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Professors here are amazing. All the ones I've had really want the students to learn, and they take the time to do that. They are really thorough in what they teach, and if you don't understand something they really work with you. It's the best you can get for a community college.
I loved attending Lord Fairfax Community College. All of the professors were very well educated and great teachers. In my time at Lord Fairfax Community College, I only had one professor that I didn't like. The academics are up to par with other 100 and 200 level classes at other colleges.
I live how helpful the staff is. Professors are very resourceful and always willing to lend a hand to help students achieve. The small freindly community is also a huge plus!
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I took LFCC classes through my high school, and when it came to contacting LFCC, it wasn’t always the easiest for me or my guidance counselors. Sometimes they were rude. I also toured the Middletown campus and did not like it very much, for a lot of it is centered around nursing, and although they are getting some new STEM programs, they really don’t have many engineering programs physically on campus.
So far, Lord Fairfax has been a great starter college! My advisor has helped me a lot with knowing everything I need to do. The professors have overall been very helpful and understanding. The environment is diverse and friendly. I enjoy going to this college!
Lord Fairfax started as a stepping stone and quickly turned into soo much more. I made some life long friends, completed some of the hardest classes and met some of the coolest professors. I learned how big life was outside of high school and learned that hard work actually does pay off. While lord Fairfax started at just a community college it ended as a huge milestone in my life. The holder if my first degree and enough memories to fill a thousand scrapbooks, LFCC taught me way more than what I needed for my future. The education I received was amazing, I had professor who were equally interested in my success and ones who pushed me to be better. From the tears dripping on that 20 page micro paper or the laughs surrounding that goody public speaking video. I would 100% recommend LFCC to any student looking to further their education, save some money, and meet some amazing students and faculty along the way.
Lord Fairfax is a great option for an associates degree at a reasonable price. Don’t expect to have a great social life here. There are a few activities per month (I attended the Fauquier campus, so it was a little less than the main campus). The academics are what you make of them. You can definitely challenge yourself if you want to, but plenty of people just show up. All of the professors I had were helpful and knowledgeable aside from my online history teacher freshman year.
(Fauquier Campus) Thus far I've enjoyed it mostly, some teachers are better than others, but overall I've had a very good experience. The teachers are fair, and, as far as I've seen, very willing to work with students so long as you ask.
I am a 34 year old single mother who works 50+ hours a week. They make things every convient and flexible for every need despite the limitation or circumstances.
The campuses are nice and most of the staff are friendly and ready to help. However, the staff does not reply to emails very quickly. The schools do not do anything outstanding compared to other colleges. LFCC should alter their online payment methods for past balances, making the balances eligible to be paid at any time online.
Lord Fairfax is a suittable college. The teachers know what they are doing. However, This 2 year college must be taken serious. the campus is alright for the area. it has its own student building auditoriums and more. this college does not have college dorms.
Many of the professors were very helpful and were proficient in the subjects they taught. I did have one professor, however, that did not know his material, did not return papers in any sort of timely manner and never posted grades (which was not required but all other professors did).
I go to the Page County Center and its great except for when Judy Suddith is in a bad mood. Then she can be very rude and that is awful when it happens. Overall I would recommend this school.
It's great if that's your thing
Great professors and good class size
Overall it is a great school to start college at. The people are great and the teachers are passionate.
There are many different people so you get a lot of different experiences
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The environment is great and the professors are very engaging.
I do have the flexibility that I needed for this year
I'm just taking these classes to finish Gen. Ed.
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