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Greatest School i learned so much for the program i want to further my education in audio engineering
If you attend school everyday and do the homework you should have no problem passing. If you want to be successful then read all the PDF files given by the instructors and make sure you spend extra time at your craft outside of school. The Professors are very intelligent and are willing to help students in every way possible.
My major is Business Entertainment and my minor is Audio Engineering. Before i came to this school I didnt know anything. Now that I am just about done I am more than confident in Engineering as well as the business side of it.
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My overall experience at school has be great. I met a few great Audio Engineers that i will be doing business with on the regular. The teachers, gave me a lot of information to where it was overwhelming at times but now i understand it and I have personally seen my growth.
The schools tuition and financial aid process is simple and easy. I was received Pell Grants from the government as well as financial aid.
The resources are endless. Every staff member i talked to helped me above and beyond what i expected.
The flexibility is very great. The teachers and staff members are open minded and want what is best for the students. Any problems you have if you take it up with the teachers ahead of time they will help you work out a plan to succeed
Everything is setup to benefit the students. The school holds different events each month and sometimes each week to get students involved in interacting and networking.
My school is very diverse and everyone interacts with each other.
Very great school. Ive learned more than i imagined
The classes have a different schedule each month which made it kind of difficult, but with my transfer credits and financial aid I was able to be fully committed to any schedule.
They made the financial aid process very easy. The tuition itself is high, but the education is you receive there is worth every penny.
My school consists of recent high school graduates who are lower/middle class. They are very friendly and very intelligent. They all have a major interest in music, movies, and the entertainment industry. All of them are seeking to get into the industry and a stable career.
It is super diverse here. All ethnicities, and everyone fits in. There are no clicks, everyone is friends with everyone. We network together and form study groups...etc.
Our computer labs are great. Always available, and the computers are always re-updated so that the computer always runs at a fast pace. We really don't even need those labs though because we are given a laptop for a discounted price and don't have to pay for it until after we graduate.
Here at LARS, everyone is pretty much family. We all have to work together. The facilities are amazing. At our school we are taught to work with every type of recording console and up to date and old programs for recording.
The resources here are great. The library just got another remodel. The computers we use and were given are top of the line.
Review Los Angeles Recording School
Academic Experience – When attending the Los Angeles Recording School, every student acquires a monumental amount of knowledge, if they apply themselves. Becoming an audio engineering is not easy. If you want it to be your profession, you have to work for it. LARS has made it possible for me to gain all the skills that I need to become proficient in the music industry. The labs are always enjoyable and hands on. I personally have a better learning experience when objects are tangible. If I can touch and feel exactly what we are talking about, it makes it so much easier; LARS excels in this aspect. As I mentioned before, becoming an audio engineer is not an easy task. To make sure we know the history behind what we are learning about, students are required to have lecture classes. I have never experience classes like these. They are extremely informative and they compress so much information in just one month but they make it understandable. The facilities at LARS are very nice and definitely aesthetically pleasing. I've been wowed a number of times by seeing different types of mixing consoles. All of the gear in each room is top of the line professional grade audio equipment, and the students can use every last bit of it. Prior to graduating from the Los Angeles Recording School, they keep you updated with current internship and job openings. Since LARS is one of the more prestigious recording schools in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area, a lot of people, such as studio managers, want LARS graduates to work for them. I am really glad that I decided to join this recording school.
My experience at the Los Angeles Recording School has been a phenomenal one. Just about every instructor you have is an accomplished engineer and has worked with many of the industries most talented artists. The lab classes allow you to be hands on with a lot of professional studio equipment which a lot of students do not have the chance to do. Just like the labs, the lectures are extremely informative. They go into greater depth on the subject matter which you are currently studying. The tuition at LARS can be somewhat pricy but every cent is worth it. You acquire so much knowledge when you attend this school. Plus, they are very attentive to your needs when it comes to financial aid. Every student will get some kind of grant. Deciding to come to LARS was the best decision I have ever made.
I spend nearly 3/5th of my day at school, and I love. The atmosphere, the people, and the way the school treats their students is amazing. My favorite experience has to be the first time I walked through the glass doors, it feels like I never came back out.
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