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Attending Los Angeles Harbor College is good for a temporary decision. Most of the professors are very good and teach well.
It's a nice school, diverse, pretty average but it tries to help you succeed and transfer to good colleges.
Los Angeles Harbor college was not my first choice out of high school, but it has proven to be a highly affordable college with a friendly environment. The teachers I've had have all been helpful in aiding their students and guiding them towards success. As an introvert, I enjoyed the smaller class sizes. Though the bigger class sizes were not suffocating or overfilled.
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This college is small and very easy to make friends. By the time you transfer you will know a lot of people. The professors at harbor are easy to talk to and they help you out. There are many counselors some are not that great but they try to help you as best they can.
The two years that i have attended this college have been okay. The campus is nice and small making it easy to get to classes, the professors are alright. The cafeteria serves amazing pizza made fresh daily.
The Professors are great, they are willing to help you achieve your goals. The professors will go out of their way to help you in anyway they can.
Students here are very friendly and easy to get along with.
Average school. It's smaller so it is easier to get in touch with the school and teachers. Over all, I had a good experience.
Los Angeles Harbor college is the only college willing to accept my credits from Michigan. After recently moving to California, I was it extremely difficult to find a school that would accept my credits, and didn't expect me to start over. LAHC worked with me, and exhausted all avenues to insure my hard work would not be lost due to a move. I highly recommend this school to transfer students!
It's such a nice campus for a junior college. Counselors and staff are very helpful. The few teachers I had were great. I would definitely recommend this college for someone looking to get their AA degree. The only thing I would like to see change is the parking situation. Other than that, great campus.
Los Angels Harbor college has some amazing teachers who are really there to help out their students, the environment at the school is great that I feel safe going to this school without have to worry . The only thing i would change is making book more affordable to study who are unable to pay for their own books
Los Angeles Harbor College is an excellent college. I liked how there were a variety of educational programs and events that provided information on different majors and resources. The professors were very supportive and helpful in making sure we are successful and going down the right path in our education.
It has some really good teachers, there is a really safe environment and it is easy to talk to your teachers, they are very understandings.
Los Angeles Harbor College is a College friendly place where many diverse students can gather around to study, and share many interests among each other. Each of the buildings are close by to one another, and no needed transportation is really required to find your classes. many of the professors in Harbor college are respectful and have very excellent methods to teach the courses to many of the college students learning there.
The professors at LAHC are great and truly care about their students' success. Everyone on campus is polite, I've never had any trouble at LAHC.
good teachers that are good at teaching and caring. bad counseling. Many mistakes of what classes I need to graduate and transfer. Could have been done a lot sooner if it wasn't for bad counseling. Need to help students more on helping them transfer.
I liked my teachers and their dedication to see me succeed. I am working to get my AA degree and I have lots of options for classes to take and enjoy!
Harbor college has been a great place to start my college career. I plan to finish an associate degree program before moving into a 4 year university to complete my education / degree. I have found Harbor stimulating and ready to help guide me through these next few dificultbyears of endless choices and decision making
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There are some really good teachers there! I have never through my education life have had a good english and math professor. Math i could never understand I mastered it with the help that my professor gave me.
My experience with Harbor College has been great. For one, they have a excellent child development center on campus which my daughter attends and she loves it. The teachers are well trained, care and go above and beyond to teach your children. For my studies at Harbor college, I would give the teachers 5 stars! I have a couple favorite teachers but, they were all full of knowledge and you could tell they really cared about their job and their students, I am great full for being able to take their class. Also, the Cal-works office on campus is amazing, the staff and councilors are are extremely helpful.
Good if you are a low income student who wants to transfer within a few years. Staff are helpful and it will remind you a bit of high school. Professors are really helpful during their office hours, and there's tons of programs you can be a part of.
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