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Overall, LACC has made great strides to provide their students with cleaner, more efficient facilities. The campus has a lot to offer for those who are willing to take advantage of the resources.
I really like the campus, the people, and professors.
The administrative service could be improved since some of the employees are rude.
The atmosphere is unlike High School, everyone that I have spoken to, takes school very serious, and it is pleasant being around people who want you to succeed.
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Los Angeles City College is a great campus with a passionate and diverse student body. At times the faculty is understaffed but the professors are dedicated and genuinely want to help their students do well.
At Los Angeles City College, many improvements have been made such as a new administration building and are currently constructing two more buildings. I hope that one of the building consist a cafeteria because purchasing fast food puts a toll on out health.
Counselors need to be better prepared and more informed. The library availability is extremely helpful. Transfer office is a bit confusing.
Diverse campus. Extensive courses offered. Excellent professors with open office hours. Great transfer program.
When I first came to the U.S I didn't know to speak English very much, but when I studying here until now. I learned a lot because all the professor are very patients and understanding about students were they come from.
I think it’s a good community college to start an education at. I just wish they hadn’t cut the sports teams and the FYE program was conducted better.
since I've been going to LACC, I have found that it is not that hard to find your classes. the professors are good, there is good diversity, and the counselors are very helpful in guiding you to stay on track on your college plan.
The administrative aspect of Los Angeles City College has made transferring incredibly difficult. I am happy to be a part of the psychology department, however I wouldn't recommend this campus for anyone wanting to transfer in a timely manner.
The area surrounding the college is very dangerous Their are a lot of gangs and homeless problem in the surrounding area. I would say if we can help them and put more public safe on campus that can resolve the problem.
The staff and teachers really care about you and are extremely friendly. The classes were engaging and I'm learning a lot. They also have many clubs and opportunities to get to know everyone. I always heard about how bad it was to go here, but I don't know what they mean. It's a amazing place that gets a lot of funding to continue growing and offer the students more aid.
LACC is a good college to go to with a variety of classes and majors to choose from. If you're applying using financial aid, you have to have classes adding up to 12 or more units. It can't be below 12 units. The college has no cafeteria, but a coffee shop, a student store, and a food truck to get your food and snacks from. The college is close to many fast food restaurants which covers up the fact that it has no cafeteria. The professors there are nice and teach well, but not all of them are good professors. Sometimes, it's hard to take a class with a good professor because it's a first-come-first-served basis. The services that the college has like Financial Aid is so bad and slow it gets crowded with a long line and a long waiting time. The college needs to fix these problems so that it is easier for students to get what they need. My overall experience of the college is good.
I have attended 3 community colleges in California and LACC is by far the best! It feels like a real university and students are supportive of one another's success. The professors are tough and require a lot from their students, which has been excellent preparation for transfer to 4-year universities. There are many campus resources, clubs, events, and professors have very convenient office hours.
I wish we had a better selection of places to eat in the school. There's only one food truck for the entire school, and no where to eat in the Student Union.
I liked the fact that they are really help, they help the transition from high school to college very seem.
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Its a great place. I enjoy the teachers and the education is great. I would recommend someone to go to LACC.
The first year of college was awesome, especially because I was part of F.Y.E. (First Year Experience), which was a program for first year students for college.
Los Angeles City College is a wonderful school. Resources for students abound and the faculty is excellent. There is diversity amongst the student body and that creates for a culturally rich educational atmosphere. The quality of the classes is also excellent.
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