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I personally prefer and love to take online classes. I suffer from anxiety and have a visual impairment, so online learning is suitable for my situation. I have taken multiple courses online and have found them to be rather easy and accommodating. I am able to work at my own pace and not have to worry about classroom distractions. I hold myself accountable for learning the material on my own and to ask questions when something is not clear to me. I have had a handful of professors so far and can honestly say they have been fantastic! Each instructor has been kind, understanding, knowledgeable, and extremely outgoing. Each class has been interesting and structured well. I I am well aware that online settings do not work for everyone, but they have definitely given me the correct environment for me to be successful.
As a student enrolled in the Disabled Students Services Program, I can say wholeheartedly that Mission is the best. The counselors and staff are on top of their game 100% of the time and do everything within their power and outside if they need to,to ensure the student’s success. Everyone is there to do their job, but also show care for and interest in every student. My counselor, in particular, is exceptional. He provides tremendous amount of guidance do you need me in the right direction as I strive to complete my educational goals. He always has my best interest in mind and believes in me.
The courses and academic programs offered at Mission are many and each cater knowledge and learning. The instructors are well prepared, knowledgeable, understanding m, helpful, reliable, and the list goes on. Each instructor provide a unique way of learning and utilize various tools to, not only ensure learning and understanding, but to also make it fun. I’m honored to attend this school.
I had a wonderful time at Los Angeles Mission College. All my professors felt dedicated to my educational goals, and felt open and easy to converse with and learn from.
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The professor in Los Angeles Mission College are amazing and are 100% commited to helping their students succeed.
Small community college. Professors are very friendly and accessible. Resources are easy to find and everyone is friendly. Parking isn't terrible and it is a small campus. A lot of tutoring available.
Good area. Softball and baseball team are amazing. The food is good. Small campus. The surrounding area is good local park where you can relax and walk around
Functional campus and great teachers. This college is perfect for the first two years. The staff is caring and the classes are informative.
Decent college. Very quiet and small. It is calming environment.
However, they lack in diversity. There is lots of mexican american and lack of consideration for other ethnicity or cultures.
People are generally nice but there is small town rumor type of air about the school. Some can be very noisy of other's business and spreading rumors and stuffs.
Mission College wasn't a bad college there are many professors that are there that are very passionate. The only issues that I had was with the counseling center they were not as helpful as I would have wanted them.
The environment the college is surrounded with is amazing. You really get to reflect on yourself personally and wisely on whatever you do here. There are so many great people here and so much diversity. Love it!
My favorite aspect of Los Angeles Mission College was finding the TRiO Student Support Services Program. Without this program, I wouldn't have been able to graduate. They help and guide their students within the program to reach their goals and to transfer. I had so much help and felt completely prepared specifically because of this program.
Something I would really like there to be is anonymous student reviews for the professors at the end of every semester. I feel like that would make for a better experience in the academic like. I believe the feedback would be extremely useful. Overall it is a great school. What I appreciate most about this college is that the website is easy to navigate.
I absolutely love and appreciate this community college I love the faculty, the professors and the campus I have over six honor awards thanks to the great professors who push you to work and study hard and for the school proving us with easy free tutoring so that we can pass our classes. Every award and every opportunity I have gained is all thanks to this wonderful college, i don;t think I would have done so good or been provided with great support from faculty and staff if I attended a different school.
It is a small school which makes easy to get across from room to room. The classes are also small which is good because it wont be as hard to hear.
I have been attending Los Angeles Mission College for about two years overall. It is a great school. The art building has finally finished building. It is nice. There is also good places for parking nearby and on the street. The neighborhood is overall safe. What I would like to see change is more diversity, and probably more restrooms at the college.
At Mission College there is a great place where you can begin your cources at a lower cost for a major rather than paying for a degree at university paying thousand of dollar for that major.
My overall experience at Mission has been amazing the professors are extremely passionate for what they do and encourage their students to stay in school and never give up on themselves.
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I've enjoyed going to Mission College far more than I had thought I would! Yes, the campus is a little smaller than most colleges but it's very well maintained with good facilities and amazing faculty who are always willing to help!
I like LAMC a lot, I love taking as many classes as I want whether online or not. Both campus are really well made and really clean! There are many opportunities for transferring out as well as getting an associates degree in as little as two years!
The professors are caring and go out of their way to help you in any way possible. The campus is clean,staff is friendly and helpful, and students are friendly as well. This campus has alot of resources as well as clubs that students may join, and tutors for every dept that you may need to seek help in. I do believe that Math is w subject that a lot of students struggle in and do not agree with that if they can't pass math they will not get a degree, I would like to see an alternative for math that students may take to graduate.. This school is a safe, and friendly environment.
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