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There seems to be no in between for the professors. They are either really helpful or sometime useless. You should ask a lot of questions to get a better understanding of the materials.
A school that can give you a second chance and that also provides you with a lot of opportunity. You must be willing to work for it though.
I had great experience although I would’ve loved to have finished earlier than 3 years but I learned how to manage my time, work and made great friends. I would say the only thing that kept me from graduating sooner is it was hard to get the classes I needed for my major so I wish there was a way I could have got those classes I needed sooner
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I enjoyed my online classes. Lots of reading but it’s excepted. They we usually very well organized and I was provided with enough information to complete my assignments on time
Transitioning to online classes wasn’t as big of a deal everyone made it seem. Zooms aren’t that bad and I don’t mind having the extra time to work on assignments or other. Professors are being understanding and lenient with students as we progress through together.
I would like to see campus life change. It just seems pretty desolate compared to other campuses I have visited. Overall the school is easy to maneuver and staff are helpful.
My personal experience from los angeles harbor college is that the counselors provides help when needed and figuring out your najor. The SPS Program helps students with learning disability and students who needs help with their classes. We can also look up rate my professor.
This semester spring 2020, i am taking my classes online due to Covid-19. Its a good experience so i dont have to wake up every morning to get to school.
It's a pretty small campus with a lot of helpful staff. A lot of friendly professors who care about their students.
The professors are very understanding of what can happen with online classes and if you talk with them they will help you out.
My experience at Harbor College has been great so far. My counselor Mrs. Mica Murillo is great and keeps me on top of my classes so that I am on the right path to become a Nurse. All of the professors are amazing and really get you involved in the lessons.
My online experience at Harbor College is even better than Face-to-Face. These professors are always keeping students accountable for their work. They are tough yet reasonable. Some students find it hard, but I love online learning because it allows me to make my own scheduled as a full time employee and mother.
Los Angeles Harbor College has allowed me to explore different fields I may be interested in. I have also found d that there are so many scholarship opportunities there. There is no shortage of different kinds of help that theres. I would like to have more diversity when it comes to stem courses. There are many classes that overlap and not too many time options.
when i first entered in this college i was not sure what academic path to take but the professors, peers and councilors really helped me decide on a path to take, especially my architecture professors. they really have made a big difference in my life and i have learned so much from them and the people i have met regarding architectural design and social behaviors. i am happy i was able to attend this school and learn so much from this wonderful people.
This college is good for experimenting on what direction you want to go. Also help you transfer to other better colleges out there. I have good experiences with the professors there but there needs to be improvements on science professors.
I love Los Angeles Harbor College! They offer a dual enrollment program with my High School and I will be graduating a semester early. I have had great contact with Counselor that were willing to take time from there day to meet with me and help me plan the next steps in my future. I've seen help left and right, they are only becoming a stronger camps!
What I like about Los Angeles Harbor College is that it offers so many resources, programs, and clubs. I am apart of many activities son campus. For example, I am involved in EOP&S, the Honors Transfer Program, the Hours Transfer Club, Harbor Advantage, and I am also a Student Ambassador.
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I loved the clean campus and glad I was able to take college courses during high school. The professors were helpful and I enjoyed the beautiful library.
I had an overall good experience at LAHC. I have had many wonderful teachers here as well as great academic/transfer councilors. I was able to excel here academically and got accepted into my top three four-year schools.
I liked all the opportunities that they provide. All of the programs that they offer really do help people.
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