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You're stalked by people on drugs walking the streets. The Sheriffs can be distracted on their cell phones. Most of the instructors care for their students but office hours can be challenging especially given the high traffic area that this college is located. Public transportation when riding solo is risky because of the massive homeless and gang problem in Los Angeles, especially if you take evening classes. You best eat before coming to the campus. You're surrounded by fast food from places such as Jack in the Box and Big Mama's Pizza. Good luck with ludicrous rents in LA/Koreatown.

Aside from the cons, you'll want a parking pass and tuition is pretty cheap for state residents. Reference RateMyProfessors and fellow academics if you want to survive. Diversity is plenty but beware, most people don't like to assimilate into the culture and won't speak a word of English. Awesome Astronomy club!
I am currently accepted and this week I choose my classes. I have only experienced a few things so far with this college and it so far has been helpful with getting me on the correct path of classes to help me get to my goal of a business degree & the website is very informative as well as easy to use.
I stared los Ángeles City College last year and so far my experience has been great and I had many great experience to meet new people and be able to join clubs.
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Improvements I would like to see on this campus mostly revolve around access to healthy food and dining environments. Currently there is one cafe and a food truck that offer mostly unhealthy or cold pre-packaged items. The neighborhood around the school is mostly fast food restaurants and doesn't feel like it would be particularly safe after dark.
As far as the teachers, I would say that two out of every three seem to be passionate about what they are doing. I would say the average student here is not interested in school clubs.
My experience at Los Angeles City College has been profound. Many people do not take advantage of what is given to them. The input you put in, the attention and the dedication you decide to put in will determine your experience at LACC. The Veterans outsource center is like a second home; they provide you with tutoring and books.
I enjoyed it. The professors were very good and there are many who are. They try to help you in and give you advice in how to pass.Well, this is from my experience. The location is convenient. Both the red line and other buses stop there, so it is very easy to commute.
It is my first year in LACC and as a returning student, I would like to say they are very helpful.
The proffessors are helpful.
Los Angeles City College has been a very good school overall. The resources that are available to me throughout the years have been limited but overtime the school has made changes to encourage students to become better. The school has hired on motivated professors and encouraged feedback from students about their experiences. You can tell that the school board is really trying to encourage students to seek a higher education and I appreciate that the most.
I like how community colleges offer everyone the opportunities to study. Some teachers actually cared for students' learning and shared the world of ideas and their wisdom with utmost respect and such humility. The library and the librarians were excellent. The problem was, In order for students to get to the education or educators, administration and school counselors role is very important. However, I did not like how disorganized and uninterested those two departments were at doing their jobs, they were acting as the biggest gate keepers between education and students.
It’s a great community college, I recommend anyone to go to this school becuse it’s a two year to complete. After completing two years you receive a AA degree, and after that you can transfer to a four year to any university. The campus is a very nice view and it’s clean. They have soccer field for anyone that wants to play, and a swimming pool. Overall I believe Los Angeles City College (LACC) is a great school.
This is a great place to get started with your college career. There are a lot of student support programs at LA City College that will help you get to where you need to go. They also offer multiple summer sessions as well as winter so you can get your degree. I was able to get an associates degree and am about to transfer. I was accepted to UCLA and UC Berkeley and now have opportunities because of LACC. It is also the most diverse campus in the nation!
I recently enrolled into the college spring of 2018. I really wasn’t expecting much from LACC, but once I found out about all there services they offer anf how organized their staff are is really helpful.
I like how LACC has staffs that are really nice and helpful. LACC brings a welcoming vibe, and I'm happy to be there. There is nothing that I would change about the school.
It's a pretty nice campus with a lot of good student services. My favorite thing about the campus is their soccer field, located above the parking lot and their Kinesiology building that has a nice pool outdoors and great gym equipment!
Great community college with an expanding STEM program. Offers many support services for student with varying backgrounds.
The teachers care at LACC, they are willing to give time to tutor you if needed.
The school is very Diverse.
I love my school so much for all the ways they have helped me grow and evolve into the student I am today. I know that it's because of the support network I have here that I am transferring in the fall 2018!
There are some systematic issues that made me resent my school at certain points, especially when seeking financial assistance and with transferring-sometimes there is delays and deadlines are not always honored. But ultimately, I will always love LACC!!!
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Overall, LACC has made great strides to provide their students with cleaner, more efficient facilities. The campus has a lot to offer for those who are willing to take advantage of the resources.
I really like the campus, the people, and professors.
The administrative service could be improved since some of the employees are rude.
The atmosphere is unlike High School, everyone that I have spoken to, takes school very serious, and it is pleasant being around people who want you to succeed.
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