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No full-time faculty. Teachers are only contractors. No one has commitment to school but administrators. Classes won't transfer anywhere, lack of transparency from adviser. Go to real school (university or community college) for your time spent in classes to mean anything.
I studied in this school. Performance major is very nice, and there are a lot of great students in them. But CVM(Composing for visual media) is the most terrible major in this world. Teachers don't have any motivation to teach (For example, in 4 hours lecture, they explain about only homework for first 15 minutes, and they say "Do it" without teaching. And sometimes teachers show a free youtube video 1 hour instead of teaching. While we are watching video, only what teacher says is "Beautiful, simple, good sample). In generally, if we want to study composition, we have to study harmony and counter point and analysis, but no teacher doesn't (can't ) teach these fundamental things. It means they are con men. So even if you study hard, you can't go next step any more. Because they can't teach anything important that high level colleges require. I don't wanna see a person who faces same situation as me. So my advise is that if you want to study composition, you must not go to CVM!
Not the greatest, but getting better every quarter
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Great connections to the music world and the LA music scene
The greatest part of the school is the connection to the music industry
Professors are great, really understand their profession and what it takes to be successful
The workload is very intense, but you grow at this school more than anywhere else. Amazing teachers as well
Great school to help you become a better musician and achieve your goals
My major is really complete. I'm also glad that my classmates are from all over the world, being in contact with international students opens your mind and creativity is enhaced
At Lacma every department wants to give the student the best experience. The housing department was really present when I moved to Los Angeles, I was also given help with the visa process, admissions etc
I haven't heard of anyone getting a successful career after graduating from here. Most students either go back to their home town after graduating, or working behind the desk of the school.
This school charges a lot of money for not too much assistance. A lot of students complain about the curriculum and the teachers but not publicly because they made the decision to attend the school.
This school is good only for those who are trying to become better musicians. However if you are already highly experienced and looking to get industry connections they're not too good at that. They also don't get you much jobs or internships outside of school.