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The process to enrolling was simple. The staff there are friendly and knowledgeable. There's no pressure to joining a ridiculous amount of classes and the school is clean and is a safe environment.
As a non-traditional student, I find Southwest College to be very convenient. I am able to obtain classes at a time that I am able to go after work. I am also able to choose classes that I need in order to transfer out. The only downside is the lack of resources that the campus has; bathrooms are constantly out of toilet paper and soap is always out by the time the Evening classes starts. Projectors or computers in class are often not working therefore making class presentation more difficult than it should. Bookstore is not opened extended hours.
it's hard to find school that are very supportive action wise. when they say they are interested in you being the best, they really back it up with actions such as programs they offer that help student with financial problems, free tutoring, free books and a lot more. I am proud to be a student of Los Angeles southwest college.
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Great school. The teachers care about your success. I would recommend to anyone. Great diversity. The school is in a great location. Many people might be scared by the location but I feel very safe. I am from Seattle and I was at first scared of the transition but the school really helped me get settled in.
It is a good campus. The staff is extremely friendly, and is genuinely interested in seeing you succeed.
Los Angeles Southwest College is a good junior college especially if you want to go to school. The classes are not as filled up compared to other colleges. They offer many classes as well. However, they do need better staffing, mainly pertaining to the nursing department, but overall there are many staff members. The campus if continuously under construction and hopefully the new building currently being built will be a science building. Other than having no cafeteria, it is a decent school.
LA Southwest is a rather small CC in terms of campus size, but the smaller size affords more parking for everyone else. And the student organizations seem to be much more under the radar than at other CCs.
I am a current student here and am now applying to the nursing program that they have here.I love the professors here they are encouraging and want you to succeed ! Most teachers are just there for a check but with most of the professors here, they teach with passion. I am very grateful to come into contact with the souls i have met here on this campus and i have met some long life friends on the way. The opportunities at this school are endless and the resources are far from limited. Counselors are ready to mentor and help with whatever questions. The tutoring office has some of the most welcoming students and are thorough in tutoring. This campus is highly recommended for a jc and when i move on to a university i am really going to miss this campus.
The campus is very modern looking and is looked after very well. There is rarely trash on the grounds around campus. The professors are great and are more than willing to help out whenever asked too. My only problem with this school is the fact that there is no cafeteria. Our only means of getting food is the 2 food trucks they provide.
This college not only helps you with getting through your courses but also helps you choose the correct ones to transfer as soon as you can. It is a great college.
I really enjoy going to the school. I felt like the counselors and Professor really wanted me to succeed and do my best. Also the facilities are very well kept and safe.
SouthWest Community College overall is a great school however, can use a few improvements. Beginning with the good parts, SouthWest has a few professors who really care and take passion in their job which is great for the student. I also find the campus to be very appealing and clean, on the outside. I also like how there is a sheriff station on campus which makes me feel safe at all times. As far as the poor factors that come with SouthWest, the first would be the bug problem, specifically ants. During the summer, there is so many ants outside and surprisingly, they are all in classrooms as well which can be a slight distraction. Also, I do feel that some of the students here are not really as dedicated as they should be and they do not really take school serious as a whole. Overall, SouthWest Community College is a good school to attend however, just like every other school, it can use some improvements.
This is a good school as far as diversity, the ease to find classes, and more. Something they should change about the school is to maybe look into adding a cafeteria. I know they have food trucks, but some people may prefer not to eat that food. Another change that should be made is with the sand in the Child Development Center because their is a community of cats that come and use it as a litter box which then causes the children to get sick. Overall, their needs to be a few changes, but this is a great school.
Los Angeles Southwest College was a great start for me, they given more than enough time and space for you to get the classes you need to succeed. The resources that are offered will benefit you greatly.
Overall my experience has been pleasant. The campus has been renovated and there are plans for more improvements in the works. There is no cafeteria,unfortunately the only place to get a hot meal is the food truck. Class offerings are limited but students are able to register in classes within the other seven colleges in LACCD. Student life is beginning to take off with many events scheduled for the upcoming fall semester and student clubs are on the rise.
Wifi is usually always available except in the far classrooms in the AV trailers

Excellent always willing to help students

Not many services offered to students, it could be more of a push to have more groups and services offered to students.

Many of the students are commute students who are there to take classes and leave. Unfortunately there are also alot of students that are combative with teachers and there to just waste time.
I had a great experience at LASW. I thought it wasn't going to be a nice school, but the school was very updated and they had the same professors that taught at UCLA teaching at LASW. I wish I would have attended this school in the beginning.
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It was a trying time at Southwest. Academic wise, the school is ok. I attended LASC prior to all of the improvements that make it look fancy. The bathrooms were always dirty and foul smelling. The bathroom floors were always sticky. There were several occasions where the school's safety was compromised. The food trucks on campus are hygienically dirty, overpriced, and will give you some sort of food poisoning.
The professors are extremely passionate. They care about the students success, family and their community. Most give us students extra attention and time with them if needed. All of the counselors and staff too give their all.
The classes are up to date the learning process is head on and I'm able to keep up with the young kids.
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