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Los Angeles Trade-Technical College Reviews

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I like LATTC, it is a pretty good place to start at least somewhere with little tuition to pay. It offers job opportunities and 4 year college transfer guidance.
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College is a great school. The professors are very professional. The classes I have taken in the major of MicroComputer Technician have been a great experience. There needs to be more classes available though, to finish the degree faster. More equipment is needed in that department as well. As in the cabling and fiber courses. Newer equipment would be great too. The campus is clean and safe. Early-bird parking is a must.
I've been a student at lattc since January 2019 and I have had a awesome experience in the cosmetology program. The school is behind on financial aid payments and delay students from taking the necessary classes due to the lack of funds because the refund checks come late in the course of the class.
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Open Campus Easy To Get Around And Recognize Every Single Part From Beginning To The End. Great Environment And Community Within The Campus, Also Great Mentors And Staff To Help You With Your Path To Success.
Los Angeles Trade Tech is a community college with great professors who care about their students. These professors are very understanding & work well with others. This campus have a few good resources that are available for students who need help with school.
Trade Tech is a great school for students looking to transfer. What I like most about this school is that they try to educate the Latino community on how important education really is. The majority of the student population is latino/black and I felt like the teachers understood and helped those that were struggling given that we come from all different types of backgrounds. The change I would like to see is in their counselors. I would like for them to have more flexability for those that work Monday- Friday or atleast respond via e-mail.
La trade tech community college is a well ronound college with great acceptance has a great was of teaching and will guarante success
The staff there can be a bit impatient and ask you to speak up in an aggressive tone. The professor was flexible in when things could be turned in. He also had no problem if you were late and had one on one time with students.
Its an up and down roller coaster, but I love the environment the professors and the total experience.
The professors on this campus are pretty great because they actually want to help you succeed in your classes. Rather than read off a powerpoint as most professors do, they like to use hands-on activities in order for you to understand the concepts of your subject.
It's pretty good i really enjoy my child development class as well as my teachers DISABLED STUDENT PROGRAMS AND SERVICES is very awesome
Very good environment on campus. Students are friendly. There is a cafeteria on campus with various food selections. The staff and professors are motivated to teach and very nice
Take advantage of the programs and all opportunities, You will succeed as long as you try. Do your best to move forward, the school Provides all the resources! All it requires is grit and hard work. Stick to class. Stick to the work. Always check school email for any updates. Always make an appointment when you visit the financial or business office, it does get packed! Another thing... always plan ahead... Don't let the procrastinating bug get you.
What I like about the school is that every week I receive an email letting me know on what will be going throughout the entire week. I like the fact that it keeps me updated on any events that will be occurring on campus.
The college has great science professors, yet the programs seem easy to accommodate everyone. Campus could be cleaner. Some professors clearly do not care about the students. Overall great experience for a first time college student.
It's a great college i like it alot i would like to see more different schedules which means more teachers for like auto body collision repair.
Great school. Excellent teachers. Beautiful campus. Love that they have online classes. Love that it's so close to the train
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Very good community college with plenty of great program too choose from. Instructors or very informative and school grounds are very secure with Sheriff on site .
Los Angeles Trade Tech College is a awesome place to explore your education. With multiple vocational trade programs. Such as Construction, HVAC , Electrician etc... Also a GED ready program for undergraduate students like myself. The environment is excellent exciting and enjoyable. And the customer service is very wonderful from counselors, teachers, free staff, students. I must say it's a beautiful and wonderful place. But I must say if it's anything I can change it would be more catering trucks lol. I mean the line is ridiculous
Overall OK, Awesome School Facility, Clean Atmosphere, Easy Access Downtown Los Angeles, Really Awesome Community College !! Classes are OK, Attending 100% Mid Term Examinations Started Already This Week and We Purchase our own Bluebooks and Scantron Cards and Pencils, But School Supply Store Got Us Covered, so Really It's Really Cool Here, LATTC.
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