at all. I’ve found a lot of support here, people that has put their trust in me. I would recommend attending Los Angeles Valley College but if you have the opportunity to go to a 4-year university I’d say “go for it” instead of a community college.
Los Angeles valley college is a good school if you know where to look for help when you need it, but that obviously comes with time. Most of the professors are excellent and challenge you in the subjects your learning but also provide many opportunities to grow past the material. Counselors on the other hand are not usually very helpful, in my experience they seem to rarely listen to needs, push their own ideas on students, and usually answer every question with a no before you’ve finished. I was able to transfer out to a university, but I wish the counselors had made it easier for me and that I didn’t have to do so much searching for info and work on my own.
I really enjoy Valley College because of the people, the small campus, and the athletic department. The campus is easy to get around so you don't have to worry about walking miles to get to class. Their new athletic buildings and fields are filled with locker rooms, a gym, and brand new turf fields. Something I would like to see changed about Valley College is the parking at the school.
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All the professors have been amazing and really care in teaching the students everything they need to know. The professors are able to teach subjects that students can relate to.
As a highschool student, I attended this college and the thing I noticed was the amazing professors I received. There is nothing better than acquiring knowledge from a professor that makes learning a fun environment.
It's really hard to do all the process including English and Math however I am willing to work hard to get my grades up and pass the semesters.
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