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The campuses are nice and most of the staff are friendly and ready to help. However, the staff does not reply to emails very quickly. The schools do not do anything outstanding compared to other colleges. LFCC should alter their online payment methods for past balances, making the balances eligible to be paid at any time online.
Lord Fairfax is a suittable college. The teachers know what they are doing. However, This 2 year college must be taken serious. the campus is alright for the area. it has its own student building auditoriums and more. this college does not have college dorms.
Many of the professors were very helpful and were proficient in the subjects they taught. I did have one professor, however, that did not know his material, did not return papers in any sort of timely manner and never posted grades (which was not required but all other professors did).
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I go to the Page County Center and its great except for when Judy Suddith is in a bad mood. Then she can be very rude and that is awful when it happens. Overall I would recommend this school.
It's great if that's your thing
Great professors and good class size
Overall it is a great school to start college at. The people are great and the teachers are passionate.
There are many different people so you get a lot of different experiences
The environment is great and the professors are very engaging.
I do have the flexibility that I needed for this year
I'm just taking these classes to finish Gen. Ed.
I will definitely go to a real college next fall.
For Gen. Ed classes, their courses are educational
The counselors and staff are very unorganized
I haven't had the experience with any credit transfers yet. The scheduling process is tolerable, but sometimes limited.
Most of my experience with this school has been online and it works best for me as a working adult. Some classes can have limited availability, but my adviser worked with me to get things worked out.
I haven't used these particular things, but I believe they have a strong program for placing graduates with employers.
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Classes are small, the course offerings and schedules are above par, and most of the professors are good teachers that want their students to succeed.
It's a community college, so it's respected in the area, but it's not going to blow away a prospective employer.
My adviser, Rachel Dodson, is a fantastic adviser!! She is willing to help and very easy to talk to!
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